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SmackDown LowDown: Backlash 2017: The Wait is Finally Over

How should Backlash turn out? Will it boost the Blue brand moving on Post-Wrestlemania? Will there be a new WWE Champ tonight? Come inside and find out.

In an hour, Backlash will begin and Smackdown will finally have it first post-Mania Pay-Per-View. A lot of stories have been built and the wait has been at times overbearing, let’s hope Backlash delivers and was worth the wait.

  1. Here’s a match you’ve seen before but has no on-screen build….

    • Luke Harper deserves better than this. He was close to being involved in a main card match as Wrestlemania and now relegated to the Backlash Pre-Show against Erick Rowan.
    • Erick Rowan has been separated from the Wyatt Family for so long but he still looks like his character is a part of it. He needs a refresh.
    • No high hopes in this match, just need some actual storyline, or this match will be a waste of the performers and the Universe’s time. Harper goes over.
  2. Speaking of performers that deserve better….

    • Backlash isn’t really instilling a lot of hope early on with these matches. Tye Dillinger has no need being on the Backlash Pre-Show.
    • Again, what is the story between The Perfect 10 and Aiden English? I still think English deserves better too after that crying bit a few weeks back.
    • Tye Dillinger better win this match or there is something seriously wrong with the Blue Brand.
  3. Fireworks. Words. Baron. Corbin.

    • Baron Corbin is and will remain one of the up and coming stars in the WWE and a match with Sami Zayn could be great for him. Zayn always brings it.
    • Real question though, does this match even start? Does it have a clean finish? At least one of those options doesn’t happen. Would prefer the latter.
    • This feud will continue after Backlash, Zayn wins by DQ, but a full match does take place.
  4. A Welcomed beatdown of the Welcoming Committee 

    • They have properly made the Welcoming Committee heel, especially by way of having James Ellsworth be especially insufferable in the build up to this match. Let’s hope one of Team “Bond” whoops him for good measure.
    • So are we getting Face Charlotte Flair? If she goes past this Pay-Per-View without turning on her team I think so.
    • Welcoming Committee wins though by way of Flair turning on Lynch and Naomi. I think WWE is truly backtracking on the face turn for Charlotte.
  5. First Match. Best Match

    • Man it has all lead up to this. Shinsuke Nakamura’s first main roster match. I’m intrigued to what the entrance will be.
    • Dolph has done a good job without having a match either and he tends to deliver, especially of recent so I anticipate this being match of the night quality.
    • No way. No way. No way (Jose?). Shinsuke loses this match. Shinsuke goes over strong style.
  6. Fashion Files vs. Ugo’s

    • I really want Breezango to win this match. Really want it. They have had more in-ring action than the Uso’s as well.
    • The Uso’s though, are very stiff now with their heel personas and have been “dirty” as well so an unfair finish is very believable as well.
    • As much that has gone into the Fashion Files and the overall push of Breezango vs. the Uso’s, I’ll go with Breezango making the big bust.
  7. Face of America vs. Face that Runs the Place

    • While I want Shinsuke’s match to be match of the night, this one has the better overall odds to do so.
    • Are we getting a full face A.J.? I think so, he has transitioned gradually so there hasn’t been a real “turn” moment.
    • This will also be the hardest match to predict, I think it will be A.J. but only if he gets some sort of true, full, face turn. If not, shenanigans victory for The New Face of America.
  8. The Maharaja vs. The Arsonist Viper

    • They’ve made a believable case for Jinder Mahal to be the WWE Champion by the end of Backlash. Let that sink in.
    • Let this sink in: Face Randy Orton is not an interesting champion to hang one of your top belts on. So by proxy, Jinder Mahal is a welcomed change.
    • There has been talk of betting odds changing to favor Jinder in this match. I will not jinx this though and will just settle with being wrong then making a prediction of Jinder Mahal beating Randy Orton for the WWE Title. Orton wins…. somehow.

Here’s hoping Backlash delivers more than what some of the card suggests. If you’re not lucky enough to be in the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, party on with our Payback Drinking game here on TurnHeel and enjoy responsibly.

I’m sure as you are finishing this, it is almost showtime. I’ll do you a favor. Since I’m such a swell guy, click the link below and see if I even came close to being on the same page as Creative. See you then. (Now. Forever.)

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