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Good Book/Bad Book: SmackDown Live Edition: May 16, 2017

Welcome to another round of Good Book/Bad Book here on TurnHeel. The “go-home” show for Backlash.

Good Book:

They are really making me a believer in Jinder Mahal. That’s weird saying and it is even weirder reading it, but it is true. They have booked him to his possible ceiling, getting wins over the top dogs on Smackdown Live, without demoting other superstars by taking a pin to Mahal. Lest we forget the Singh brothers, who a perfect accessory to the Indian stable. They are in-sight but they never take your attention away from Hard Body Mahal. This week Jinder picked up a win against A.J. Styles, the best in-ring performer in sports entertainment today, and not only were they able to elevate Jinder’s character so that he has a believable chance to pick up the WWE Title against Randy Orton, but the moved the Styles, Owens storyline along as well with Owens creating Mahal’s opportunity to win. Good booking all around, but even better booking for the Jinder Mahal for WWE Champ campaign. 

Where does this say about Sunday and Backlash?

It’s not so much about Jinder having a chance anymore, but due to the way he has been booked, it makes you think that people wouldn’t be too upset having Jinder Mahal be the lead champ for Smackdown. Now he’s not going to hold that belt for months on end, but the guy has worked his ass off and he deserves some recognition. He just so happened to be in the right place at the right time for this particular push.

Bad Book:

You read a lot of places that Baron Corbin is someone that the WWE is very high on for the future. That being said, as much as the RKO is the move of the WWE, a berserker like Corbin should need to take more than a single RKO. That is probably an unpopular analysis, but Randy “…Dive” Orton isn’t getting any younger and if Corbin is going to be one of those guys, you have to start planting more seeds. If there had been another shenanigans style finish, that would have served the total picture of Orton’s current reign and Corbin’s future reigns.

It isn’t that big of surprise though:

The RKO has been the most devastating move for years, it has taken out many great superstars but wouldn’t it be just like Baron Corbin and his character to fight against the “norm” of the RKO? Maybe it is wishful thinking but Baron’s time is coming very soon.

And there it is, as simple as that, the best and worst of the booking for this heading into Backlash. Smackdown was a solid show this week and hopefully this spells good fortune for Sunday.

Stay tuned here at TurnHeel for more Good Book/Bad Book and more.

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