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Raw Rationale: May 15th, 2017: Extreme? How Extreme

We have officially kicked off the (less traveled) Road to Extreme Rules this week and we’re promised extreme but really to what extent?

  1. We lead off the road to extreme by doing what RAW did to the tag division, roll it all together

    • Other than having that tightly wound filler toward the end, some solid story progression was had Monday night, hopefully setting up good matches at Extreme Rules.
    • Anyone have their heart hurt just a little for R-Truth last night. That turn was out of freaking nowhere. Well done making that happen.
  2. We all need to try to be cool about this….. I’m sure there is a….. NOPE NOTHING

    • I get the “controversy” of Sasha Banks beating Alicia Fox on a non-pinfall but when was the last time Alicia Fox got a clean singles match pin on TV?
    • So I guess there is a Extreme Rules Kickoff Match in Sasha’s future. Sigh……
    • I get that it is Alexa Bliss and Bayley at the top right now but it is a steep drop to get here.
  3. The New Dean Shirt should have given it away.

    • It appeared that Dean would be retaining when he trotted out with that Jack Daniels-inspired gear
    • Just remember folks, new shirts that can be sold on WWEShop override PPV Gear like Miz and Maryse had last night.
    • I do appreciate that they are extending this feud since Finn and Seth were only proxies for a week in the Intercontinental hunt. Maybe we’ll get another ASYLUM MATCH?! (let’s not)
  4. Alexa Bliss is the best mic-wielder right now in WWE

    • Alexa has that special knack that not all performers have, which is speaking in a stream of consciousness. Ambrose does it. Cena does it. Rock does it. Good list of people there.
    • Still iffy on the “Can Bayley go extreme?” angle. I mean I know she’s the WWE’s big sister but she has had some pretty physical matches in NXT, so just adding a kendo stick doesn’t add her ability to be resilient.
    • Serious question, when was the last true “On a Pole” match in WWE? Maybe it was during the time I tuned out from 2009 to 2014 but that is a well aged stipulation.
  5. You knew it, I knew it, your granny knew it.

    • One way or another, Roman was going over on Finn Balor one-on-one after losing the first time back before SummerSlam.
    • I’ll say it again, Roman Reigns is a good worker and this was a great match that told a pretty good story. Reigns having a good match has not always been the problem. He’s had help though.
    • This loss doesn’t hurt Finn though in theory because of the Fatal Five Way concept and Finn and Roman being tied in W/L all-time now.
  6. It was a match you had never seen, with an ending you knew was coming.

    • By the start of the main event, four of the five entrants in the newly announced match for Extreme Rules had taken part in, in-ring action. So a run-in as bound to happen.
    • They are really hiding the “Muscle Buster” and I would love for Joe to use that at Extreme Rules and win the match via it.
    • Once again…. Wash rinse repeat booking with Bray Wyatt. He gets pushes but nothing new added to his character during them. All his additions to his character have been actual people in his flock.

Raw had a lot going on this week. Like there’s stuff in this article that should be covered more. So that is definitely a plus for a show that sometimes struggles with filler.

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