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SmackDown 9/17/15 Recap
(WWE / SyFy)

WWE SmackDown

SmackDown 9/17/15 Recap

SmackDown 9/17/15 recap featuring a bunch of distraction victories and Night of Champions hype

Usual disclaimer… I’m just a fan of wrestling that talks about the things I liked or didn’t like on the show. Feel free to disagree with me.

Anyway, here is your SmackDown 9/17/15 recap, wherein the road to Night of Champions is paved with distraction pins.

SmackDown 9/17/15 Recap

Promo Spot #1 – Seth Rollins / Sheamus

We’re taped from Little Rock, Arkansas and Seth Rollins started things off with his customary speech to kick off most episodes of SmackDown. It’d be really cool to have the show start with a match, but we’ve got Night of Champions in just a few days so WWE needs to sell those Network subscriptions. Rollins recaps everything going on lately in his feuds with John Cena and Sting. He announced he has a match later tagging with Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus, against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Sheamus came out and vaguely threatened Rollins about cashing in the briefcase whenever he wants to. Obviously to reinforce the idea that these two will not be able to work together in the tag team main event.

Team Printed Circuit Board are shown walking.

Match #1 – Becky Lynch & Paige vs. Naomi & Sasha Banks

This match was okay. Just okay. I learned during it that I’m quickly tiring of this pointless faction-based women’s division. WWE needs to split these women up and give them individual personalities like yesterday. Anyway, again, a decent match with Naomi getting a cheap roll-up victory by way of distraction from Sasha Banks. Typical “pre-revolution” ending to a Diva match. Makin’ progress…

Verdict: Thumbs Down – These factions need to be broken up immediately and we need clean finishes, like on NXT, if they really want this “revolution” to be anything other than “more of the same”.

Promo Spot #2 – Stardust & The Ascension

Typical Stardust backstage promo here, with added bonus of The Ascension. The point was to hype Stardust & The Ascension vs. Neville & The Lucha Dragons on the Night of Champions pre-show.

Match #2 – Kofi Kingston vs. D-Von Dudley

New Day came out and ranted about the Dudley Boyz disrespecting Mother Nature. Big E held a clipboard for a petition that New Day has started to “save the tables”. D-Von and Bubba Ray came out and the match began. The match barely lasted a minute and D-Von was distracted by Xavier Woods and Kofi got the cheap roll-up victory. Two matches, two cheap distraction roll-up wins. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – An almost pointless match that appeared to exist merely to remind people of the Tag Team Title match on Sunday.

Backstage, Team Bella are walking and preparing for the “Bellabration” for Nikki’s cheap “twin magic” victory on RAW that allowed her to become the longest reigning Diva Champion.

Also, backstage, the Big Show is walking. Miz appeared and handed him a binder that said “Confidential”. Show looked at it for a second and then tossed it aside.

Match #3 – Cesaro vs. The Big Show

This match told a decent story. Cesaro tried to work Big Show’s arm to neutralize the KO punch finisher. Big Show worked on Cesaro’s knee. Cesaro was randomly “healed” again and didn’t have the taped up ribs like he seems to have every other appearance he makes now. Things went back and forth for a while but then Big Show hits the KO punch and wow, they have no idea what they’re doing with Cesaro do they? I keep hoping they’ll give Cesaro something meaningful but instead he seems to be the victim of random booking week in and week out. I see no reason why he needed to take a loss here as nothing will likely come from it.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – A decent match marred by a strange finish. No real reason for the still hot, despite his booking, Cesaro to take a clean loss here. This would have been the one match where interference would have been welcomed, but since neither guy has a match at Night of Champions there was no point in doing that.

Promo Spot #3 – Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Renee Young spoke with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. They wouldn’t give any hints as to who their third man is for Sunday. Still a chance it could be Hollywood Hulk Hogan! They then hyped up their match against Rollins and Sheamus in the main event.

Match #4 – Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Again, another perfectly fine match that was ruined by outside interference. Owens and Ziggler have a good back and forth match until Owens took control. At one point Owens tossed Ziggler into the time keeper area in an attempt to keep him from beating the count back into the ring. Right as Owens was about to apron powerbomb Ziggler, Ryback appeared and got Owens the DQ victory.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Another “good for a SmackDown episode” match that was ruined by a bad finish. I was pleased the Rusev / Summer / Ziggler nonsense was a non-factor in the match, but it became clear by the finish that this match existed to promote the Owens / Ryback match on Sunday.

Promo Spot #4 – The Bellabration

Nikki found out that no one cared about her breaking the record by way of zero people showing up for her party. She threw the predictable tantrum after Team PCB showed up to mock her and, inexplicably, Adam Rose showed  up to tell her that her party sucked. At least Rose refrained from saying he was going to “poop all over” her sucky party. So, there was at least that. Nikki threw her cake which somehow ended up all over Brie Bella and Alicia Fox, no doubt making some dark corner of the internet’s night in the process.

Promo Spot #5 – Hot Summer

We then are treated to a backstage bit between Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler hinting they’ve got something going on and I don’t even care.

Match #5 – Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Sheamus

We get a pretty standard SmackDown main event tag match. Reigns and Ambrose go over looking pretty strong heading into their match at Night of Champions. Somewhat notable is Sheamus turning on Rollins towards the end of the match and refusing to tag in. Rollins then force tagged Sheamus into the match who then gets hit with an Ambrose dive, Superman punch, and Dirty Deeds to take the loss for the team.

Post-match we get a weird Wyatt Family video and then the standard promo from the Wyatt clan warning Reigns & Ambrose about the world ending for them on Sunday night.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Probably the best match of the night since it at least furthered the Rollins / Sheamus tension and had a somewhat clean finish that didn’t damage anyone, considering Sheamus has no booked match for Sunday. The Wyatt stuff was unnecessary but didn’t bring things down too much and obviously was going to happen to promote the match.

Up next… Night of Champions!

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