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Raw Rationale: May 29th, 2017: This Is Your Worst

We experienced the “go-home” show for Extreme Rules, Monday night and well….. let’s just talk about Raw.

  1. Dean Extreme

    • If/when the Broken Universe comes full force to WWE and Monday Night Raw, Dean might be the top choice for an addition to the faction of Broken superstars.
    • If WWE follows through on conventions, then one if not all three of the triumphant champions Monday night will lose their belts come Sunday at Extreme Rules.
    • Hardys lose Sunday, we all know what comes after that…..
  2. Can you push a drift?

    • Look at Elias Samson getting a squash match. The guy looks like a million bucks and is just fine with his ring work, so why not give him a push as an insufferable heel. 
    • Remember last week when Samson beat Ambrose? That has to be a long term game, since it appears Miz gets another run with the Intercontinental title.
    • Not as much bravado from Corey Graves this week in reference to The Drifter, that may be in reference to other issues for Graves but missed his usual bad-mouthing.
  3. Setting the stage

    • Based upon the finish of the match, the two fighting for the belt before the end will be Joe and Finn. I’ll save my prediction for Sunday because I’m giving all those away now.
    • It is a shame though, looking at the five combatants Sunday, Bray Wyatt is there as a name. Shame he is just filler in this day in age.
    • I do like the prospect however of a Joe vs. Wyatt feud, that could be real, real fun.
  4. Let’s talk.

    • If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all………
    • ……..
    • What the hell was that?! Poor Alexa and even poor Bayley.
  5. It’s a regular ol’ “whodunnit”

    • This has been the most interesting thing about Enzo and Cass in months. They have revived these guys and they have been absent from the ring. Great work.
    • Weaving this together with whatever scandal Kurt Angle may be facing is also well done, because Kurt was just becoming another General Manager.
    • Now, our own Ben Arp suggests Regal is trying to cause a coup of Raw. If that means more Samoa Joe yelling “REGAL,” then I’m on board.
  6. Bad is good

    • Again, with conventions in mind, this puts those of us at ease with the thought that Roman is somehow winning this thing on Sunday.
    • People surprised by the clean finish really shouldn’t. Roman has beaten Braun and Undertaker clean. Rollins isn’t getting treatment on that level right now.
    • So if the top three to win Sunday are Rollins, Joe and Finn…. I can DIG IT.

Let’s hope Extreme Rules can deliver where Raw hasn’t been able to. The brand needs this show to kickstart things once again.

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