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The Raw Run In: Extreme Rules 2017: Extremely Satisfying?

It’ll be here before you know it, Extreme Rules has kicked-off (pun ALWAYS intended) and we will all find out if this extreme soiree will be worth the build. Let’s take a gander at the (six?) matches and what we can make of them.

  1. Can we handle this, can we handle this?

    • There was valid skepticism adding Sasha Banks into the 205 Live feud of Dar vs. Swann, but this has worked into being at least a somewhat interesting mixed tag at Extreme Rules.
    • No way though that Swann and Sasha win this match. They have no benefit to winning this match.
    • That is to say though, this is the risk having Sasha in this feud, she has dropped significantly in the hierarchy. Wish she was on Smackdown right about now.
  2. The crowning of A-Double?

    • Match of the night anyone? This could steal the show and if ever an appropriate time, 205 Live needs a match like this at Extreme Rules.
    • Much the way the build of the feud has gone, one would have to think that this is the time that Aries finally takes the belt away from the king.
    • Only caveat would be if TJP inserts himself in the match and causes Aries to lose once again. Triple threat match would have to happen after that though.
  3. Broken Brilliance locked in.

    • There is a clear divide in the two directions this match should go. This could easily be the catalyst match for the Broken Universe to come out, or the Hardyz solidify their belts and become long term title holders.
    • There’s going to be some ridiculous swanton from the top of the cage isn’t there?
    • I’m holding out my prediction of Sheamus and Cesaro winning the belts tonight and Matt snapping into brokenness.
  4. Bayley, this is your match!

    • Boy this match needs to be good after the go-home segment last week. Bayley needs it more though.
    • Alexa can eat a loss in a match like this and this will benefit Bayley by adding a much needed layer to her character.
    • Bayley wins this match after some sort of inner-turmoil of going extreme at Extreme Rules. Maybe things will go up from there.
  5. Shenanigans abound.

    • Part of me really wants Maryse to slap the crap out of Miz at the very beginning of the match and Miz wins the title from there. Would be hilarious.
    • They won’t let this match go that quickly though. I bet Miz will be fighting more to do the DQ finish more than he fights Dean.
    • This match could be the real bummer of the night if things are not done right. The two things above could be fine, or could suck.
  6. Feeding the Beast.

    • Whoever wins this match isn’t winning the belt. Let’s just get that out of the way. They are feeding someone to Brock.
    • That being said, Finn isn’t winning it yet after the endorsement of Paul Heyman this last week.
    • Current pick is Seth Rollins but they could mess this up and feed Joe to him. Which is a bad choice. Don’t ruin Samoa Joe.

Here’s hoping Extreme Rules ends up being better than the less than stellar build to this pay per view. If you’re not lucky enough to be in the Royal Farms Arena, in Baltimore, party on with our Extreme Rules Drinking game and enjoy responsibly.

It’s about that time again. It is almost showtime. I’ll do you the favor again. Just do a simple click of the link below and see if I even came close to being on the same page as Creative. See you then. (Now. Forever.)

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