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NXT 9/2/15 - Eva Marie
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What If Eva Marie Becomes the Next NXT Women’s Champion?

It appears that WWE is leaning towards a Bayley / Nia Jax program for the NXT Women’s Championship. However, let’s consider the possibilities after last week’s Eva Marie / Bayley match. These are just my speculations, opinions, and some good old fashioned “fantasy booking”.

How it goes down: If last week’s NXT episode showed us anything, it’s that if Eva Marie were to beat Bayley for the title it’s not going to happen in an Iron Man match; or even a regular singles match for that matter. The overbooked nonsense from last week proves that WWE has no faith on putting Eva in a fair, one on one match with Bayley. Why you’d want someone with those limitations to be your champion is a discussion for another time. Clearly, the ref(s) would have to be on Eva Marie’s side and we’d likely need something on the level of the Dave & Earl Hebner “twin magic” reveal to make this work. Obviously, with Nia Jax in the picture she’d also likely be involved in the finish in some capacity.

So, then what?: There would be an obvious NXT fan backlash that would likely not amount to much. You’d have the potential of pulling some Total Divas fans over to watch Eva Marie on NXT, but I seriously doubt that they would retain much of that new audience for very long. As for who inevitably takes the title from Eva, you have to consider the heel-heavy and babyface-thin women’s roster at NXT.

So, who would Eva Marie lose the title to?

Bayley: Losing at title at NXT has traditionally signaled a main roster call up. Unless they have designs to make Bayley the first two-time champion at NXT, I don’t see her winning a rematch to regain the title in this scenario.

Nia Jax: If WWE has any designs on turning Nia Jax face, this would be the super easy way to do it. You could even have her help Eva Marie win the match, have Nia turn on her later, and it still works. Whoever would unseat Eva Marie would get a huge babyface pop no matter who they are. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening as they’re running with nearly the exact same character motivations in the Samoa Joe / Finn Balor NXT Championship feud.

Becky Lynch: I think we can honestly say now that Becky was called up too soon to the main roster. It’s not because of her talent, because I think she has some of the best raw talent in the ring out of the current roster. But, what has she been allowed to do on the main roster so far? Work some Main Event matches, get insulted by Paige, and act as a second to Charlotte. I feel like, so far, both she and Sasha Banks have been criminally underused on the main roster. If their plan all along was to focus on Charlotte / Nikki and Charlotte / Paige – why bring Sasha and Becky up to languish and do next to nothing? Bring Becky back down in this hypothetical situation, have her utterly destroy Eva Marie, and have Becky steal her “all red everything” catch phrase by making it “all bex everything”. She’d get a heroes welcome back at NXT and it’d give her character more of a backstory when she returned to the main roster.

Asuka: Asuka would be the most likely candidate to face off against a theoretical Eva Marie champion as of all of the remaining faces at NXT, she’s gotten the biggest push thus far. Carmella is slowly making her way up the ranks, but I think far too many people still associate her with Enzo & Big Cass and not as a singles competitor. Same problem with Alexa Bliss on the heel side of things. While NXT is slowly starting to elevate some more female talent that were previously used as enhancement talent in squashes, nobody is likely ready to challenge in this situation. I’d be fine with Asuka challenging for the title. She definitely has the skills and the resume. The problem would mainly be in the program itself. Eva Marie is one of the worst talents on the mic overall, and Asuka’s gimmick is mostly non-verbal communication. I could see that not going so well. I think the reason Asuka’s debut worked so well is the fact she was booked against Dana Brooke. Dana, and to a lesser degree Emma, have been the perfect foils for Asuka. They run their mouths and let Asuka do her talking by way of her in ring work. I don’t see Eva being able to deliver the kind of barbs needed, and make them believable, to work against Asuka’s promo style.

These are just my thoughts on how a theoretical Eva Marie NXT Women’s Championship reign would go. What do you think?

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