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Raw Rationale: May 1st, 2017: Precipitations of Payback

Who served up some Payback last night, and who was left in a bloody heap? Tonight’s Monday Night Raw will hope to shed light of all the events in San José.

Payback has come and gone and tonight Monday Night Raw tried to follow up a solid overall show. How did WWE attack the opportunities created from last night and bandage the wounds as well?

  1. We lead off with the entire Women’s division in the ring tonight and it worked.

    • They did a great job re-orienting the division tonight on Raw. Also Alexa Bliss is just the best. She doesn’t need a script.
    • Anyone else think Bliss vs. Jax would be awesome?! Them standing next to each other looks surreal.
    • No seeds for Alexa’s next feud though? She pinned Bayley too, so we need some more direction here.
  2. Now we have only one mid-card belt on Raw, and it is time to build this feud.

    • I didn’t expect the Balor-Wyatt feud to start so quickly but it is the logical choice, along with Miz going back to challenging for the Intercontinental belt.
    • Anyone feel like a Ambrose-Balor-Rollins faction would be the best thing on TV? Rare you see faces gang up on a heel.
    • It does feel like they shoehorned Rollins into this match though. Although this answers my question about how they would approach Rollins after winning at Payback.
  3. This Raw segment was always going to be WONDERFUL.

    • Last night proved that the “Broken Universe” is happening in the WWE and it looks like it will slowly work its way in, as opposed to throwing it all in. However we get it, it’s worth it.
    • Really think Sheamus and Cesaro could be the team that WWE should have made The Club. Just lose the kilts and they will be money.
    • Remember when there was going to be a match between the Golden Truth and the Hardyz? Sort of upset they didn’t because that could’ve been a vehicle to bring out the brokenness.
  4. How about the Titus Brand finally being the thing Apollo Crews needed.

    • Apollo has been trying to find his niche since coming to the main roster, and who would have thought Titus O’Neil would provide that. This serves both superstars well.
    • I hope Crews buys in 100 percent. Titus’ personality running through the vessel of Apollo Crews will be incredibly entertaining.
    • Right now Apollo still is showing unease, and this better not turn into some lame pre-show feud.
  5. A-Double had some unfinished business tonight.

    • I’m really glad TJP didn’t run interference last night, this allowed their match tonight to mean more and not just re-hash things.
    • Also, I like “TJP” for heel TJ Perkins. Now just re-package his theme and he’s golden. Ironically he can keep the dabbing, as a cocky heel.
    • This somehow is the best structured feud on Raw and it is getting layers which is a sign of great storytelling.
  6. You know they have to trot out the most “over” man on Raw. Raw is Braun.

    • OR NOT
    • OR NOT
    • OR NOT (additionally who knew the “Raw Talk” spot would be the sneaky backdoor booking to keep Roman still dead even with Braun coming out of that match last night. *sigh*)

Much like last night, Raw was about a C+ show overall. Nothing too crazy but it got the job done and moved several things forward in a positive direction.

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