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Who War It Better?: NXT vs. 205 Live: May 30-31, 2017

Welcome to another installment of, Who War It Better?

Last Weeks Champ: 205 Live (Unranked Last Week)

NXT (Episode 394)

Highlight: Let’s Print Money with The Bruiserweight

This last week on NXT proved a couple of things. Pete Dunne can put on a good match in almost all cases, and that his promos are going to be fantastic every time he pics up a microphone. I know it is super early for all of this, but that first NXT promo was Samoa Joe-esque. Joe may be the top talker right now so that is some class company to be in. Good to have The Bruiserweight be the face of this division.

Lowlight: Cold Water on a great NXT feud

Injuries just ruin everything man. The turn of Tomasso Ciampa on Johnny Gargano was going to create something the NXT Universe had thought over many times. Not everyone was keen on the turn but it was going to be entertaining nonetheless. Not a bookings gripe but definitely a low point on last week’s NXT.

205 Live (Episode 27) 

Highlight: We can handle Banks

I know this was a method of trying to grow the viewership of 205 Live, but after being skeptical of having Sasha Banks appear on 205 Live due to the now previous feud of Banks and Swann versus Dar and Fox, I’m on board. I still have concerns about where they are prioritizing Banks in the Women’s Division, but as far as her and Rich Swann are concerned they are a good in-ring pair and their charisma plays well off of one another.

Lowlight: Enough squashes

Let’s get Cedric Alexander a real match please. He needs it. We need it. Everyone needs it. Put him in a match and start a storyline so he can really develop this potentially heel character that his facial expressions have been hinting at.

Verdict: NXT is this weeks winner

Scorecard: 205 Live – 2, NXT – 3

Go-home shows will always be at a disadvantage to the other show and this week was no different. Better top-to-bottom show on Wednesday night and better story progression in all cases. Who will create separation?

There you have it, week three of the Midweek Wars has come to a close here on TurnHeel. See you soon.

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