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SmackDown 9/10/15: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose
(WWE / SyFy)

WWE SmackDown

SmackDown 9/10/15 Recap

So, I’ve decided I’m going to abandon the “# of things I liked” format for my pro wrestling show recaps. I’d rather just talk about each segment and give it a rating. I swear I’m not doing this because on shows like SmackDown it’s hard to find at least three things I liked about the show. Of course, this means that the RAW recaps will likely be a bit longer than they’ve been.

Usual disclaimer… I’m just a fan of wrestling that talks about the things I liked or didn’t like on the show. Feel free to disagree with me.

Anyway, here is your SmackDown 9/10/15 recap, wherein we see a RAW “do over”, screwy finishes are the law, and Jimmy Uso only had one day left until retirement.

SmackDown 9/10/15 Recap

We open with the Wyatt Family giving a typical speech not too much unlike every single one of these promos during the whole Wyatt / Reigns feud. We learn that tonight Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will be teaming up with a returning Jimmy Uso to face New Day. Bray threatens Uso and implies he’ll end up like Orton did on RAW.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Wyatt was on point and the promo stayed on topic and didn’t meander like his promos have a tendency to do at times.

Match #1 – Cesaro vs. The Miz (aka – RAW Rematch #1)

Next up we have the first of three (!) rematches from RAW (out of five total matches) which was Cesaro vs. The Miz. Cesaro came out taped up again so maybe they didn’t (?) decide to not run with the “Cesaro is injured” story line? They try to sell Miz throwing Cesaro into a ringside barricade as to why Cesaro was taped up. So, I’m guessing either Cesaro is working through a legit injury or we’re supposed to believe Cesaro is made out of paper and balsa wood and things that happen to the entire roster on a regular basis really mess with him.

The match itself was okay, Cesaro is freakishly strong and there was one suplex spot where he’s particularly impressive. He made Miz tap out to the Sharpshooter and gave us our only clean win of the night. Yeah, it was one of those nights…

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Still wish I knew where they were going with this “Cesaro has bad ribs” angle. Good to see him get a win after the pointless match on RAW that ended with him taking a KO punch from Big Show for no reason.

Renee Young was backstage with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. They discuss teaming with Jimmy Uso who then appeared and doing his best “obvious guy in war movie who is totally going to die” impression. He was super hyped up and excited to team with his family – Wyatts be damned. Oh boy…

Match #2 – Paige vs. Sasha Banks (aka – RAW Rematch #2)

Normally I’d be excited for Sasha vs. Paige, but I had a bad feeling about this one and those bad feelings were justified. Almost immediately the members of Team Printed Circuit Board and Team Big Audio Dynamite not involved in the match are barred from ringside by the ref. This action makes me think we’re going to have an interference finish or a no contest. Paige and Sasha have a decent match and then randomly Paige faked an injury, went beast mode on Sasha, and the thing devolved into a pull apart brawl between Team PCB and Team BAD. No contest.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The match wasn’t terrible, but was marred by the out of nowhere devolution into a brawl. I get they’re trying to amp up the hostilities to get people on board with the Diva Revolution, but I tend to prefer the matches have outcomes and stakes to them and let that tell the story. This did about as much for me as the Brock / Taker pull apart did. “I get it, they don’t like each other.”

Up next is a segment that I believe showed the entire six man main event from RAW. I skipped that since I watched RAW and my memory isn’t that bad. We are then sent to Byron Saxton backstage with Seth Rollins. Rollins mourned the loss of his statue and was interrupted by Sheamus who again teased a Money in the Bank cash in at Night of Champions. The segment seemed to exist to establish the Night of Champions matches and remind people that Sheamus has the briefcase.

Match #3 – The New Day vs. Reigns / Ambrose / Uso

I already knew where this one was going. Standard six man affair with Uso getting a bunch of offense in, which likely bodes well for a Usos tag team return sometime soon. Obvious finish is obvious, though. Uso went up top to go for the win and disappeared when the Wyatt graphics appear on-screen. We then see him up the ramp getting choked out by Braun Strowman. Wyatt graphic again and we see Ambrose and Reigns standing over their fallen comrade who was *that* close to retirement.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – The no contest finish ruined the whole thing for me. It was obvious that Uso was going to go down so I was expecting that, but it seemed like a waste of The New Day. They gained absolutely nothing from the match by winning (?) by DQ or whatever the actual “finish” was. They could have effectively had the Wyatts take out or capture Uso before the match and taken him out that way and forced Reigns and Ambrose to work short-handed or something. I don’t know, of all of the ways to tell this story this is not the one I would have chosen.

Match #4 – The Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension (w/ Stardust)

Hey, it’s essentially the NXT variety of The Ascension on the main roster! Match is a squash and reminded me of any number of The Ascension matches during their NXT Tag Team Championship run. They’re flanked by Stardust, who really came off as the “supervillain” with his henchmen during the entrance. After the match, they all beat down the Lucha Dragons and Neville came out for the save.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Finally The Ascension are being used decently on the main roster. I’m beginning to think they probably should have aligned them with someone else for their debut instead of having them debut solo. I really like this pairing and think that it has potential. A short feud with Neville and the Lucha Dragons could be a fun series of matches to watch.

Renee Young caught up to Nikki Bella who then had words with Charlotte. A standard backstage segment that seemed to exist solely to put over the title match on RAW next week.

Match #5 – Seth Rollins vs. Ryback (Lumberjack match) (RAW Rematch #3)

And now for the third RAW match out of the five matches we see tonight. I’m not a huge fan of Lumberjack matches and this one didn’t do much to make me change my mind. About halfway through things broke down and the match became about Big Show going berserker outside the ring. The face Lumberjacks escorted him to the back. Before long we get the standard heel gang-up on Ryback. Notable is Kevin Owens who just stood in one spot smirking for nearly the entire match. Rollins went for the finish, Ryback countered, but got tripped up by Owens. Rollins hit the Pedigree for the finish.

Verdict – Thumbs Down – Wasn’t a huge fan of the format of the main event and didn’t like another tainted finish on a show with so many no contest endings. I do like the Owens / Ryback potential and I guess this gets us there and gives the feud more gravitas beyond Owens being a jerk to Ryback during backstage segments. Rollins was basically wasted since him getting a cheap victory over the Intercontinental Champ doesn’t really help either his feud with John Cena or Sting.

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