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WWE 205 Live 06/13/17 Recap - Akira Tozawa
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WWE 205 Live

WWE 205 Live 06/13/17 Recap

This week’s show is very Titus Brand heavy, features a Austin Aries update, and a solid main event.

WWE 205 Live 06/13/17 is set to answer the question of “what’s next for Austin Aries”. Not much else about tonight’s episode was released before the show, so let’s get to the recap.

WWE 205 Live 06/13/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on Tozawa taping himself up in the locker room. Enter Titus O’Neil yelling his new “Ca! Ca! Ca-ching!” catchphrase at Tozawa. Yes, the Titus Brand has spread to 205 Live. Oh joy. Titus is here to tell Tozawa that he “pulled strings” and got Tozawa a main event match tonight with TJP. Titus starts imagining what it will be like when Tozawa signs with the Titus Brand. This causes Titus to break out into “It’s Raining Men” only singing “Yen” instead of “Men”. Yes. Really. This happens again later. Yes. Really. Titus predicts that Tozawa will be the next Cruiserweight champion with the strength of the Titus Brand behind him.

205 Live credits, no pyro (seriously, is it illegal in this building (?) – no pyro at all on SmackDown either), and we’re live from where SmackDown happened tonight. Corey Graves welcomes us to the show because Tom – WAIT… THAT’S NOT TOM PHILLIPS! Indeed, Tom Phillips appears to have been unceremoniously replaced by Vic Joseph (yeah, I don’t know either). Graves alleges we’ll know Vic “from NXT” but I watch that too and honestly don’t remember ever seeing this guy before in my life. Overall, Vic is… eh, okay. He’s better than Otunga, but literally every human being on Earth who isn’t Otunga is better than Otunga. I’ll give ol’ Vic a few weeks to settle in before I cast too much of a judgment on him.

Later tonight? Austin Aries addresses the fans. Also later tonight? Tozawa takes on TJP.

Cedric Alexander (w/ footage from his three second victory on Raw last night) is out next for the first match. Ariya Daivari follows.

Match #1: Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari

This one started off slow and built up to a steady enough match. I get the impression they’re easing Cedric back in after his injury, so this is essentially the first standard 205 Live match he’s worked since returning. Daivari makes it interesting enough and he still feels like a guy they could be doing more with on this show. Cedric builds up some steam when the Voice of God (aka – Alicia Fox) starts ranting and sure enough, Dar has wandered out to the ring. Fox is on the TitanTron again, like a modern-day Big Brother, via FaceTime. Dar gets too close to the ropes and Cedric takes him out with a kick. Daivari tries to capitalize on this will a roll up, but Cedric kicks out and hits Daivari with the Lumbar Check for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Cedric is “done” with the Fox / Dar stuff, so that’s why it was the catalyst for the finish of this match. Points off for that – otherwise, nice to see Cedric working a non-squash match.

Post-match, Fox is still ranting away. Cedric notices that Dar dropped his phone on the apron, so he picks it up, and hangs up on Alicia to end the segment.

Back from break, Aries is out. Aries cuts a promo saying he’s not going whine about not beating Neville and honestly when it counted most he couldn’t get the job done. As for the future, well, Aries doesn’t know, because he’s not medically cleared to work right now. Aries is interrupted by Nese who heads to the ring. Nese cuts a promo on Aries suggesting he leave the ring to allow the “future” (aka – Nese) to put on show. Aries makes a joke about Nese “growing a set”, but Nese has no time for Aries (or his jokes) and drops the mic.

This brings out Jack Gallagher and apparently his life debt to Aries extended past Extreme Rules. Gallagher tells Nese they’re in New Orleans – a city known for fun and jokes. Gallagher claims that Nese thinking he’s the future of 205 Live is the biggest joke of them all. Nese attempts to attack Jack, but Jack dodges and hits Nese with several umbrella strikes – breaking it in the process. Nese flees, Aries produces a banana, and he and Jack touch banana to umbrella to end the segment.

Later tonight? Tozawa vs. TJP.

Meanwhile, TJP is backstage… walking. He happens upon Rich Swann who gives him a pep talk that basically consists of “TJP takes shortcuts, but TJ Perkins is a good dude. Be more TJ Perkins than TJP”.

Back from break, we get a Mustafa Ali hype video that gets interrupted by another Drew Gulak “political ad” styled vignette. Solid stuff from Gulak yet again.

Next week? Ali vs. Gulak.

Also next week? Gallagher vs. Nese.

Main event time. TJP is out first. Tozawa is out last.

Match #2: TJP vs. Akira Tozawa

Wow, two weeks in a row TJP puts on a strong showing. He was a formidable opponent for Neville last week and has a strong match with Tozawa here. Of course, in both cases his mission was to make the other guy look great, but he did that well in both instances. TJP even kicks the mouth guard out of Tozawa’s mouth in tonight’s match! I’m kind of digging this resurgence of TJ back to the guy who won the tournament. But, I also hope they don’t go overboard with it since he feels better as a heel… maybe a tweener at worst. Regardless, he sets Tozawa up great here, and Akira hits the top rope senton to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Both guys looked good and TJP did a great job two weeks in a row.

Post-match, Tozawa screams and celebrates in the ring.

Meanwhile, back in the locker room, Titus is watching the finish of the match and singing “It’s Raining Yen!” again. Neville enters and he and Titus have an exchange where Neville tells Titus that Tozawa isn’t even close to the Neville Level. Titus finds this amusing and claims that the Titus Brand is the future and Tozawa is the future… of 205 Live. Titus leaves, Neville scowls, and the show ends.

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