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The Smackdown Slant: May 9th, 2017: Alliances Arrive

This week on Smackdown Live we saw alliances being formed. And teams in just about every segment. So let’s use some team work to make the dream work and break down this weeks show.

  1. Girls, Girls, Teams….

    • I find it funny that the two biggest stars on Smackdown, Charlotte (Flair?) and A.J. Styles are in the middle of pussyfooted face turns. That’s right. Pussyfooted.
    • I may be alone in this pet peeve, but shouldn’t every title be defended each pay-per-view event?
    • While again this motley crew (ehh? ehh?) six-women tag should be on the go-home show next week, I do like they are trying to strengthen the idea of “The Welcoming Committee” as a faction. Dumb name and all.
  2. To wrestle or not to wrestle, that is the question

    • On one hand, I appreciate the intentionality that is being put into promoting Shinsuke Nakamura heading into his first match…….
    • ……..On the other hand, if Ziggler does not deliver on his end, then this whole build could fly in the face of the WWE.
    • We all know what Shinsuke can do, and this whole build is a ploy to get him much needed face time with the casual audience, I’m just glad they’re letting him talk. He needs to.
  3. The best thing on T.V. today

    • So many things are going right, right now for the Fashion Police, and arguably the Fashion Files are better than their in-ring product, which if you’ve watched either Fandango or Tyler Breeze, you know they are very talented in the ring.
    • Also, the Uso’s (Ugo’s) promo at the end was fantastic. It was off-the-cuff and was just a stream of consciousness. The thing Enzo and Cass used to do, but have somehow gotten away from. Funny they started going stale about that time.
    • Really hope this match comes together like it could. The Uso’s have been limited in-ring of late and Breezango’s best work has been outside of the ring as well. A good thing could ruin the actual match.
  4. The Teddy Long Memorial Main Event

    • They’re really buying into Jinder aren’t they? I mean they really seem to be. Could he….. Could he do it? Would they really put the belt on Jinder freaking Mahal (sorry Seth)?!
    • Aside from doing a solid job of continuing all the subplots in the match, tonight showed that Smackdown has a solid contingent of main event talent. Who’d a thunk it post-shakeup!

Once again, Smackdown Live’s like this week’s prove that at its best, being a tightly wound story-driven show, it is the best show the WWE puts out for a product. Hopefully this continues.

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