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Who War It Better?: NXT vs. 205 Live: June 6-7, 2017

Welcome to another installment of, Who War It Better?

Last Weeks Champ: NXT (WWE Network #1 Show)

NXT (Episode 397)

Highlight: Beatdowns Baby

A lot of folks got brutalized this week on NXT. It started with Lars Sullivan beating the holy hell out of his own tag partner after losing a bout to Heavy Machinery. Sullivan is the reboot of the sadistic Snitsky persona that never got over. With the proper guidance, this could be a great gimmick. Then there was Hideo Itami going heel and making the GTS, a GT3. Oney Lorcan has been eating some brutal losses recently but he and Danny Burch could make a great gritty tag team. Make it happen for the Dusty Classic. Lastly there was the singles debut of Killian Dain. Besides the so-so entrance music, Dain was as advertised in beating down No Way Jose.

Lowlight: Why you gotta be so Roode

I want the sympathetic Roderick Strong character to get over, but after the running down that Bobby Roode did this week on NXT, it is going to be tough to get behind it. Roode is a calculated customer and he knows how to strategize and mess with his opponents. If this feud could bring a mean streak out of Roddy, and not just him showing more heart like he did against Eric Young, then this might improve but this looks like another bump in the road for the Glorious One.

205 Live (Episode 28)

Highlight: Oh yeah, TJP is really effing good

What an absolute masterclass of a match this week on 205 Live. TJP has not necessarily floundered since he lost his title months ago, but he has been lost in the shuffle. Now he has reminded the WWE Universe why the WWE put the strap on him to reboot the division and to be a stability point when they have needed it. I didn’t think the feud between TJP and Neville could be better than the Aries/Neville feud but we may be in for a special one.

Lowlight: Be consistent

Is Dar and Fox real still or not. Let’s just have a little consistency here. Especially when receipts were in order this last week on 205 Live, when Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar. Now I for one think Alexander is above getting back involved with the petty wars of Dar/Fox but Cedric needs to drive the point home and show his dominance in front of his former lady counterpart.

Verdict:  205 Live is this weeks winner

Scorecard: 205 Live – 3, NXT – 3

What a comeback by 205 Live. Going from unranked in on-demand viewing to top-5 is no small feat. The in-ring product of 205 Live was as good as the show has had since its debut and perhaps this is the boost the brand needed.

There you have it, week three of the Midweek Wars has come to a close here on TurnHeel. See you soon.

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