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Lucha Underground Recap: Crossing the Border - Fenix
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Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Recap: Crossing the Border

An incredible main event, Mil Muertes continues to destroy, and Dario raises the stakes.

Things have finally calmed down a bit and I’m settling into my new schedule for recapping WWE – so back to the Lucha Underground catch up. Considering Season 3’s start date is September 7th, I’m not entirely sure the site will be able to cover it as it happens. We shall see though. I may just start cranking these out. Anyway, let’s get to the Lucha Underground Season 1 Episode 3: Crossing the Border.

Lucha Underground Recap: Crossing the Border

Lucha Underground Season 1: Episode 3

Original Air Date: November 12th, 2014

We open up with a recap of what happened on last week’s episode.

After the credits, we see Konnan in Dario’s office telling him about the new talent he’s bringing in from Mexico. Konnan says he had some issues getting his new guys across the border, but they’re here tonight and ready to fight. Dario proposes taking all three luchadores and putting them in a triple threat match. Konnan agrees and Dario smiles at him.

We’re then sent to the arena and Matt Striker and Vampiro set the stage for tonight. Vampiro announces that Blue Demon Jr. is in stable condition at the hospital after last week’s beating.

Dario Cueto then comes out to a bunch of boos. Cueto mocks the fans for saying there is “not enough lucha” in Lucha Underground. So, he responds by giving them lucha. Not to be confused with “lucha things” which is what Kalisto will be bringing us on SmackDown Live. Cueto then introduces a masked wrestler called El Mariachi Loco. Cueto puts El Mariachi Loco over a bit and says he discovered him personally. He continues to put him over on the mic and this gets Mariachi some heat. His opponent comes out next and it’s Mascarita Sagrada.

Match #1: El Mariachi Loco vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Considering Mascarita is a mini, they could have played this one as a comedy match. Instead, they play the match straight for the most part. Loco starts out by mocking the smaller Mascarita and that comes back to bite him. The crowd is hugely behind Mascarita and Loco gets massive heat any time he makes contact with Mascarita. After a nice tornado DDT counter, Mascarita gets a submission hold on Loco, which he then converts into a pinning combination for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A solid lucha style match that had the smaller guy going over which I didn’t necessarily see happening.

Post-match, Chavo Guerrero Jr. runs in and drops Mascarita with a kick to a ton of boos. Chavo continues to attack Mascarita as we go to break.

Back from break, we see highlights from all of Chavo’s recent heelish doings. We’re then sent to a sit down interview between Chavo and Vampiro. Chavo explains he’s done things his family’s way in the past out of respect, but now it’s time for him to lead the Guerrero legacy his way. Vampiro calls out Chavo for turning on Blue Demon and Chavo responds by saying Blue Demon Jr. is a shadow of his father. Chavo then cuts a promo saying Blue Demon sucks and that the network thought he was the cash cow for the show. Chavo says he’s at Lucha Underground to become a star, and since Dario wants violence, well, Chavo’s his man.

Back from break, Chavo is backstage… walking… and encounters Konnan who is also… walking. Chavo and Konnan catch up for a minute and then Konnan warns Chavo that word has gotten back to Mexico about what he did to Blue Demon. And it’s only a matter of time before they find out what he did to Mascarita tonight. Konnan suggests that Chavo goes “ghost” because “they’re coming”. Chavo looks mildly concerned as Konnan leaves and turns to find Mil Muertes standing in his path. Muertes walks past him and Chavo turns again to find Catrina standing there. Catrina warns Chavo that he took something that didn’t belong to him, and one day he will belong to Mil Muertes. She then licks him because this is apparently her thing.

Back in the temple, Ricky Mandel is already in the ring. I like his chances in this match already. Mil Muertes and Catrina enter next… yep, good luck, Ricky. As Muertes makes his entrance, we get a origin story vignette about him.

Match #2: Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) vs. Ricky Mandel

For some reason when Lucha Underground does an absolute squash, it doesn’t bother me as much as when WWE does one. Muertes completely dominates here, but that doesn’t stop Catrina from getting involved anyway. I also enjoyed how she stood on the apron for the last 30 seconds or so of the match to cheer Mil on and the ref allowed it.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – A squash, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a manager or valet get involved to help their wrestler during a squash match.

Post-match, Catrina leans down and licks Mandel’s face and this apparently turns on Matt Striker. TMI, Matt, TMI. Muertes and Catrina kiss in the ring while the crowd cheers.

We’re then sent back to Dario’s office where he’s reading over some contracts. Cisco and Cortez Castro are hanging out outside and won’t let Johnny Mundo see Dario. Mundo then drops both of them in an action sequence. Mundo enters the office and freaks out Dario. However, Mundo is only there to work with Dario and asks for a match with Big Ryck next week. Dario is intrigued by this and makes the match for next week’s main event. As Mundo goes to leave, he warns Dario that after Big Ryck, he’s next on Mundo’s hit list.

Back from break, we see Dario putting money into Big Ryck’s hand. Dario orders him to put Johnny Mundo in the hospital next week. Ryck just laughs and starts counting his money. Next, we see a promo vignette about Prince Puma.

Now it’s time for the main event. Drago is out first, Pentagon Jr. is out next, and Fenix comes out last.

Match #3: Drago vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix (Triple Threat Match)

Well, this is easily the most exciting main event on this show so far. It’s a complete lucha spot fest, which includes Fenix diving off a ledge in the corner of the building onto Pentagon and Drago. We get a pretty crazy finish sequence where Pentagon gives Drago a package piledriver, feeds Drago to Fenix who gives Drago a modified piledriver, and then Fenix hits Pentagon with a reverse spike hurricanrana to get the pin.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – This is the kind of stuff I expected from Lucha Underground and I left satisfied.

Post-match, the crowd gives the competitors a standing ovation.

We then see Dario pacing in a darkened room. Dario says he won’t be intimidated by anyone, “not even you” – as someone’s shadow covers him.

Yet another solid episode. I’ll be a little more invested once some titles get introduced, but the story telling on this show continues to blow the other wrestling companies out of the water.

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