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Good Book/Bad Book: Monday Night Raw Edition: May 22, 2017

Every Monday Night Raw has its triumphs, but there is always at least one downfall too. Let’s find out what was what last week.

Raw was a little bit of a long drag this week but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have its highlights. Doesn’t mean that there weren’t some really bad things either. Let’s discuss.

Good Book:

Future Intercontinental Champion Elias Samson (yeah I said it) got a win over the current title holder, Dean Ambrose this last week on Raw. While this victory doesn’t have much merit for now due to the interference run by The Miz and Maryse but this could signal a long term strategy for “The Drifter.” His packaging and presentation has been perfect to start out his main roster run, so it would not be any surprise to have the crooning heel be the next in line of a lineage of good heel Intercontinental Champions.  Also if Samson were to ever be champion, the response from Corey Graves on commentary would be appointment television.

What’s the big picture?

As far as the current feud between Miz and Ambrose, this new wrinkle that they have going for Extreme Rules could be hilarious. Does Maryse attack Miz to get him the title? Figure that could be exactly where we are heading with this. No way Dean is retaining the belt through all this.

Bad Book:

The Apollo Crews storyline was going so well. Then Crews was handed a loss by Kalisto. Now there is nothing wrong with Kalisto but this kills any and all momentum with Crews. Sure you can pin the loss on Titus O’Neill causing a distraction but there is no need to split Crews and Titus up this early. This sort of turmoil seems to be signaling that though. Let’s hope Crews comes around like he did with Enzo and Cass two weeks ago.

How bad will it get?

The worst thing is they speed this up too much and Apollo and Titus have some silly pre-show match at Extreme Rules. I think I speak for everyone hoping that this is not the case. Crews is just now finding his stride as a character and this partnership should be given the due justice to blossom naturally.

And there it is, as simple as that, the best and worst of the booking for this week’s Monday Night Raw. Let’s hope when we meet again that the good got better and bad didn’t get worse.

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