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The Smackdown Slant: May 23rd, 2017: Icons Reunite

This week on Smackdown Live we saw something that the wrestling community has salivated over and the crowning of a “Modern Day Maharaja.”

  1. And now we know who….

    • Sound logic coming from Kevin Owens and getting himself inserted into the match on Smackdown Live this week. Like that small caveat going into the match. Motivation creates better stories.
    • Think about the last several MITB matches, do any of them match up to this lineup. This is all for one branded show too!
    • I get they have to have a former winner to validate the match but wouldn’t it be better to have Luke Harper instead of Ziggler in this case.
  2. Another flukey win, and a vicious beatdown

    • So not the biggest fan of this build. Corbin is okay to eat losses, that isn’t the issue but I feel like we’ve already seen this before with Zayn opponents before. It hurts Zayn as much as it hurts Corbin.
    • Now here is an interesting idea. Corbin knocks Zayn out from being in MITB and is replaced by a hungry and fresh of negotiating Rusev.
    • As long as they don’t make Corbin look too silly, he should be fine and honestly he could be a darkhorse for winning MITB. Shinsuke and Styles are the favorites so far though.
  3. Punjabi Pageantry

    • My goodness what a way to crown a new champion. Wrestlemania level entrance for Jinder Mahal. 
    • You have to think that the WWE is getting behind more than just a short run for the Maharaja.
    • Now begins the speculation. Does he hold the belt until Summerslam? Longer? Until someone cashes in? They’ve done a good job hiding their intentions.
  4. Dream Team vs. Mean Team

    • It is a tag team that will never be longterm, but it was a great moment to see Shinsuke Nakamura and A.J. Styles tag together in a WWE ring.
    • How great was that locker room exchange between Styles and Nakamura, the whole turning the “House that A.J. Styles built” to “Shinsuke’s Playground” was great.
    • That last shot before fade-to-black on Tuesday was impeccable. There is a world-class feud brewing between these two. Who knows, maybe that is in store for Wrestlemania 34.

Smackdown Live this last week proved once again that the “blue brand” is ahead of the curve on their talent stockpile.

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