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Raw Rationale: June 12, 2017: Bearable

Monday Night Raw has been a tough show to watch at times, post-Shakeup but this week could be a way to change the tide.

  1. Monday Night BRAWL

    • Anyone else think it’s corny when the entire Raw or Smackdown locker room runs out to break up a fight?
    • They are giving Samoa Joe his just due though, my goodness they are building him up to be a legit contender. Still think they’re feeding him to Brock.
    • If they are going to run out the locker room, have the heels match up with the heels and faces with faces. You saw Enzo and Cass holding Joe back with The Revival. Come on.
  2. I’ll walk with you Elias

    • Keep legitimizing Elias Samson WWE, keep giving him wins and he will be fantastic for months to come on Raw.
    • As much as I could see Samson going over clean on Dean Ambrose, it furthers along storylines to have Miz interfering.
    • Why didn’t Miz just ask Samson to join him in the tag match later on? He’s been beating Ambrose every step of the way.
  3. Raw’s finally learning

    • Look at Monday Night Raw showcasing their entire women’s division to promote all of the performers instead of just Bayley and her feud partner.
    • It is good to have Sasha Banks at the forefront of Monday Night Raw. It was nice to have her on 205 Live but she is a top talent and character on Raw.
    • It is time to add layers to Alexa Bliss, perhaps make her more opportunistic with her heel traits. She’ll need it to retain the title against Nia Jax.
  4. Leaving the cupboard Bear

    • I enjoy Bear. Bear was able to keep things from going stale this week.
    • Twin Bear magic! They executed that better than the Bellas to boot. That was a silky smooth transition.
    • Could they legit break up Miz and Maryse on camera? Talk about completely derailing a performer. What is Miz without Maryse in the last year plus?
  5. The plot thickens……And you can’t teach that

    • It’s going to be really dumb it this ends up creating a Big Show and Big Cass feud going forward.
    • Credit to WWE though for making this a true guessing game. Nothing has been too on the nose during this storyline, and many are actually interested in Enzo and Cass for the first time in a while.
    • My goodness Gallows and Anderson deserve so much more than what they have been given over the last several months.
  6. To be the bar you have to beat the bar

    • So I don’t think anything in ring will be spurning on the Broken Universe based upon Matt’s comments on Bring it to the Table this week.
    • Not a huge fan of the double count-out to end a main event match. If things are going to end up with a dusty finish, do a DQ or something.
    • Imagine if that were Gallows and Anderson instead of Sheamus and Cesaro…….

Things are trending up for Monday Night Raw, even though ratings are bottoming out. Let’s hope creative doesn’t go too crazy trying to get attention.

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