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Good Book/Bad Book: SmackDown Live Edition: June 13, 2017

Welcome to another round of Good Book/Bad Book here on TurnHeel. This week we were live from the Big Easy, and perhaps we saw the stars of Wrestlemania 34 in full force Tuesday.

Good Book:

Holy smokes that entrance by The New Day was Wrestlemania level. They better use that same idea and turn it up to 11 when WWE returns to New Orleans in 10 months. Then you have New Day team up with the Fashion Police, Breezango. What a match made in heaven. Their comedic timing is great and then they still put on quality in-ring performances. The four teams involved in this match, prove that Smackdown is utilizing their tag division better than Raw. Perhaps Raw will start catching on like they have with the Women’s division.

What does this all mean for Smackdown Tag Titles?

WWE is mulling over what they want to do next with American Alpha, The Hype Bros are returning and while Ascension hasn’t been on TV in a few weeks, they have gotten some micro-pushes in last few months. The depth in the division is perfect and when New Day takes over the division again with the belts, it will be awesome to watch 2 to 3 quality feuds come out.

Bad Book:

Perhaps this is a Bad Book for multiple reasons. Zack Ryder returning is great and the Hype Bros will fortify a quality tag division, but at the same time this highlights the poor handling of Mojo Rawley, post-Wrestlemania victory of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. After the way Baron Corbin benefitted from last year’s ATGMBR victory, it is a shame that Rawley has only been featured in a couple of backstage segments and a match with a shenanigans finish with Jinder Mahal. Sort of a receipt though for Gronk

Why would they do that?:

I really hope they didn’t use Rawley as a proxy for having a celebrity take part in Wrestlemania. Especially when Shaq dropped out of the match with Big Show. Of course Smackdown is at the disadvantage of time with the limited amount of superstars that can be on T.V. but it still is odd that you give a performer a championship of some kind but receives no major push.

A solid performance from the stars of Smackdown Live. Hopefully this go-home show will be a catalyst to a quality Money In the Bank pay-per-view.

Stay tuned here at TurnHeel for more Good Book/Bad Book and more.

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