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Good Book/Bad Book: Monday Night Raw Edition: June 5, 2017

Raw was a little bit of a long drag this week but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have its highlights. Doesn’t mean that there weren’t some really bad things either. Let’s discuss.

Good Book:

Holy moly what a promo and face-off between Samoa Joe and Paul Heyman on Raw this week. Joe is the legit article and if we weren’t talking about a mid-tier pay-per-view match for the Universal Title… against Brock Lesnar, Joe should and maybe would, hold the belt. This will not be happening at Great Balls of Fire. This does give credence to a Samoa Joe title run in the future. This may be post-Brock era, but the WWE should feel very comfortable with Joe being their flag-bearer in the future.

So they feed him to Brock?

Yes it is kind of a shame that this is the fate that Samoa Joe is facing, but if booked correctly at Great Balls of Fire, they can continue to legitimize Joe and make him more of the destroyer that he already is every week on Monday Night Raw. He’s Brock Jr. Brock with a full-time schedule. Something like that.

Bad Book:

Let’s just keep beating a dead horse with Kalisto getting one over on Titus O’Neil. O’Neil gets fooled and Apollo Crews gets outplayed by the luchadore. Make Crews heel so we can move on already or just make the stupid fallout match between Crews and O’Neil that is more likely.

Same Old?

We were just hitting the tip of the iceberg of the Apollo Crews character development and we have hit a brick wall in the past few weeks. Hopefully this is a slow burn, but the WWE Universe has been burned before so call me skeptical.

And there it is, as simple as that, the best and worst of the booking for this week’s Monday Night Raw. Let’s hope when we meet again that the good got better and bad didn’t get worse.

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