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The Smackdown Slant: June 6th, 2017: A Drop Off?

Smackdown Live hit a little bit of a slump this week. Hard for a wrestling show to be good when the best part had zero wrestling.

  1. Well that was weird

    • That is such a great looking briefcase. I was fearing that thing was going to be pink or something similar but the sharp white is eye-catching. Also stays true to Smackdown color scheme.
    • Oh Lana you can boss RuRu around but you can’t do the same with Shane-O-Mac. Also, have her come out in ring gear if she’s going to wrestle soon.
    • So who wants to admit that they think Lana might win against Naomi? I’m talking in any shoddy situation. Not a clean finish of course.
  2. Rematch receipts

    • So A.J. can’t win in his hometown (makes sense), so he has to get one back over on Dolph Ziggler.
    • The match was fine but this match along with others had top performers but I can’t remember a specific spot from the match.
    • Still thinking that they are positioning Styles to be one of the final combatants on a ladder reaching for the briefcase in another week.
  3. Harshing the Mojo

    • Hey it’s Mojo Rawley, the last guy to pin……OH MY GOD HE TECHNICALLY DESERVES A TITLE SHOT.
    • Of course he’s not going to actually get a title shot. As much as nothing happened for Mojo this week, at least they tried? Right?
    • If this is how Mojo’s singles run is going to be, when does Zack Ryder get back? Put the tag straps on those two.
  4. Big names, underwhelming match

    • I appreciate Baron Corbin going out of his way to be at a desk talking. He kills it on Talking Smack and he tried to kill Sami Zayn again this week to be on commentary for the main event.
    • The match itself was fine, but it was a very tame version of what could have been with those two. WWE is smart not to give that up on free T.V. though.
    • I have zero problem with Corbin beating down Nakamura to close the show. Makes Corbin look that much stronger and he’s still the dark horse at Money In The Bank.

This was definitely one of the lower quality Smackdown Live’s in a while. A lot of forgettable in-ring segments. And it was still a decent show.

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