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Good Book/Bad Book: SmackDown Live Edition: May 2, 2017

Shows are full of both good and bad bookings. Some are especially great and some, well are especially dreadful.

Welcome to the newest series on TurnHeelGood Book/Bad Book. Taking the very best booking opportunity and the very worst from a specific show and forecasting its success or demise. Join us won’t you?

Good Book:

This week’s SmackDown Live saw arguably the next great installment of spoof programming following Total Bella Bulls*** two months ago with Miz and Maryse. Fashion Files blatantly rips off the intro from “Law and Order” and does it beautifully. Scene opens up with Tyler Breeze slaving away at meaningless paperwork from the “Ascension Case” when DEPUTY ‘DANGO (Fandango) arrives and says they have the “Ugo’s” file ready to start filing for charges against the opposing tag team. After mixing their gimmick with proper legalese, they set a date for their big bust. This just so happens to be the date of the SmackDown exclusive pay-per-view, Backlash, in Chicago….. the Windy Apple. Also pay attention to that beautiful bulletin board which displays some of the most attention to detail and self-aware humor I’ve seen on a WWE program. BRILLIANT I SAY BRILLIANT.

Where does this take the SmackDown tag title picture?

The obvious absence of The Uso’s tonight doesn’t completely telegraph a title change at Backlash, but the way SmackDown has avoided putting tag teams on the show would suggest any time there is a tag team appearance, it is pretty important. So the obvious conclusion that could be drawn is new tag champs in The Fashion Police come May 21. What this signals more, is great TV ahead. With the Fashion Police, they have been able to implicate any and all superstars. That was going to end up being the problem with Miz and Maryse’s spoof, it had limits and repetitive punchlines. Give two hungry guys some creative leverage and they could do this bit for weeks on new opponents any time they need. Realistically, The Fashion Police could ride a title reign all the way to Summerslam in August if done right.

Bad Book:

What in the Blue Brand hell was the Aiden English crying thing? Is he “over-dramatic” or are they booking him into an abyss after his dance partner Simon Gotch left WWE last month. English used to do the singing performance bit before jobbing out to opponents in NXT, so that is not breaking any ground, but the crying was too much. If that was a vehicle for one last backstage “You just made the list” spot then a better spot should have been chosen. Crying in wrestling is reserved for very rare occasions and moments, not minutes after jobbing out to Tye Dillinger.

How bad can it get?

Let’s hope this was a one-off and nothing more but if English is going to be doing the “Performance Artist” gimmick, this sort of thing is going to follow him and potentially happen again. If it becomes routine, then that may mark the end of the other Vaudevillain in the WWE. They were tag title contenders this time one year ago. Crazy how things change.

And there it is, as simple as that, the best and worst of the booking for this week’s SmackDown Live. While these two segments didn’t define the show, it gives you an idea of how the entire product went this week.

Stay tuned here at TurnHeel for more Good Book/Bad Book and more.

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