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WWE 205 Live 05/16/17 Recap - Ariya Daivari
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WWE 205 Live

WWE 205 Live 05/16/17 Recap

A rare Gran Metalik sighting, Gulak enforces the No Fly Zone, and TJP works the knee.

WWE 205 Live 05/16/17 promises us another entry in the Neville / Aries / TJP saga. Tonight we’re getting Austin Aries vs. TJP as our main event – when have we seen that match before? Nothing else has been announced so that typically means a random match (likely involving Noam Dar, Rich Swann, or Jack Gallagher) and something involving either Mustafa Ali or Drew Gulak (or both). Let’s get to the recap.

WWE 205 Live 05/16/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open the same way we have been opening this show lately – with video highlights of the Neville / Aries / TJP / Gallagher stuff from Raw. We’re then sent to Dasha who is with Aries. A Double says that TJP is delusional if he believes that Neville will ever give him a title match, and even more so if TJP thinks he’ll be able to topple Aries. Good knee, no knee, bad knee, three knees – it doesn’t matter, TJP will never be on the A Double Level.

Standard 205 Live credits, pyro, and we’re live from the same place that SmackDown was at tonight.

Phillips and Graves discuss how beat up Aries is but if he’s cleared tonight, he’ll be facing TJP in the main event.

Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox) is out first for a match. He’s facing… Gran Metalik? What is this some sort of special occasion??!?!?

Match #1: Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox) vs. Gran Metalik

Just when I was about to demand some “proof of life” for Gran Metalik, they finally decide to use him on the Cruiserweight show again. The match is… eh, about what you’d expect. Dar is getting a renewed push due to his reunion with Fox, so nice seeing you Metalik – but not tonight. Gran’s offense is a little rocky at times, but he’s so rarely on TV these days, I’ll give it a pass. The main story here is that Dar is once again elevated out of “heel who always loses in Cruiserweight squash matches” as he goes over tonight with his finisher.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – I’m not too high on this Dar and Alicia Fox angle, which ran its course a while ago, but hey, the finalist for the CWC that is never on TV was on TV!!

Back from break, we see footage of last week’s savage beat down of Akira Tozawa at the hands of The Brian Kendrick. We learn that next week they’ll be facing off in a street fight. Dasha is with Kendrick, who says that a street fight suits his plans well as it’s no count out and no DQ. Things don’t always go to plan, however, because Kendrick just wanted to mentor Tozawa and never thought it would come to this. However, it’s time for Tozawa’s final lesson, at the hands of Kendrick next week.

Back from break, a Cedric Alexander hype video airs. He’ll allegedly be back on next week’s show.

Next, Tony Nese (w/ posing) is out for a match. As he reaches the ring, he actually counts his abs. Mustafa Ali is out next and is taken out from behind by a sprinting Drew Gulak in a Suit. Gulak proceeds to kick the crap out of Ali, rams into the ring post, and then sets him up to take Nese’s finisher in the corner. Gulak poses over Ali, yells at him, and holds up the “No Fly Zone!” sign. Somewhere backstage, Randy Orton is smirking.

Back from break, Rich Swann is… walking. Dasha asks him about last week’s threat from Dar and Swann says he just wants to stay as far away from Dar and Fox as possible. Meanwhile, a delivery man arrives with a box (just like the powder box that sprayed Fox) for Swann. Rich says that’s it is not for him and points the delivery man in the direction of Ariya Daivari. Cut to Daivari taking the box thinking that it’s his $2500 sunglasses. The delivery man is sent away and Daivari realizes the box is not his glasses and leaves it on a table. Enter Jack Gallagher who tries to open the box, only to be cut off by Daivari who tells Jack to keep “your grubby hands off my package”. Gallagher leaves and Daivari opens the box – eating a face full of powder in the process. Daivari loses it as we cut away.

Meanwhile, this skit has broken Tom Phillips who can’t get over Daivari thinking his sunglasses are in “that big of a box”. It wasn’t THAT big and if they were imported from Abu Dhabi, I’d imagine they put some heavy cushioning to get them to Daivari safely. Sheesh, Tom.

But seriously, we learn that Ali has been taken to a local medical facility (never call it a hospital) to get checked out after the Nese / Gulak beating.

TJP’s music hits and he’s out. Aries follows next. Before the match can start, TJP tosses his jacket at Aries.

Match #2: TJP vs. Austin Aries

The TJP / Aries / Neville thing is starting to grate on my nerves a bit, but this match was actually quite solid. Aries was selling his “bum knee” big time and TJP, a “work the knee” specialist, got a chance to really shine. We get all of the expected spots, though Aries has to struggle through most of his offense – including doing nearly as much damage to himself as TJP after a suicide dive towards the end. Eventually, Aries is able to block a Detonation Kick and turn it into a Last Chancery out of nowhere. TJP taps.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Again, this program is getting stale, but this match actually told a really good story.

Post-match, Neville immediately appears and starts kicking the crap out of Aries’ leg. Eventually, Neville locks on a leg submission and Gallagher (w/ umbrella) is out to make the save. One stiff head butt later and Neville is sent out of the ring.

We go off the air on Gallagher checking on the injured Aries in the corner.

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