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WWE 205 Live 05/09/17 Recap - Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak
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WWE 205 Live

WWE 205 Live 05/09/17 Recap

Aries and Gallagher share a pint, Ali faces Nese, and Kendrick goes overboard with Tozawa.

WWE 205 Live 05/09/17 is taped from London. We get very little advance information going in to tonight’s show, save for a promo from Kendrick saying that he’s going to teach Tozawa another lesson tonight. Let’s get to the recap.

WWE 205 Live 05/09/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open the same way we’ve been opening lately – with a video package hyping up the Neville / Aries / TJP situation.

Standard 205 Live open, pyro, and we’re taped from the same place SmackDown Live was taped this week. Graves and Phillips open the show and throw to Jack Gallagher’s entrance. Gallagher is out to a heroes welcome here in London and reminds us that he was jumped by “Theodore Jeeves Perkins” after his match this week on Raw. Gallagher mentions that Austin Aries saved him, so he asks Aries to come out.

Aries (w/ banana he is eating) is out. A lucky fan gets Aries’ banana peel as a souvenir to cherish for the rest of their life. Gallagher says he called Aries out to toast him and essentially says that now he has a life debt to Aries. Jack (and William the umbrella) will see that Aries is protected until his match with Neville at Extreme Rules. Gallagher produces two pints of beer and wants to toast to Aries. A Double, more of a wine guy (they have antioxidants that are good for your heart, don’t you know), reluctantly agrees to this. Gallagher sings “He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” until Neville’s pyro hits.

Neville heads out and cuts a promo on the English “cretins” in the crowd for becoming a parody of themselves by cheering Jack Gallagher. Aries calls out Neville for getting himself DQ to keep the title and Neville responds by saying that if Aries is so desperate for a toast – well, here’s to his final night on 205 Live.

TJP appears behind Aries and a brawl breaks out. After a bunch of “man goes into barricade and/or announce table” spots on the outside, Aries and Gallagher are able to clear the ring. As Neville slides back up the ramp, Gallagher and Aries drink the beer they were about to drink before the Neville interruption.

Meanwhile, Rich Swann is backstage… walking. He passes by Alicia Fox and Noam Dar and stops to comment that he can’t believe that Dar is still with Fox. After Swann tells Dar “you’re thinking with the wrong part of your body”, Dar and Fox defend their reunification. Cedric Alexander being “kicked to the curb” is brought up by Fox… so poor Cedric is getting jumped back in to this situation whenever he heals up. Sigh. Swann concludes that Dar and Fox deserve each other and Dar says that Swann will end up getting what he deserves too.

Back from break, Tony Nese is out. Mustafa Ali is out next.

Match #1: Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali

A strong match from two guys right on the cusp of breaking into the title hunt. Nese works his usual power style, but lets loose with a few crazy acrobatic moves during the course of the match. To the point that Phillips even says that Gulak probably wouldn’t approve of Nese’s offense in the match. Ali eventually mounts a comeback, hits a DDT off the ropes, and is able to put Nese away with the Inverted 450.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – One of the better matches aired on WWE TV so far this week.

Post-match, Ali celebrates and Gulak looks inconsolable backstage.

Meanwhile, Daivari is backstage giving a shoeshine guy grief for not shining his wrestling boots properly. Daivari bumps into Tozawa and complains about Tozawa getting his body grease on his $1500 shirt imported from Dubai. Tozawa’s response? To just scream “Ah!” at Daivari until he leaves.

During the break, we learn that Cedric Alexander is returning soon… likely to make the love triangle a love rectangle. Ugh.

Back from break, Brian Kendrick is out. Akira Tozawa is out last.

Match #2: Brian Kendrick vs. Akira Tozawa

The build to tonight’s match was played as if this was the blow off to this long-running feud. It felt like it for a bit, but the finish and post-match segment made me feel this may not be quite over yet. Kendrick makes Tozawa work hard in this match and hits him with some crazy offense (including a Sliced Bread #2 onto the floor). Tozawa mounts several comebacks but pulls out the win, just barely, by blocking a Sliced Bread #2 attempt in the ring and falling into a roll up. Had Tozawa gone over with his finisher, I’d be more inclined to believe this feud was getting put to bed – especially with the random encounter with Daivari.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Blow off to the feud or not, this was another quality match from two guys that have some decent chemistry. This feud has really shone the light on how valuable a veteran like Brian Kendrick is to the 205 Live roster.

Post-match, Kendrick immediately starts attacking Tozawa. Kendrick drags Tozawa out of the ring and puts him into the announce table, Side Russian Leg Sweeps him into the steps (twice!), and then places Tozawa’s head in between the sections of the ring steps and slams down on it. The Coup de Grace is Kendrick essentially curb stomping Tozawa’s head in between the steps.

We go off the air with Kendrick heading to the back and Tozawa selling death on the ground. See? It just doesn’t feel like that is the end of this program…

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