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WWE 205 Live 01/10/17 Recap - Ariya Daivari & Jack Gallagher
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WWE 205 Live

WWE 205 Live 01/10/17 Recap

Gallagher and Daivari parley, the Dar / Fox / Alexander triangle explodes, and Neville challenges Swann.

WWE 205 Live 01/10/17 promises us a showdown between Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander as well as a “parley” between Ariya Daivari and Jack Gallagher. WWE actually did a decent job hyping up this week’s episode on Raw and SmackDown Live by actually using segments on each show to directly promote tonight’s advertised matches. Let’s get to the recap.

WWE 205 Live 01/10/17 Recap

We open with a video package showing us all of the “highlights” in the Noam Dar / Alicia Fox / Cedric Alexander situation. Standard 205 Live video credits, pyro, and we’re live from the same place SmackDown happened this week. Despite the feud getting the “main event” opening package treatment, Alicia Fox and Cedric are out for the first match. Fox runs over and hugs some kids in the front row behind Graves and then Noam Dar is out. Dar says “Fooooooox” to pop Vince backstage and cuts a promo on Fox’s strawberry lip gloss. Dar wants Fox to ask “all these women” why he’s called the Scottish supernova and after he “emasculates” Cedric, maybe he’ll just show her.

Match #1: Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander (w/ Alicia Fox)

Huh, kind of a strange match. First off, this gets almost twenty minutes of TV time, but the outcome here doesn’t really feel like it needed that much time. Alexander starts out on fire with a bunch of stiff moves that literally leaves Dar with a bloody mouth. Dar then takes control for a while, including getting Alexander’s arm caught up between the ringpost and steps, which leads to Alicia Fox getting involved to protect Cedric. Alexander goes back in control and there is a spot where he asks Alicia to back off from his corner. Cedric winds up crotched on the other corner, but fights back and goes for a moonsault, but Fox pulls Dar out of the way saving him. Dar follows that up with a running enziguri to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – WWE clearly tried to showcase this by giving it so much time, but with Alicia Fox’s divided allegiance I doubt this is the last we see of this feud.

Post-match, Dar approaches Alicia for a kiss and gets slapped. Cedric gives Fox the side eye as they head to the back. Aries sums it up best by shrugging his shoulders when asked what just happened.

Later tonight? Swann vs. Nese. Up next? A video package on Akira Tozawa, now apparently just known as Tozawa.

Next, Brian Kendrick is out and we see footage of him getting misted by Tajiri on last week’s show. Kendrick cuts a promo on Tajiri and says he’s lucky to not be blind. He then calls Tajiri a “sneaky snake and a snakey sneak”, whatever that means. Kendrick also vows to make Tajiri choke on the mist. Sean Maluta is Kendrick’s opponent and just like last week, his “entrance” appears to be him just standing around over by the announce table until someone references him. Kendrick puts over Maluta’s pedigree, but says he’ll be lucky to last 30 seconds with Kendrick.

Match #2: Brian Kendrick vs. Sean Maluta

Wow, they booked Maluta to look like a beast here and he delivers. Also, this is the second match in a row with hard way blood as Maluta comes up with a bloody eyebrow towards the end of the match. Maluta really looks awesome here as he hits a pair of suplexes and then completes it with a sit out gourdbuster. He goes for a frog splash to put Kendrick away, but Spanky blocks it with his knees. Kendrick rolls Maluta up for 2, but then slaps on the Captain’s Hook and Maluta is forced to tap out. Sorry, Brian but it took a lot longer than 30 seconds.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I’m impressed they had Kendrick make Maluta look like a million bucks in this match. Really well done.

Meanwhile, Alicia Fox and Cedric are in the locker room arguing. Alicia claims she wants to be with Cedric, but he wants to know why she helped Dar. Cedric breaks up with Alicia by telling her “you take that pervert Noam Dar and slap him around all you want”. Fox claims it’s “personal” but Cedric says “we’re done”. Fox is calm for a brief second and then screams so loud the audio is clipping. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that on a WWE show before. Wow. She sells the break up like Darth Vader learning that Padme died and we go to break.

Back from break, the announcers sell us on the UK tournament on the Network.

Jack Gallagher is out next for the parley. The ring is set up like a contract signing, only the table has a stand with two tiny white flags. Daivari is out next in street clothes. Gallagher starts to offer Daivari tea, but Ariya just wants to get this over with. Gallagher says their feud needs to come to an end and says Daivari has besmirched his honor. Ariya responds by saying he’s not a gentlemen and adds that people like Gallagher get stomped by people like him. Daivari says that Gallagher asked for the parley to admit that he has surrendered. Jack says he’s there to come to a resolution, and not necessarily a peaceful one. He calls Daivari a scoundrel and besmirching Gallagher’s honor will not stand. Ariya says he’s been humiliated and will not rest until Gallagher is a “pasty white smear” on the bottom of his boots. Gallagher then produces a contract that he’s already signed. Daivari looks at it and asks what an “I forfeit” match is. Gallagher says it’s like an “I quit” match and it only ends when your opponent says “I forfeit”. However, if you forfeit, you not only lose the match, but the feud ends and you have to live with that. Ariya says it will be his pleasure to make Gallagher scream “I forfeit” and he signs the contract. Gallagher offers a hand shake, but Daivari responds by tossing “William the umbrella” out of the ring. Gallagher takes his jacket off, says he hopes the Queen isn’t watching, dumps the table, and attacks Daivari. They brawl until some refs hit the ring to pull them apart. The refs are finally able to separate them and wow, Daivari has a cut on the bridge of his nose. Hard way blood in every major segment so far tonight.

Back from break, some Talking Smack hype and then Rich Swann is out for his match. Tony Nese (sans Drew Gulak in a suit) is out next.

Match #3: Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese

A solid match. I don’t think anyone thought Nese was going over here, but at least they make it look convincing. Nese gets in some of his usual stuff and then Swann mounts the expected comeback starting with a Tiger Bomb for two. Swann seals the deal with his kick finisher.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A solid match and even though he lost, I imagine this elevates Nese a little. But we all know this exists for a Neville / Swann confrontation to end the show.

Post-match, Swann cuts a promo on Neville saying he “resembles a gargoyle” and says that since Swann is still the champion, 205 Live is his show. He’s immediately interrupted by Neville who cuts a promo putting over all of the beatings he’s been delivering. Neville declares 205 Live his show. Swann lays the title down and says he didn’t hear that because “some people don’t have ears like Dumbo”. Swann then offers to “deal with” Neville like he did on Raw. Neville responds by calling him a “typical ignorant American”. Neville says Swann is lucky because he won’t set a foot in the ring until he gets a Cruiserweight Championship match. Swann says that all Neville has to do is name the time and place. Neville says he’ll be crowned “King of the Cruiserweights” when he defeats Swann for the Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Swann responds by nodding and holding the title up and we go off the air.

Kind of a mixed bag this week. I’m not very into the whole Dar / Fox / Alexander love triangle, so even though the match was okay, the drama is something I’m just not that interested in. The Kendrick stuff was great to slow build towards his inevitable showdown with Tajiri and the Gallagher / Daivari stuff was good as usual. It was nice seeing Nese get a main event slot and of course I think everyone expected Swann vs. Neville to be booked for the Rumble sooner or later, so tonight works.


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