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AEW Fight For The Fallen Drinking Game

AEW Fight For The Fallen predictions by way of a drinking game. Seriously, do not try this at home.

AEW Fight For The Fallen is upon us and so is the AEW Fight For The Fallen Drinking Game. The Elite & Co. are coming off of Fyter Fest and heading into what will likely be the final stop before All Out.

As usual, this game is presented as a fun way to try to predict the results of an upcoming wrestling event. We obviously do not advocate actually playing this game due to the extreme nature of the challenge presented here. In other words, don’t try this at home.

Standard TH Pro Wrestling drinking game rules apply for the AEW Fight For The Fallen Drinking Game: If you’re playing on “Easy Mode” take a sip of beer or of a mixed drink when the game calls for it. If you’re playing on “Hardcore Mode” take a full shot of hard liquor or down an entire can/bottle of beer each time the game calls for it.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: Only partake in the consumption of adult beverages if you are of legal age in your locale!

AEW Fight For The Fallen Drinking Game

General Rules

Take a shot:

(of something caffeinated) if you’re watching from outside North America

If you found a way to pay to watch this otherwise free show

If there is at least one previously unannounced match on the Buy In

If any major angle for All Out starts on this show

Each time JR makes a dated popular culture reference

Take 2 shots:

If the Librarians appear during the Buy In

Each time someone gets color

Each time someone is shown backstage… walking

If at least one more women’s match is added to the show

Each time JR says something that causes him to trend on Twitter

Take 3 shots:

Each time TNT is mentioned

If Moxley doesn’t appear on the show in any form

Each time we see Cody get hit in the head with a chair from two weeks ago

If any tag matches get added to the show unexpectedly

Take 4 shots:

If anyone not known to be signed to AEW debuts on this show

If J.R. gets cut off mid-sentence to end the show again

If either Britt Baker or Bea Priestley work the show

Take 5 shots:

If the pricing for All Out on B/R Live is announced during this show

Take 10 shots:

If the plan for TV in October is officially revealed during this show

Take 50 shots:

If anyone thought to be under exclusive contract to any other major wrestling promotion appears on the show

Take 434 shots:

If CM Punk appears at any time during the show

Fight For The Fallen Buy In - Six Man Tag Match


Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc, & Darby Allin vs. Shawn Spears, MJF, & Sammy Guevara

Take a shot:

Each time the crowd chants “Holy Shit”

If Spears still gets a face “Ten” chant

If a staple gun gets involved

If Sammy is wearing his panda head costume

If MJF cuts a promo on Sammy’s panda head costume

Each time MJF refuses to tag Spears

Take 2 shots:

If the crowd actually boos Spears

If tacks get used in the match

If MJF cuts a promo on Spears before the match starts

Each time Darby Allin misses a coffin drop

Take 3 shots:

Each time anyone smokes a cigarette during the match

If Spears and MJF actually work together

Each time someone goes through a table

Take 4 shots:

If Spears and MJF both ditch Sammy

Take 5 shots:

If this ends up being a time limit draw

Prediction: Havoc / Janela / Allin win. I assume MJF and Spears get into it over the Cody chair shot and Sammy is left to eat a bunch of insane offense from everyone else.

Fight For The Fallen - SCU vs. Lucha Bros.


SCU vs. The Lucha Bros.

Take a shot:

If Christopher Daniels accompanies SCU to the ring

If SCU continues the trend of being in the first match on the main show

Each time the crowd chants “Cero Miedo”

If Lucha Bros. go over

Take 2 shots:

If Daniels does not accompany SCU to the ring

Each time someone does a suicide dive

For each superkick

If it is revealed the winner gets a slot in the All Out match for a first round bye in the tag tournament

Take 3 shots:

If Laredo Kid gets involved for any reason

If this match goes to a time limit draw

Take 4 shots:

If the Dark Order get involved in the post-match segment

If SCU go over

Prediction: Lucha Bros. win. With TV rapidly approaching I’m assuming that Lucha Bros. will finally get their first win in AEW.

Fight For The Fallen - Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho Has A Live Mic

Take a shot:

If Jericho actually appears “live” in Jacksonville

If Jericho’s “live mic” gets cut for any reason

Each time Jericho says “thank you”

If Hangman Page comes out and gives Jericho dirty looks

Take 2 shots:

If Jericho swerves us all and phones in a pre-recorded promo

If anyone unexpected comes out to confront Jericho

If Jon Moxley gets involved in this segment for any reason

Take 10 shots:

If Jericho is about to reveal that Russo is correct and WWE actually owns AEW but his mic gets cut

Prediction: Hangman Page and Jericho end up brawling. AEW doesn’t want run ins and interference in their matches, but a segment like this seems tailor-made for a confrontation to hype up the Championship match in Chicago.

Fight For The Fallen - Hangman Page vs. Kip Sabian


Hangman Page vs. Kip Sabian

Take a shot:

Each time Page’s inclusion in the first AEW Championship match is mentioned

If this ends up being the shortest match on the card

Take 2 shots:

If “live mic” Jericho joins commentary for this match

If Page goes over quickly with his finisher

Take 3 shots:

If anyone involved in the Fyter Fest four-way match gets involved for any reason

Each time we’re reminded that “wins and losses matter in AEW” during this match

Take 4 shots:

If Sabian shocks the world and beats Page this close to All Out

Take 5 shots:

If PAC chooses the post-match segment to debut in AEW

Prediction: Page wins. I imagine they’ll make Page work to get the win though.

Fight For The Fallen - Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie


Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie

Take a shot:

If this becomes a Triple Threat Match

If Cody accompanies Brandi to the ring

For each superkick

If this ends in a draw

Take 2 shots:

If this becomes a Four Way Match

If Awesome Kong accompanies Brandi to the ring

For each spear / dive

If Brandi wins her debut match

Take 3 shots:

If Allie continues her winning streak

If Nyla Rose gets involved for any reason

Take 4 shots:

If anyone new debuts during or directly after this match

If we learn anything about a title for the women’s division during this match

Prediction: Brandi. They’ve really played up her journey in the “Road to…” video series so I suspect she wins her debut.

Fight For The Fallen - Kenny Omega vs. Cima


Kenny Omega vs. Cima

Take a shot:

If Omega cosplays as anything during his entrance

If anyone from the Elite accompanies Omega to the ring

If any OWE talent gets involved for any reason

Take 2 shots:

If Moxley joins commentary for this match

If Omega goes over

For each dive

Take 3 shots:

If Omega needs to hit his finisher twice to put Cima away

When Moxley attacks Omega after the match

Take 4 shots:

If Moxley interferes or costs Omega the win in any fashion

Take 5 shots:

If Cima wins clean

Prediction: Omega wins and gets destroyed by Moxley after the match. I’ve watched too much WWE as my default thought was “Moxley makes this end in a DQ” but AEW claims they aren’t going to do run-in DQs… so massive brawl after the finish it is.

Fight For The Fallen - The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes


The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes

Take a shot:

If the Bucks mock the Rhodes during their entrance

If Cody & Dustin enter separately

If Dustin isn’t wearing face paint

If the Bucks end up bleeding but neither Rhodes does

Take 2 shots:

If Cody & Dustin enter together

For each superkick

Each time someone bleeds

Each time the crowd gets a “This Is Awesome” chant going

Take 3 shots:

If Dustin hits “Shattered Dreams” on anyone

If The Young Bucks win

Take 4 shots:

If Cody & Dustin win

Take 5 shots:

If this ends in a draw.

Prediction: A tough one… but I’m going with the Young Bucks. The Bucks have yet to lose in AEW and Cody seems destined for a match with Shawn Spears at All Out. Dustin & Cody tagging feels more like a special attraction than long term plans. Of course, this could always end in a draw, but they just used that in Cody’s match two weeks ago so I don’t expect them to go back to that well again so soon.

Well, that’s that. Enjoy Fight For The Fallen and I’ll be back for All Out in August!

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