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  • SmackDown 10/15/15 Recap SmackDown 10/15/15 Recap

    WWE SmackDown

    SmackDown 10/15/15 Recap

    By October 16, 2015

    Another week, another SmackDown. Here’s our SmackDown 10/15/15 recap. We do this every week, by the...

  • SmackDown 9/24/15 Recap SmackDown 9/24/15 Recap

    WWE SmackDown

    SmackDown 9/24/15 Recap

    By September 26, 2015

    This week we’re treated to a clipboard show with Director of Operations Kane holding the clipboard....

  • SmackDown 9/17/15 Recap SmackDown 9/17/15 Recap

    WWE SmackDown

    SmackDown 9/17/15 Recap

    By September 26, 2015

    SmackDown 9/17/15 recap featuring a bunch of distraction victories and Night of Champions hype

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