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Eva Marie
Eva Marie (source: WWE Network)


Eva Marie Reportedly Injures Carmella at NXT Event

I’ve been insanely critical of NXT’s “Project Eva Marie” during my NXT recaps and it appears my concern for her lack of improvement and overall ring awareness may have been warranted. According to multiple sources, during a NXT live event tonight in Nashville, Tennessee, Eva Marie reportedly “knocked out” Carmella during their match. Sources on the scene have reported they quickly went to the finish of the match after the injury occurred.

Twitter user @TreyNYJ was at the NXT Nashville live event and posted the following photos to Twitter earlier this evening:

According to a report at, Carmella likely received a stinger after taking a bump to the back of her head following a knee from Eva Marie. Strangely, from the photos above, it seems Eva Marie continued to pander to the crowd after the match while trainers tended to Carmella in the ring. We round this developing story after seeing that “Eva Marie” was one of the top trending tweets on Twitter tonight and found Carmella’s reported injury to the be cause of the attention. According to WrestlingInc’s report, Carmella was crying in the ring and the crowd chanted “Please retire” at Eva Marie. A pretty upsetting situation all of the way around.

While both Carmella and Eva Marie are still green in the ring, hopefully this makes WWE take a step back in their plans to push Eva Marie in the NXT Women’s division. Considering her shoddy in-ring work during recent NXT episodes and now this injury that, most reports seem to claim she caused, it seems she needs a lot more work before she’s ready to be promoted as heavily as it seems they have planned.

We at Turn Heel hope Carmella has a speedy recovery from her injury tonight and is back being “the hottest chick in the ring” in no time.

UPDATE: is reporting that Carmella was spotted at ringside with Enzo and Big Cass during their match at the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville. The report claims that Carmella did not appear to be injured at Saturday’s event. Hopefully WWE / NXT dodged a bullet here and Carmella will have no lasting problems from this injury.

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