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Who War It Better?: NXT vs. 205 Live: May 9-10, 2017

Welcome to another installment of, Who War It Better?

Last Weeks Champ: 205 Live (Network #9 Watched Show)

NXT (Episode 391)

Highlight: A main event with time to breathe.

This week’s NXT main event was a stellar one but it wasn’t just the combatants, the victorious Hideo Itami, and the lesser in this installment Roderick Strong that made this main event such a good one. It was the allotted time that the match was given. Normally NXT main events only go around 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes in the cases like the special Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke matches, they would get well over that. This week that match was closer to a Joe-Shin bout than a general NXT main event. What does that all really mean in the grand scheme of things? Maybe not a lot since Itami doesn’t seem like a huge favorite to beat Bobby Roode, unless Roode is getting express mailed to the main roster quicker than anyone imagines. It was just nice to have two guys that need the time to tell their stories, actually have the time to tell their compelling stories.

Lowlight: Grasping at straws….. Aleister Black

Okay, please don’t close this post just because it says the low point was Aleister. Really overall he is not and never will be, but there is one bit of his progression that he has no control over that is getting a little old. And again this is just nitpicking. He needs a real match now. Against somebody. No more Kona Reeves, or Performance Center guys. He’s been going against all guys bigger than him which is great but we need to get him in a legit feud. I’ve got the perfect choice too, it would be the start of a great 3-plus month feud all the way to SummerSlam at least….. Killian Dain. It puts Dain in a singles spotlight which he needs and give Black the ability to take a loss without looking weak due to the numbers game. Just saying.

205 Live (Episode 24) 

Highlight: Top-level storyline

This was a well booked way to continue on an already long feud between Tozawa and Kendrick. Having Tozawa go through the same number of “lessons” was going to end up being a slog and too predictable for this well written of a feud. Now, Kendrick has regained some sort of an upper hand, leading up to a true blowoff match which is what appeared this week’s match would originally be. It also brings Kendrick back to strength because his character looking dopey vs. Tozawa’s dopey is a disservice. Tozawa is quirky enough to get away with the goofy stuff as is. Too much of that on Kendrick’s plate could start tipping the scales in this feud to where it becomes uninteresting. They didn’t do that though, so good on 205 Live.

Lowlight: Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese

I know they showed Drew Gulak in the back watching this match but does he get mad at Tony Nese too for doing high-flying maneuvers? If it did become Drew Gulak vs. everyone else in 205 Live, I would love to see that. I don’t see that happening though and they just continue the arc between Ali and Gulak only. This match didn’t do really much to advance the storyline other than give Ali a win.

Verdict: NXT is this weeks winner

Scorecard: 205 Live – 1, NXT – 1

NXT is back in the winners circle this week. Both shows were good this week but the amount of good wrestling and storyline progression is what give’s NXT the edge. They had a Takeover-level main event this week on NXT and that will be the trump card any time these two shows go head to head.

There you have it, week one of the Midweek Wars has come to a close and here’s to many more here on TurnHeel. See you soon.

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