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WWE 24 NXT Brooklyn review

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WWE 24 NXT Brooklyn Review

WWE 24 is a show on the WWE Network that releases a new episode every few months. Previous episodes have dealt with showing the behind the scenes of WrestleMania 30, the life and career of Booker T, and Roman Reigns and the situation surrounding his match at WrestleMania 31. I noticed while watching Raw for this week’s recap that they were releasing an episode of WWE 24 focused on the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn show, so obviously I was going to check this show out finally.

WWE 24 NXT Brooklyn is a documentary that goes behind the scenes of the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn event and also gives a bit of back story on NXT’s humble beginnings as WWE’s developmental system. I was unaware how sparsely attended the FCW and early NXT shows. I got the Network well into the rise of NXT and binge watched multiple episodes a night in awe of what I was watching. Back in August, I wrote a love letter to NXT that you can read on my personal blog. WWE did a wonderful job putting those emotions into this episode of WWE 24 as I got the same feelings I got watching TakeOver: Brooklyn all over again during this episode.

The show focuses mainly on Sasha Banks, Bayley, Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens and their double main event matches from the night. Anyone who is interested in the “behind the scenes” goings on at a WWE event will enjoy seeing how NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn came together. We’re shown the wrestlers practicing their entrances and even get to see Balor getting his body paint airbrushed on by his airbrushing guy. It was very cool to see the other wrestlers backstage during the Bayley / Sasha match and getting to see their reactions both during and after the match.

The production value on the show is great. One amazing choice was to take the crowd chanting “Let’s go Bayley / Let’s go Sasha” and seeing it intercut with footage of each lady’s mom saying the words along with the chant. Just really cool and emotional stuff that really humanizes the people behind the characters we’re used to seeing on TV.

Obviously, something like this would have never flown during the kayfabe days, when the business was protected from the “marks” and other “outsiders”. But, now that the “kayfabe” curtain has been pulled back, I’d like to see more programming like this on the Network. Both this episode of WWE 24 and the ESPN 60 episode featuring NXT do a great service to helping the brand appeal to a wider audience.

If anything, this show serves as a great hype video for people still on the fence about giving NXT a try. If I had to recommend a starting point for someone unfamiliar with NXT, okay, honestly, I’d suggest watching the Bayley / Sasha Banks title match from TakeOver: Brooklyn, but this would definitely be required supplemental viewing. I could totally see this episode of WWE 24 working as a “bonus feature documentary” on the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Blu-Ray release, for example. But, again, it’s not only a great companion piece to that show, but a solid standalone documentary in its own right.

If you have the WWE Network, you can watch WWE 24 NXT Brooklyn here.

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