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WWE 205 Live 06/06/17 Recap - Mustafa Ali
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WWE 205 Live

WWE 205 Live 06/06/17 Recap

Cedric tells Noam to move on, Ali wins on the ground thanks to Gulak, and TJP vies for the title.

WWE 205 Live 06/06/17 features TJP challenging Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship as its main event. Let’s get to the recap.

WWE 205 Live 06/06/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a dramatic video package highlighting the Neville / TJP blow up on this week’s Raw. Standard 205 Live opening credits, pyro, and we’re live from where SmackDown happened tonight.

Graves and Phillips remind us that Neville defends the title against TJP later tonight.

Noam Dar (without Alicia Fox) is out first. Someone channels their inner D’Angelo Barksdale when Noam hits the ring and keeps screaming “WHERE’S ALICIA FOX” at him over and over again. Noam cuts a promo on Cedric Alexander for calling Fox a “black widow” and explains Fox is home recovering from an injury. Noam adds that Fox has told him to tell Cedric to move on from her. Cedric’s music interrupts and he’s out.

Match #1: Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

Not a bad match and it was cool to see Cedric work one of the 205 Live regulars after his recent squash victories. Dar goes on a run and it looks like he may win this thing, but Cedric hits him with a Lumbar Check out of nowhere to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – This had a real “blow off” vibe to it which is good for both guys.

Post-match, Cedric approaches Dar, tells him he’s moved on from them, and Dar should move on too.

Next, we get a TJP video package.

After that, Dasha is backstage with TJP. He claims the first time he won the title, he did it for the people. However, this time around he’s doing it for himself. He adds that Neville made the biggest mistake of his career for involving TJP in his problems – and now Neville has a “TJP Problem”.

Back from break, Louie Valle is already in the ring. Mustafa Ali is out next.

Match #2: Mustafa Ali vs. Louie Valle

So, the match wasn’t much to write home about, but sure enough, Gulak shows up to make this the highlight of the show. Right as Ali is about to hit the Inverted 450, Gulak is out with his megaphone, and starts screaming “Safe and sound, feet on the ground” at Ali. The obligatory distraction roll up happens, but Ali counters the roll up and gets the three count.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – This whole Gulak / Ali program continues to be one of the best things to happen in 205 Live’s short history.

Post-match, Gulak sells shock with some of the best facial expressions in the business. He proceeds to tell Ali via megaphone that he’s proud of Ali because he won the match without using his aerial finisher. Totally amazing. As Gulak continues to rant at Ali that he needs to join Gulak, Ali shuts him up with a dive over the ropes. Ali trashes the “No Fly Zone!” sign as he heads to the back.

Next, we get a video package on Rich Swann.

Meanwhile, Rich Swann is hanging out backstage with Tozawa. Titus enters and starts pitching the Titus Brand to “Towaza”. Titus claims that Tozawa’s “Ah!” yell is money and Tozawa needs to talk to his friend Apollo Crews about joining the Brand. Don’t do it, Tozawa!!

Back from break, TJP enters. Meanwhile, Neville cuts a promo on TJP backstage calling him a “tool” and a “means to an end”. Neville enters next.

Match #3: Neville (c) vs. TJP (WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match)

It’s a good thing that Neville is such a great heel, because that is what saves this “heel vs. heel” match. TJP has done nothing to get the fans behind him, so it’s hard to cheer for him. Especially when Neville just has his way with him for two-thirds of the match. TJP mounts a brief comeback, targeting Neville’s knee, but Neville manages to counter a kneebar into the Rings of Saturn and retains.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Had this been anyone other than Neville, this probably wouldn’t have been that great of a main event. However, Neville is such a natural heel, he elevated this match into something that was a fun watch.

Post-match, Neville scowls in the ring with the title as we go off the air.

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