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3 Theories on Why Triple H helped Kevin Owens on Raw - Triple H, Mick Foley, Stephanie McMahon
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3 Theories on Why Triple H Helped Kevin Owens on Raw

We take a look at three possible motivations for Triple H to have helped Kevin Owens win the Universal Championship on this week’s Raw.

As much as Big Cass becoming Universal Championship would have shocked the world last night, I don’t think many expected Triple H to return and help Kevin Owens win the title. Consider the world still shocked. Now, thanks to the brand split, we have to wait at least a week to find out why Triple H did it. Considering the time crunch the writers were faced with, the split really works to their advantage now. Otherwise, we’d have to address last night’s Raw at what would have been tonight’s SmackDown tapings. Instead, much like with the surprise injury to Balor, WWE has some time to work out where they want a story to go instead of having to knee jerk react to things. That said, let’s brainstorm some possible reasons why Triple H would have helped Kevin Owens over former Authority “golden boy”, Seth Rollins.

Authority 2.0

This is the most basic and thus, most likely, scenario we’ll see play out. Stephanie looking “shocked” was all a ruse, and this is just a power play to minimize General Manager Mick Foley and establish a new Authority for the Raw brand. Triple H can give the standard “best for business” excuse as to why Rollins wasn’t selected and he and Stephanie can build up a new Authority faction using heels from the Raw roster. Frame it as “tough love” for Rollins but keep Rollins loosely aligned with them for the time being. I could see Strowman becoming the Authority’s heater and Jericho being a Grima Wormtongue type “yes man”. Heck, even add Gallows & Anderson when they’re done playing “doctors” or “retirement community directors” or whatever so the Authority has a legit tag team on board. Leave Seth the odd man out as the “forgotten” member of the “new era Authority” until he finally turns on his masters and gets a face run.

Triple H Has Personal Issues With Rollins

Instead of making it “best for business”, make it a personal beef between Triple H and Seth Rollins. Owens was just in the right place at the right time. You could keep that delicate balance between Foley and Stephanie by having Triple H confirm that he acted alone to screw over Rollins (and Reigns too). This could set up the much rumored “Triple H vs. Rollins” match at either Royal Rumble or next year’s WrestleMania. Triple H’s issue could be Seth letting the Authority down by getting hurt last year which led to Triple H having to “do it himself” even though he’s semi-retired. This ultimately led to Triple H having to work WrestleMania against Reigns when it should have been Rollins. Then after Rollins comes back, he couldn’t seal the deal in the match with Balor for the Universal Title so he had failed Triple H for the last time. H could say that Rollins was a flawed champion and he “saved Raw” from another Rollins title reign by putting the belt on Owens. Of course going this route leads to full on face turn for Rollins so for a scenario like this to play out, WWE has to be willing to book Rollins accordingly. Something that up to this point, they have been completely been unwilling to do.

Triple H Leads a “NXT Insurrection” on the Main Roster

The WWE has a bad history with botching “invasion” angles, so even if they went down this road, I don’t see it being all that good – even though it could make for some compelling TV. But what if Triple H were to disappear for a few weeks, never explain his actions with the Universal Title, and then show up at Backlash and somehow help Becky Lynch become the first SmackDown Women’s Champion? Minds would be blown. Drag this out for a while where Triple H just appears through the crowd and evens the odds for main roster NXT associated talent in big title matches. Restrict this to 2014 – 2016 NXT so you could factor out the Wyatts, the Shield guys, etc. Eventually establish that Triple H has been orchestrating an “inside job” takeover of the WWE using his “NXT sleeper agents”. You could even debut some new cross-brand NXT guys as Triple H’s “hit squad” which could work well for say, Joe, Roode, and Aries to randomly show up and disrupt matches on both shows. Obviously this all leads to a one-hour NXT show Wednesdays on USA for the ultimate payoff to the angle… which also makes this the least likely scenario. But, hey, a guy can dream that WWE will eventually pull off an “invasion” style angle that actually works well.

Those are just three ideas I came up with after marking out like a madman at last night’s main event finish. What do you think Triple H was up to when he helped make Kevin Owens the Universal Champ?

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