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Lucha Underground Recap: Los Demonios - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
(Lucha Underground / El Rey Network)

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Recap: Los Demonios

Mundo & Puma put on a show once again, Sexy Star gets revenge on Havoc, Muertes debuts, and Chavo snaps.

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to throw down another Lucha Underground catch up recap. I managed to track down Season 1 of Lucha Underground on iTunes. Thanks to Apple / El Rey for putting the show there. I wanted to avoid dodgy streams if at all possible. Unfortunately, Comcast, who I’m stuck with for cable, only keeps the three or four most recent Lucha Underground episodes available for On Demand streaming. So, let’s get straight to this episode of Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground Recap: Los Demonios

Lucha Underground Season 1: Episode 2

Original Air Date: November 5th, 2014

We open with a recap of what happened on last week’s episode.

We’re then sent to the ring where the three big bads from last week are holding court. The three introduce themselves as Cortez Castro, Cisco, and The Boss. Wow, Sasha Banks put on a lot of muscle. Oh wait, his name is actually Big Ryck. Whew. Big Ryck calls out Johnny Mundo and Mundo immediately appears. Mundo attacks Castro and Cisco and eventually runs them out of the ring. Castro and Cisco grab wooden folding chairs and start to circle the ring. But have no fear, Prince Puma arrives to even up the odds. Dario Cueto comes out of his office to make this a tag team match… that starts right now! I love that Big Ryck is watching all of this go down, while sitting in the crowd on some steps and smoking a cigar.

Match #1: Johnny Mundo & Prince Puma vs. Cortez Castro & Cisco (w/ Big Ryck)

This match starts off slow but builds to a great finish. Mundo starts off running wild, but eventually settles into the peril role. Puma gets the hot tag and goes on a tear. At one point he hits a move that causes Castro to DDT Cisco. Nice stuff. Puma and Mundo go on a tear and eventually hit stereo 450s off the top rope. Both guys cover their opponent and both get the pin.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – This seemed like it would be a run of the mill tag match, but really turned things up a notch in act three.

Post-match, the faces celebrate in the ring and Big Ryck walks away looking upset.

Back from break, Konnan is with Prince Puma in the locker room. Konnan warns Puma to stay away from Mundo because his fight isn’t Puma’s fight. Puma appears to reluctantly agree with Konnan’s advice.

Meanwhile, in the Temple, Matt Striker reminds us that Cueto is bringing in someone new to deal with Blue Demon. Striker announces that man as Mil Muertes or “One Thousand Deaths”. Vampiro puts Muertes over as “one scary dude”. The announcers send us to a promo vignette for Mil Muertes.

Back from break, it’s time for another match. Son of Havoc and Ivelisse are already in the ring. Chavo Guerrero Jr. is out next. Chavo is teaming with Sexy Star in this mixed tag match.

Match #2: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Sexy Star vs. Son of Havoc & Ivelisse

Another really solid tag team match here. I already love the fact that Lucha Underground has mixed matches. I’d love to see some of the WWE women work with men, but figure that will never happen. Sexy Star manages to get some revenge after last week’s loss to Son of Havoc. We’re also introduced to Ivelisse here, who holds her own in the match. Chavo also gets a nice showcase and finishes off Son of Havoc with a Frog Splash. Chavo then tags in Sexy Star so she can hit a pinning combination on Havoc. Good stuff.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Not quite as crazy as the opening match, but still a solid effort by all involved.

Post-match, the faces celebrate in the ring and the crowd chants “Eddie”.

Back from break, Blue Demon is in the locker room preparing for his match. A mystery woman enters the locker room and taps him on the shoulder. When Demon turns around… there is no one there. The mystery woman then appears out of the shadows in front of Demon. She introduces herself as Catrina, an associate of Mil Muertes. She then delivers a message from Muertes, which involves her licking Demon’s face. Uh… okay. Demon essentially no sells this, but does wipe his face off.

The announcers hype up the main event and then send us to a promo vignette about Prince Puma.

Back from break, Blue Demon Jr. is already in the ring. I like his chances here. Mil Muertes is out next with Catrina and he gets a dramatic entrance.

Match #3: Blue Demon Jr. vs. Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina)

Well, this is easily the weakest match on this week’s show. Muertes is a power heel and Demon doesn’t get in much offense in return. Demon also seemed to work really slow in this match which didn’t merge well with Muertes’ power style. Considering the intent here appeared to get Muertes over as a strong heel, I suppose it wasn’t a total loss.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Kind of a slow and plodding match.

Post-match, Muertes starts attacking Demon. Chavo Guerrero comes out with a chair to run Muertes off. Chavo then turns on Demon and hits him with the steel chair. Two refs try to intervene and Chavo drops both of them. Two random guys run in from the locker room and Chavo takes them out. Demon then takes another chair shot from Chavo. Sexy Star is out next to plead with Chavo to knock it off. Chavo, in turn, gives Sexy Star a chair shot to the head. File that under “things you’d never see on a WWE show”. Chavo gives Demon one more chair shot to the back and then poses in the middle of the fallen bodies. We switch to an overhead shot which does an excellent job of showcasing the carnage that Chavo created.

Some EMTs are out next and give Demon the “neck brace & back board” treatment. Chavo is in full on heel mode and sits in the steel chair to watch this. As the EMTs start to carry Demon away, Chavo starts attacking him again. Wow, this is pretty insane. Chavo blows Sexy Star a kiss, the ambulance leaves the Temple, and the credits roll.

I was going to file this episode as an “average” show, mainly due to the average main event. But, man, that final segment was just insane when you compare it to what WWE does. Really compelling stuff.

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