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About Turn Heel

Turn Heel was established in 2015 by Ben Arp. Turn Heel serves to give insight and commentary on pro wrestling. Sure, we could just regurgitate every tidbit of news or rumor posted on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. But, we aim to give you pro wrestling content that isn’t a carbon copy of what you see on other pro wrestling sites. If you want show spoilers, basic weekly match reports, and juicy industry gossip – well, we may not be the site for you. However, if you want a unique take on the pro wrestling business, with some humor and attitude then read on.

We’re always looking for new contributors and collaborators. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to write for Turn Heel. We do ask have that interested parties have writing experience before taking the time to contact us. We’re sure your John Cena memes are funny, but that’s not exactly the type of content we’re looking for.

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