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Turn Heel 2019 – State of the Site

An update on what the future holds for Turn Heel 2019 and why there haven’t been any posts the past few weeks.

I’m sure if you’ve been following the NXT recaps on the site, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted any new recaps over the past few weeks. There’s several reasons for that which I’ll be going into via this blog update.

First and foremost, my life has been an insane rollercoaster of stress, emotions, and obligations since Summer 2018. I’ve been dealing with family crises, death, taxes, finances, and loss. You know, all of the fun things in life. For a while, doing the NXT recaps was my break from “real life” stuff – but, it unfortunately started to become “yet another thing I feel like I need to get done this week”.  Also, I never intended for Turn Heel to be a place where I just ranted negatively about everything I’m seeing and that is a big reason I’ve pivoted what I write about several times since starting the site in 2015.

That said, NXT has started to feel somewhat stale to me. Don’t get me wrong, the talent there is incredible and TakeOvers are probably the best “PPV” style event going (arguably – at least in North America). But, it’s depressing to fall in love with talent like Asuka, Nikki Cross, Tye Dillinger, Tyler Breeze, etc. and see them flounder or get booked terribly after getting called up due to the whims of Vince McMahon. It’s made me stop caring about talent in NXT because they’re inevitably going to disappear or be booked into oblivion on Raw or SmackDown. Why should I get invested when everyone I’m watching has a really short shelf life? This feeling of course peaked for me when they did the “surprise” call ups of Black, Ricochet, Ciampa, and Gargano. I knew I was finished with NXT at that point and couldn’t fathom being more than just a casual watcher like I am with main roster WWE now (I’m a sucker for Royal Rumble matches – don’t judge me!).

So, I need a break from writing WWE based recaps every week. I’m not giving up on wrestling, as there is a better than decent chance that I’ll cover AEW’s “Double or Nothing” event on the site as I’m planning to watch that in May. And, as I did a few years back with Lucha Underground – I’m going to give AEW’s product a chance if they start weekly TV. I will most likely recap the AEW show, if it comes to pass, here as well. If I stick with AEW depends on what they have to offer. On paper, it sounds different enough from WWE’s approach to “sports entertainment” to get my attention. However, the jury is of course still out on how good AEW will be in the long run. I’m not an AEW “fan boy” (new site logo colors notwithstanding), but I’m cautiously optimistic.

Ultimately, I’ll likely drop in with a few lists and editorials between now and “Double or Nothing” weekend so check back every once in a while to see if there are any new articles.

Thanks again if you’ve followed the site for any length of time and I hope to be back here before too long.

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