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4 Reasons We Need a List of Jericho about Daniel Bryan - The Miz & Daniel Bryan
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4 Reasons We Need a List of Jericho about Daniel Bryan

Chris Jericho may think that Mick Foley is a terrible Raw GM, but we’re making the case he needs a “List of Jericho” about Daniel Bryan.

So, on Raw this week, Chris Jericho decided it was time to make the “List of Jericho” to air his grievances with Raw GM, Mick Foley. While the veracity of Jericho’s accusations are questionable… when looking at the job Mick Foley has done, it’s not so bad compared to Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live. I’m going to give you four reasons why Chris Jericho needs to show up on SmackDown Live and cut a “List of Jericho” promo on Daniel Bryan.

4 Reasons We Need a List of Jericho about Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s Completely Unprofessional Feud With The Miz

I know Daniel Bryan is booked as the “face” here, but he’s totally heeling on the Miz in that segment from one of the first episodes of the SmackDown “Talking Smack” after show. Seriously, he’s The Miz’s boss and his statements in that segment are way, way out of line. If Foley did something like this, he’d be there on Raw the next week, hat in hand, apologizing for losing his cool and trying to find a way to make it up to his employee. Did Bryan do that? Nope, he just continually has “poked the bear” to the point Miz threatened to leave the brand over this past weekend. Bryan stoked the flames by hashing the “renegotiation” of Miz’s contract on social media – further discussing company business “in the clear”. Sure, if Miz airs the dirty laundry on Twitter… so be it, but I’d expect a General Manager to be above that and not even touch those comments. A good GM would have those discussion behind closed doors – not on Twitter.

Daniel Bryan’s Ineffectiveness as an Authority Figure

On this week’s SmackDown Live, Bryan declares that the women’s title contract signing will be conducted in a civil manner. He makes a big deal about this before bringing Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch out. Within minutes, Bliss brains Becky with a clipboard and flips a table on to her… and Bryan just sort of stands there. The incident is never mentioned again and there are zero consequences for Bliss for violating Bryan’s rules of conduct he explained mere minutes before she broke them. Mick Foley would have intervened in some capacity or would have threatened Bliss backstage with consequences. But, not Bryan. He just shrugs and watches his women’s champion get roughed up right after he said he’d have zero tolerance for funny business.

Daniel Bryan’s Tag Division is Being Taken Over by Bullies Who Hurt People

Tied into Daniel Bryan’s ineffectiveness as an authority figure is the complete disaster that is the SmackDown tag division. The Usos have turned heel and made it their mission to chop block every knee they come into contact with. This took Chad Gable off TV for weeks, but they didn’t stop there. They’ve targeted Zack Ryder and then on this week’s show, re-injured Gable’s knee to the point that Jordan had to wrestle a handicap match. Their consequences? They’re now the number one contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Moments after getting rewarded with the title match, they’re backstage threatening to end Heath Slater’s career. Where’s Daniel Bryan? Busy doing nothing about the number one contender to the women’s title trashing the opening segment, I’d gather.

Daniel Bryan’s Arbitrary and Random Decisions

So far, besides not being a disciplinarian and harassing his talent, Bryan’s big “thing” as GM has been randomly making matches on whims. We saw this after Gable’s injury when, on the fly, he convinced Shane McMahon to book a “losers match” that, once again, rewarded the Usos for injuring American Alpha. He also randomly made the Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews match for the Backlash Kickoff show because he happened to be in the room with Crews when Corbin walked in. How is that fair to either man? They’re both just hanging out, thinking they have the night off, and then Bryan, again on a whim, decides they’re both working a match within the next 20 minutes. We got another shining example of this on last night’s show, when Dean Ambrose inexplicably received a WWE Championship rematch two weeks out from the PPV because… reasons? Daniel Bryan didn’t like AJ Styles attacking Cena after Cena’s match? I’m not really sure. But, there it was, Bryan just comes out to mess with AJ and decides he’s going to put the heavily promoted No Mercy Triple Threat main event in jeopardy. Photoshop work is not cheap and if Ambrose were to win, someone would have to ‘Shop that belt onto Dean’s photo and layer in the photo of AJ without the belt. Mick Foley seems like he’d understand this and not put a title on the line so close to the PPV. We saw that this week on Raw when, despite maybe wanting to, he (with help from Stephanie) decided to not put the Universal Championship on the line in the Owens / Reigns cage match. If that was Bryan, and he decided he didn’t like Owens that night – well, we’d have a new Universal Champion five days before the PPV.

Well, Chris… I got the list started… at least 4 solid reasons here. I’m sure you can add more to the “List of Jericho” you need to start on Daniel Bryan.

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