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Good Book/Bad Book: SmackDown Live Edition: May 30, 2017

Welcome to another round of Good Book/Bad Book here on TurnHeel. This was one of the better, more tightly wound Smackdowns in a few weeks.

Good Book: 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh TURNHEEL DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR…… It really is good to have The New Day back on Smackdown Live. They did not waste their time either jumping right into the title hunt. Also, it is nice to see that they are not hocking a fake ice cream or some product. These guys are world class athletes that sweat charisma and they don’t need the additional motivation. What’s funny is they could hold the Smackdown Tag Titles longer than they did the “WWE” (Raw) Tag Team titles. Woods, Kingston, and E., even though they have not fought a match are legitimate contenders for the Uso’s titles and this doesn’t derail what is happening with the Fashion Police.

What does this all mean for Smackdown?

The New Day will be Smackdown Tag Team Champions in two weeks after Money In the Bank. It is hard to make the argument otherwise. That all being said, you have a marquis tag team headlining the division and they can still do all the fun and humorous stuff with the division without having to worry about putting all the eggs in one basket.

Bad Book:

This may be more personal preference than a total bad book, but the believability of Randy Orton’s promo this last week was less than desirable. Orton was always a money heel, and maybe that has marred this latest run. Jinder Mahal has been a breath of fresh air, no matter how you feel about his career up to this point and it just feels like Orton’s being forced back in right as a new good thing starts.

Will it have an effect?:

Based upon the usual booking conventions and the push that Mahal is getting, Jinder looks to be able to hold onto the belt at least until Battleground. If Orton can continue to “put over” Mahal then this uncomfortable booking will be worth it.

Another week of the Blue Brand showing its dominance as the top show on WWE Television. Let’s hope this next week is even better.

Stay tuned here at TurnHeel for more Good Book/Bad Book and more.

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