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SmackDown 9/24/15 Recap
(WWE / SyFy)

WWE SmackDown

SmackDown 9/24/15 Recap

This week we’re treated to a clipboard show with Director of Operations Kane holding the clipboard.

Don’t forget that I’m just a guy on the internet watching these shows and reacting to them. Feel free to chime in and disagree with me.

And now, it’s time for SmackDown 9/24/15 recap…

SmackDown 9/24/15 Recap

SmackDown opens this week with a video package explaining the “split personality” story line going on between Kane and Seth Rollins. We’re then thrown to the arena with Director of Operations Kane already in the ring. Kane says he came back to TV because WWE is on fire right now… though the ratings would disagree with that. Unless of course it’s an out of control forest fire with next to no containment. But, I digress.

We’ve basically got a clipboard show here where Kane announces a tag match between Kevin Owens & Rusev versus the team of Ryback and Dolph Ziggler. But that’s not all! Luke Harper will be facing Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and the Wyatt Family are banned from ringside. Kane gets interrupted by an upset Seth Rollins who tries to get Kane to admit that he’s screwing with everyone. Kane argues with him for a bit before announcing the main event where Seth will be facing Ambrose. Considering most SmackDown shows begin with someone in the ring giving a promo, this didn’t stray too far from the norm. At least it was over quickly.

Roman Reigns makes his entrance as his match is up next.

Match #1 – Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper

Harper gets his entrance back from before he reunited with Bray. Good thing that happened as it would have been awkward for him to walk out in the dark, to Bray’s music, sans Bray. These two have the physical sort of one on one match you’d expect. It was refreshing to see two people in this feud just have a standard match without all of the theatrics, run-ins, and mystery partners. Roman hits the spear for the victory to get some heat back for the loss at Night of Champions.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A strong match between two guys I honestly like watching in the ring. Having all of the other components in this feud banned from ringside made it stand out a bit from the other times these guys have been in the ring lately. I thought not mentioning Randy Orton meant he’d do some sort of run-in, but then I remember this is SmackDown.

The New Day are shown walking backstage and they sneak up on an unsuspecting production team member and have Kofi dunk on him using the mini basketball hoop gimmick they’ve done in past weeks.

Match #2 The New Day vs. Neville & the Lucha Dragons

We get confirmation that Sin Cara’s knee didn’t explode after he fell off the top rope on RAW. Standard six-man SmackDown match here for the most part. The New Day do their “rotating kicking a guy in the corner” spot, Woods plays the trombone, and they gave their “Save The Tables” promo before the match got started. Despite botching pretty hard on Monday, Sin Cara hit some nice spots off the ropes in this match. The match culminated in a cool spot with the Dragons and Neville simultaneously launching off and through the ropes to take down Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi. The finish was strange as after the aforementioned big spot, Sin Cara was trying to get back in the ring, Kofi grabbed his leg for a second and then Woods hit Sin Cara with a single kick and got the pinfall.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Not bad for a six man match. The finish was sort of awkward and despite trying to be an “inference” thing more or less came off as a clean victory for The New Day.

Match #3 – Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas is out and lets Cesaro know that he survived “Suplex City” but Cesaro is still stuck on “Big Show Boulevard”. Tumbleweeds reaction from the crowd like to most of Bo’s stuff unfortunately. The announce team play up Cesaro’s injured back from his matches with Big Show. I’m assuming this is being done to make Big Show look more threatening, because it’s not doing Cesaro any favors. This match was much more competitive than I expected considering Bo Dallas usually appears in one-sided squash matches. Cesaro gets the almost too difficult victory off a roll-up sequence.

Verdict: Thumbs in the Middle – It seems strange they still seem to book Cesaro quite weakly. He gets a much needed win here after doing a favor to try to get Big Show over for the Madison Square Garden match with Lesnar.

Up next, Charlotte and Becky Lynch come out to the ring for a promo. Almost immediately Paige interrupts and comes out and gives them a bunch of back-handed compliments as an “apology”. Before she can really get too much in to things, Natalya comes out. Nattie tries to be the voice of reason and gets slapped for her troubles. Paige then leaves and this was the sole appearance of the Diva division on this show – are you kidding me? I really hope that involving Natalya, who right now looks to be aligned with Charlotte and Becky is a swerve and she too turns on them. If we’re going to have to keep this faction based stuff going on, disgruntled and looked over Nattie fits better with Paige than with Becky and Charlotte. And again, I really want a Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, and if I’m getting greedy, Bayley faction if we’re doing factions to be the end result here. Imagine how awesome this Survivor Series match could be if all of the factions were broken up – Natalya, Paige, Naomi, and Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, and their surprise partner Bayley. THAT is what this Diva revolution should have been all along – and it keeps the old guard on TV working with the future. But, I’m just some guy here at home watching this stuff, so what do I know?

Match #4 Ryback & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens & Rusev

So, the secret to the mess that is the Ziggler and Rusev feud is to counter it with other wrestlers. The match with New Day and the Dudleys on Monday was great, even though it included the void that is the “love rectangle”. Same thing here on SmackDown. This match was an incredibly solid TV tag team match. Owens and Rusev isolated Ziggler for most of the match and worked good as team until the end when Owens, like most of us, decided that a random SmackDown tag team match isn’t worth it and bailed. I can’t blame the guy. Rusev eats the pinfall in KO’s absence. Good stuff.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – An entertaining tag match that managed to spray enough perfume on the stink that is the Ziggler / Rusev feud that I forgot I didn’t care about that feud.

Next up we get a video package to let us know that Big Show is still a thing that exists in 2015 and is something we should fear. He’s facing Brock Lesnar at the Live from MSG event on October 3rd. He will change alignments two dozen times between now and then. I’m only sort of joking.

We then catch up to the Dudleys backstage complaining about the New Day. A wild Renee Young appears and talks to them about their Tag Team Championship match at the Live from MSG event. The Prime Time Players then appear and remind the Dudleys they’re interested in the titles as well.

JoJo is also backstage and she’s with Seth Rollins. Rollins cuts a promo about how he’s going to beat Ambrose… which is next!

Match #5 – Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins and Ambrose have a quite good SmackDown main event match. I’ve seen these guys work a bunch this year and this match was probably closer to what they’d do at a house show, but it was still not bad. Especially considering this was Rollins’ fourth match in three days, including two incredible matches with Cena. I expected some sort of distraction here from “The Demon Kane” but instead, we got Director of Operations Kane running Kane’s music and lights towards the end of the match. It was enough for Ambrose to get the distraction roll up victory.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – The ending was hokey but at least Kane didn’t drag Rollins to Hell again. Also, we now have the Kane situation starting to cost Rollins matches. If they’re going to go there, at least it has some stakes now beyond Seth being annoyed.

Post-match, Seth cuts a promo on Kane and references injuring Sting at Night of Champions, the first real mention of that on WWE TV since it happened.

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