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The Raw Run In: Payback 2017: Pay-Per-View of Horror? - Bray Wyatt
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The Raw Run In: Payback 2017: Pay-Per-View of Horror?

Previewing the booking opportunities at the Raw Exclusive Pay-Per-View, Payback. Including every title match and of course, the House of Horrors match.

In a couple of hours, Payback will kick-off (pun intended) and we will all find out if the entire affair will be a “House of Horrors” or not. Long-term, this pay-per-view does not hold match-ups that will carry, say to SummerSlam, but let’s see how much we can stretch that.

  1. Leading off Payback we have Enzo and Cass facing off against The Good Brothers, Gallows and Anderson.

    • Anyone else think Enzo and Cass are getting stale? Perhaps this is a quiet opportunity for Gallows and Anderson to injure Enzo off of T.V. for a little bit and let Cass test out the singles run after Payback.
    • I know Gallows and Anderson were title holders but they need some thoughtful direction. Raw last week didn’t show any “Balor Club,” opportunities coming soon, so let’s go ahead and make the Good Brothers the mercenaries they need to be at Payback.
    • Things we need: Enzo kayfabe injured, Cass looking strong in a 2-on-1, and Gallows and Anderson stacking the numbers and come out on top.
  2. Now a word from our sponsors at Miz T.V.

    • With a segment like this, Miz is taking back the Intercontinental Title soon isn’t he?
    • With a guest like Finn, he’s going to be feuding over the belt with Miz isn’t he?
    • The best talker vs. arguably the best in-ring performer on Raw; it’s going to be good isn’t it? May as well plant the seeds at Payback.
  3. Fireworks. Words. Wrestling Brothers Hardy.

    • We need clarity in the Raw tag division and perhaps Payback will be the place to set everything in motion.
    • The Hardy’s shouldn’t be working a full-time schedule so you could see a quick title change, especially if rumors are true about the “Broken Universe” coming to WWE.
    • With a Face vs. Face match, do I smell Cesaro heel turn? Sheamus is still in the heelish gray area. Heel turn + shenanigans = New Champs and seeds for the Broken Universe. WONDERFUL!
  4. Purple Rope Time

    • Neville has reinvented himself in the last several months and A-Double coming to 205 Live has been a huge boost to the division.
    • With this rematch, you have to imagine Austin Aries will come away from the belt and a rubber match coming at Extreme Rules.
    • While some may see this as stale, this gives time for the 205 Live mid-card to further along their roles and line up their potential feuds post-Aries v. Neville.
  5. Crossfit Jesus vs. Joey Headrocker in what should be the best match at Payback.

    • This won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be great if the Rollins Revenge tour goes through Joe and then the Raw-returning Kevin Owens, “slaying” any and all HHH cronies?
    • This is a battle of finishers, first to theirs wins. Joe hasn’t really broken out the “Muscle Buster” and Rollins has the new “King Slayer,” which is what we’ll call it for now. No kick-outs here.
    • While this is a great match, does this feud go further than Payback, what is their motivation if Seth wins?
  6. Ahh yes, the Tape Delay Special, I knew you’d come.

    • I do not have high hopes for the “House of Horror” match. One thing that can save this……. Matt Hardy co-produces this match in some capacity, then it may be something to watch.
    • Have they given up on creative promos for Bray Wyatt, because this lead-up for Payback was probably filmed in one swoop.
    • No title on the line due to Grand Theft Jinder? They’ll give Wyatt the “W” since he’s the Raw superstar.
  7. Here is the match that will save or kill Payback, and these two women can do it.

    • I have started to feel about the Bayley the way I feel about Enzo and Cass. I get it. I know what her character is. Then there’s Alexa Bliss who is antithesis of what I feel about Bayley.
    • I don’t imagine WWE taking the strap off Bayley just yet, which could be a detriment to this match since I feel like this division could use a shake-up. Ironic.
    • What should happen, Bayley comes to the ring with Sasha Banks, who later goes full-heel, finally after the little glimmers of it over the Wrestlemania and Payback build. And new……..
  8. And now the match for the top-but-not-top-but-top-for-now title on Raw until it goes to Smackdown.

    • This match is at an extreme disadvantage with Jericho’s “Fozzy” tour coming up and telegraphing a decent hiatus from the ring until at least after SummerSlam.
    • Another disadvantage, WWE is about to make a strong showing for a top heel for the opposing show. But what is “brand competition” anyway?
    • It is a foregone conclusion that Kevin Owens walks back to the blue brand with the U.S. Title, but this match is going to take top-level, in-ring storytelling to make this match a main event-caliber match. Owens and Jericho are the ones to get it done though.

    • They couldn’t possibly have Reigns come back and get the victory after that cartoonish beating he received, right? RIGHT?!
    • I want to like Roman, and I honestly feel like this feud could be the vehicle for people to get on board. He just has to actually climb a mountain for once and not look like he walks through everything scot-free.
    • My optimism and hope for this match says that Braun wins and Roman shows visible signs of slowness/injury throughout the match, furthering along this “dragon-slaying” quest to overcome Braun over the next few months. It’d also be nice if Braun has a belt to sweeten this later on.

Here’s hoping Payback ends up rocking the house in San José and gives the post Wrestlemania stretch a needed kick in the pants. If you’re not lucky enough to be in the SAP Center, party on with our Payback Drinking game and enjoy responsibly.

I’m sure as you are finishing this, it is almost showtime. I’ll do you a favor. Since I’m such a swell guy, click the link below and see if I even came close to being on the same page as Creative. See you then. (Now. Forever.)

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