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SmackDown LowDown: Money in the Bank 2017: Loaded with History

It has almost arrived. It has become one of the cornerstone events of the WWE calendar. MITB is here and we will find out who will be holding the most valuable piece of luggage in sports entertainment tonight.

  1. Good to see you bro

    • It’ll be nice to have Ryder and Rawley back together but as noted in Good Book Bad Book this week, there is still the mishandling of Rawley that is shrouding this.
    • The Colon’s, even after getting a little bit of a re-brand are still the top heel enhancements in the Blue Brand tag division.
    • Easy pick for the Bros of Hype to win this. Now the real cool thing would be if Rawley turns on Woo Woo.
  2. Historic and necessary

    • Finally a women’s MITB match. It has been a long time coming but this group taking part could be special.
    • Don’t expect any of the main names to win this thing. They are a little too big for this in my opinion. Someone needs this as a launching point.
    • Best scenario would be Carmella at this point. Especially now that she has the extra mouthpiece with James Ellsworth. Duh.
  3. The Uso’s finally getting busted

    • If there isn’t an appearance from the Fashion Police in this match then it will be a crime in itself.
    • New Day is coming away with the belts, it just is too obvious at this point. How they do it will be the key.
    • Smart money should be on Fashion Police causing the Uso’s to lose, New Day has the titles and the Uso-Breezango feud can grow even more.
  4. It is time to start planning for Mania

    • No way Nakamura wins after the final shot of the go-home show is him holding the briefcase right?
    • I still think A.J. Styles is too big for this sort of thing but the way he has been picking up new taglines every six months seems like this would make sense.
    • Only other competitor to me could be Baron Corbin. Probably Styles-Corbin in the end with Styles winning.
  5. Is Lana green or will she hold gold?

    • Could you imagine if Lana won this thing.
    • No really.
    • Quick MITB cash-in by Carmella?! Ellsworth is attached to a title!
  6. Home sweet home?

    • Nobody wins in their hometowns these days. I don’t see Randy Orton being any different in this case.
    • The key will be how big the Jinder Mahal entrance will be. If it’s extravagant, he’s winning for sure.
    • Jinder retains and he now can focus on being a true champion and not worrying about Orton coming back for his rematch.

Here’s hoping MITB delivers with some memorable moments and fills the arena with gasps. If you’re not lucky enough to be in the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, party on with our Payback Drinking game here on TurnHeel and enjoy responsibly.

It’s that time again. It is almost showtime. Favors are being done. I’m a swell guy. Click the link below and see if I even came close to being on the same page as Creative. See you then. (Now. Forever.)

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