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Who War It Better?: NXT vs. 205 Live: May 23-24, 2017

Welcome to another installment of, Who War It Better?

Last Weeks Champ: NXT (Network #5 Watched Show)

NXT (Episode 393)

Highlight: Main Event is Canon

Seriously though, I will take any and all Aleister Black there is to take in. The man is getting the proverbial “rocket” shoved up his arse and being sent to the moon. Also, not a fan of the WWE adding another show that needs to be watched but I like that they are incorporating Main Event into the canon of a superstars build. Also, people may think it is a waste but the way that Curt Hawkins has handled the role that he has been given, has been handled perfectly. He is truly being a star-maker in the process of being a “jobber.” Not a huge fan of that word.

Lowlight: I’m Having Flashbacks

We get it, there was a Takeover event that this round of NXT tapings was done at, but for pity sake can any post-takeover episode of NXT not have to be fast-forward through 50 percent of the entire show. It really kills the momentum of the weekly show. There isn’t really anything the WWE can do about it, but it hurts every time.

205 Live (Episode 26) 

Highlight: Did you see that Senton?!

I will go out on a limb here, but if the blowoff between The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa had a title on the line, this match could have main event a Raw or Smackdown. That was how good the build to this match was and how good the finale of this feud ended up being. Tozawa is a legit contender to head up the division in the near future and the Aries/Neville feud has allowed the WWE flesh that out each week on 205 Live. It is a shame a show like 205 Live puts on matches like this but can’t get the viewership it needs to garner the legitimacy. Tape the show, put it on Thursdays and it should do much better than not even cracking the top-20 in viewership.

Lowlight: Thought it was Boom not Boone

Another grasping at straws lowlight, but poor Johnny Boom/Boone. Cedric Alexander however looked incredible in his return and is poised for big moves. Is he going to be heel? I wish sometimes the WWE would just come out and say it sometimes. Cedric could be a dominant heel on 205 Live.

Verdict: 205 Live is this weeks winner

Scorecard: 205 Live – 2, NXT – 2

Strangely, 205 Live beat the incumbent NXT even though 205 Live did not even make the top-20 VOD list this last week for the Network. WWE needs to re-evaluate when they air the cruiser-weights.

There you have it, week three of the Midweek Wars has come to a close here on TurnHeel. See you soon.

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