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WWE 205 Live 05/30/17 Recap - Drew Gulak
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WWE 205 Live

WWE 205 Live 05/30/17 Recap

Sasha Banks on the purple brand was the biggest day of the 205 Live’s history, but for her it was just Tuesday.

WWE 205 Live 05/30/17 features Sasha Banks dropping by the #PurpleRopes show to help promote the mixed tag match on this weekend’s PPV. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE 205 Live 05/30/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open yet again with another dramatic Austin Aries / Neville hype video, this one focused on Neville tapping out on last night’s Raw.

Standard 205 Live credits, pyro, and we’re live from where SmackDown was tonight. Graves and Phillips let us know that Gulak and Ali are facing off later tonight and Aries will address the “tap heard ’round the world” from Raw.

But first, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox (w/ footage of the Dar / Swann match from Raw last night) are out. Dar puts himself and Fox over and attempts to bury Atlanta for cheap heat. Fox says together she and Dar are “unbreakable”, Dar calls Swann and Banks “friends with no benefits”, and that he and Fox will win the mixed tag on Sunday. Fox attempts to cut a promo on Swann, but he interrupts with his entrance.

Swann is out, waits for Banks on the stage, and Sasha comes out wearing a body suit that matches Swann’s ring jacket. Swann calls Fox and Dar a “hot mess”. Sasha says that she and Swann have similar tastes in dancing, fashion, and getting revenge on Dar and Fox. The promo devolves into talk about “weaves” and Sasha and Fox have to be pulled apart.

Match #1: Rich Swann (w/ Sasha Banks) vs. Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox)

After last night’s match, it looked like Dar and Fox would be going over at Extreme Rules, but I’m backing off on that now. Dar spends a huge chunk of this match working Swann’s arm. Swann mounts a comeback, but he’s tripped up by Fox on the outside. This causes Sasha and Fox to start hair pulling at ring side. Swann misses into the corner and Dar capitalizes with his finisher.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The night Sasha Banks graced the #PurpleRopes show was the biggest night in the show’s young history, but to Banks it just meant she had to work on a Tuesday.

Back from break, Dasha is backstage with Cedric Alexander. She asks him about Dar and Fox and simply says he believes in karma and that he didn’t rehab for three months to come back and get wrapped up in their drama again. Cedric heads out for a match as his music hits. Already in the ring? NXT’s Corey Hollis.

Match #2: Cedric Alexander vs. Corey Hollis

Being a NXT developmental guy, Hollis gets in a shred of offense. But, this is merely another Cedric squash match. After a springboard clothesline, Cedric hits the Lumbar Check for the quick win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A decent way to ease Cedric back into the mix on the show.

Next, we take a look at last week’s main event.

Later tonight, Aries will make a big deal about tapping out Neville.

Mustafa Ali is out next. We see footage of Gulak taking Ali out two weeks ago and then Gulak (w/ megaphone and sign) enters. Ali takes out Gulak while he’s still ranting on the aisle with a dive before the bell.

Match #3: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

I love absolutely everything about this program. Gulak and Ali have perfectly contrasting styles, Gulak’s gimmick is a nice exaggeration of the “old school” argument found within the IWC, and it gives both guys an opportunity to shine. Ali starts out on fire here and looks like he’s going to make quick work out of Gulak. However, Gulak is able to drop Ali off the ropes, causing Ali to have to sell a knee injury. Even when Ali goes on his signature tear to set up his finisher, he has to adjust to cross body (instead of the Inverted 450) to attempt to put Gulak away. Drew is able to roll through the cross body and pin Ali for the surprise win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A good match and Gulak selling the victory on the aisle like he won the lottery made me smile.

Post-match, Dasha interviews Gulak backstage and Drew says he won the match not with showboating, but with efficiency and class. His new catchphrase appears to be “High Flying Doesn’t Pay, Staying Grounded Is The Way”. Love it.

Back from break, Aries (w/ banana) is out. Aries really puts over the banana during his entrance – by pointing it at people and letting fans slap the banana instead of his hand. Aries is here to tell us about the “tap heard around the world”. More than just telling us, he shows it to us, several times – including once in slow motion.

Neville has enough of this, his pyro hits, and he cuts an angry promo on Aries from the aisle. The crowd actually wakes up for once and keeps chanting “You Tapped Out” at Neville and he really does a good job of playing it up. Aries attempts to respond to Neville’s promo and gets taken out from behind by TJP. Aries hits TJP with the Discus Five Arm, but Neville is in to take out Aries. After forcing Aries to “bend the knee”, Neville slaps the Rings of Saturn on, while TJP stomps Aries’ injured knee.

Refs flood the ring and eventually get Neville to break the hold. We go off the air with Neville standing over the fallen Aries.

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