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WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Shinsuke Nakamura

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WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game

WWE Backlash 2017 predictions by way of a drinking game. Seriously, don’t try this at home.

With the potential of Jinder Mahal becoming WWE Champion, the Turn Heel WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game can help this show make a little more sense. Maybe? Okay, probably not, but at least this SmackDown Live exclusive PPV doesn’t have matches with Raw Superstars (looking at you, Payback). Will Mahal shock the world? Will Breezango take home some tag gold? Will Shinsuke Nakamura finally wrestle a match? We’ll find out on Sunday. Make sure you have a limo booked as your designated driver so you can ride off into the night, victorious, Jinder Mahal style.

As usual, this game is presented as a fun way to try to predict the results of an upcoming WWE PPV. We obviously do not advocate actually playing this game due to the extreme nature of the challenge presented here. In other words, don’t try this at home.

Standard Turn Heel WWE PPV drinking game rules apply for the WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game: If you’re playing on “Easy Mode” take a sip of beer or of a mixed drink when the game calls for it. If you’re playing on “Hardcore Mode” take a full shot of hard liquor or entire can/bottle of beer each time the game calls for it.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game – Kickoff Show

General WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game rules for the Kickoff Show:

Take a shot:

If Harper vs. Rowan is demoted to the Kickoff Show

If Corbin vs. Zayn is demoted to the Kickoff Show

If someone not booked in a match joins the pre-show panel

If Booker T calls Peter Rosenberg a “mark”

Take 2 shots:

If Mojo Rawley or Sin Cara are seen on the Kickoff Show in any capacity

If we get a match involving The Ascension, American Alpha, and/or the Colóns added to the Kickoff Show

Take 3 shots:

If Zack Ryder returns on the Kickoff Show in any capacity

If we get a special PPV edition of the Fashion Files on the Kickoff Show

If no “Shucky Ducky Quack Quack Moment of the Night” is named by Booker T

Take 4 shots:

If Rusev crashes the Kickoff Show panel to rant about Shane McMahon


WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Tye Dillinger, Aiden English


Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English

Take a shot:

For each “10” chant that breaks out

If Tye wears his “Buck Rogers villain” PPV vest with neck collar

If Aiden English sings for us before the match…

… and breaks down into tears for no reason during said song

If the announcers struggle to give us a context for this match even happening beyond “random match for Kickoff show”

If English actually gets an entrance and DOESN’T come out to the Vaudevillains theme.

Take 2 shots:

For each “10” chant that breaks out when either man is outside the ring

Each time English cries during or after the match

Each time Tye does the “10” gesture in English’s face

If Tye brings his laminated “10” card to the ring with him

If English ends up beating Dillinger here in any capacity

Take 3 shots:

If Dillinger goes over with any version of the Tye Breaker

If JBL makes fun of English crying on commentary

Take 4 shots:

If Jack Gallagher turns heel and comes out to save Aiden English from recycling his old NXT gimmick

Prediction: The only thing that makes sense is to have Tye win his main roster PPV debut (Kickoff show, but still) and have English lose so he can break down crying after the match. Dillinger winning makes sense, crybaby English not so much – but considering the near zero lack of reason for this match to happen in the first place that’s the best I can come up with. Trying to think like a WWE writer hurts my brain.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game general rules:

Take a shot:

Each time JBL says anything that makes you wish the Network allowed you to mute individual announcers

Each time a “Fire Bradshaw” chant breaks out

Any time your Network feed drops to the lowest possible resolution

Each time a sign that is a reference to “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” is shown on screen

Take 2 shots:

Any time your Network feed completely freezes

Each time footage of the “House of Horrors” match is shown

Chug a Pepsi:

Each time the crowd chants for CM Punk (note: the show is in Chicago, buy lots of Pepsi)

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Luke Harper, Erick Rowan


Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

Take a shot:

If WWE actually remembers that they have Luke Harper on the roster and they let him actually work the match

If Erick Rowan enters doing his new “creepy clown” gimmick and pops a balloon

If any motivation beyond “both former Wyatt Family members who don’t get along now” is given as to why this match is happening

If Harper does his “shoot an arrow with my invisible bow” thing during his entrance

Take 2 shots:

If Rowan’s multiple masks he showed on Talking Smack play any role in the match

If WWE has realized how much they’re wasting a talent like Luke Harper and he goes over strong

If Luke Harper comes out with new music and/or a new look

Take 3 shots:

If Erick Rowan’s “I’m a weird clown sheep guy” thing from Talking Smack is a “push” and he goes over convincingly

If this match somehow goes more than 10 minutes

If Rusev runs in, lays out both men, and demands a title shot from Shane McMahon

Prediction: I’m a cynic and a huge Harper mark, so Rowan wins. I base this almost solely off of Rowan doing that bizarre bit with Renee Young on Talking Smack. Also, factoring in that we’ve seen Harper like three times on TV since the WrestleMania build and he keeps getting booked to lose.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin


Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin

Take a shot:

If Sami Zayn attempts to call on the phone Kurt Angle before the match begins

Each time Corbin banters at Zayn

For each Helluva Kick that Corbin avoids

If Zayn gets Deep Sixed onto anything other than the mat

Each time Zayn sells a spot like he’s legit injured

Take 2 shots:

If Corbin attacks Zayn during his entrance

If Zayn attacks Corbin during HIS entrance

If Corbin goes over strong with the End of Days

If anyone not currently booked in a match gets involved for any reason

Take 3 shots:

If after winning, Corbin beats Zayn for no reason

If Zayn goes over clean with a Helluva Kick

Take 4 shots:

If Zayn goes over clean with the Blue Thunder Bomb

If the match ends in a no contest

Take 5 shots:

If either guy wins by way of count out or DQ

Prediction: Corbin winning makes the only real sense. I mean, if we’re to believe he’s still an early favorite to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. Having him lose clean to Orton on the go home SmackDown Live was surprising. Also, factoring in Zayn hardly ever gets to win on the main roster this seems like Big Banter getting his hand raised is formality. It almost feels like they’re attempting to do a low-key version of the Zayn / Strowman feud from Raw to kill time until they have something better for Corbin to be doing.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler

Take a shot:

If the bell rings and Shinsuke Nakamura finally wrestles a main roster match

Each time the crowd chants Nakamura’s music (including his entrance)

If Dolph wears his “don’t tread on me” pants

If Ziggler bails out and attempts to head to the back

Take 2 shots:

If Ziggler enters first, starts cutting a promo, only to be cut off by Nakamura’s entrance

If Nakamura’s personal violinist makes an appearance

If Nakamura goes over clean with the Kinshasa

Each time commentary says the word “artist”

Take 3 shots:

If the match actually lives up to the “no wrestling” build we’ve had to sit through

If Ziggler ends up winning by nefarious means

If Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury are mentioned by commentary

Take 4 shots:

If this ends up being better than Nakamura’s debut match at NXT with Zayn

If Ziggler goes over clean with either a superkick or ZigZag

If Dolph attacks Nakamura after the match

Take 10 shots:

If any indication is made by commentary that “this isn’t over” following the finish of the match

Prediction: Nakamura wins. That is the only acceptable thing that happens here. I seriously hope this is a “one and done” feud for these guys and Nakamura moves on to something else immediately following Backlash.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Naomi, Natalya, Carmella, Tamina


Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, & Naomi vs. The Welcoming Committee (w/ James Ellsworth)

Take a shot:

If the heel team enters together

If the face teams each enters separately

If we make it through the entirety of Backlash with no one turning on Becky Lynch

If the faces enter first, Naomi last of the three, and she’s jumped on the ramp by the Welcoming Committee

If Shane McMahon has to restore order at any point in the match

Take 2 shots:

If Becky Lynch gets physical with Ellsworth at any point

If Naomi gets her win back by pinning Carmella

If Charlotte gets the win for her team by pinfall or submission

If Nattie makes anyone tap to the Sharpshooter

Take 3 shots:

If Shane McMahon gets physical with Ellsworth at any point

If all 3 faces put all three heels into submission holds at the same time

If Carmella gets yet another pin on Naomi (either clean or with help from Ellsworth)

Take 4 shots:

If Becky Lynch taps someone out to get the win for her team

If Tamina gets the pinfall victory for her team

If someone debuts from NXT or returns from injury during or after this match

Take 5 shots:

If the match is thrown out, ends in a DQ, or ends in a count out

If Charlotte turns heel on Becky after the match

Take 6 shots:

If Ellsworth plays no factor in the match

If Naomi turns heel and drops Becky and/or Charlotte after the match

Prediction: *Flips a coin*… face team wins. Seriously, this could go either way since ultimately with no title on the line the winner doesn’t really matter. The most likely scenario I see playing out is Naomi getting a clean pin on Carmella. If they really want to go down the “Carmella is Number 1 Contender” path (which I hope they don’t), then I see her getting another cheap pin on Naomi. The only other dark horse finish I see would be Charlotte looking strong and decisively beating Carmella to make her unequivocally the number one challenger for Naomi’s title.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - The Usos, Breezango


The Usos (c) vs. Breezango (WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship)

Take a shot:

If we get a Fashion Files episode before the match starts

If Breezango are out in full Fashion Police garb

Each time a reference to “Day One Is H” is made

If the Usos cut a bizarro promo before heading to the ring

If this ends up being the match of the night

Take 2 shots:

If Breezango leave the Windy Apple with the tag titles – by hook or by crook

If Fandango cites anyone with a fashion violation at any point during the broadcast

If Breeze ends getting a hot tag during the match

If there is a ref bump spot during the match

Take 3 shots:

If the Usos retain by way of DQ or count out

If Breeze is wearing any sort of costume

If someone on commentary compares Breezango to the APA

If either Uso chop blocks someone

Take 4 shots:

If the Usos go over clean to retain

If Breezango do a “freeze frame” in the ring after winning the titles

Prediction: I’m going with my heart here and that says Breezango… AND NEW! Of course, WWE could stay the course and have the Usos go over to extend this program to Money in the Bank and beyond. Considering the blue brand treats their tag division only slightly better than Luke Harper, it’s been difficult to predict what will go down. One thing that would be great is for Breezango to lose dirty, and then have a Fashion Files episode where a stand-in for a police captain (Daniel Bryan maybe?) tells them they’re “OFF THE CASE” and Breezango have to go rogue (with no badge or gun) to win the titles.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Kevin Owens, AJ Styles


Kevin Owens (c) vs. AJ Styles (WWE United States Championship Match)

Take a shot:

Any time Kevin Owens speaks in French (because he can)

Any time AJ Styles speaks in English (because he can)

For each cannonball Owens delivers

If either guy debuts a new shirt during their entrance

Take 2 shots:

For each Pop-up Powerbomb that is kicked out of

For each Phenomenal Forearm that is kicked out of

Each time KO counters out of a Styles Clash attempt

If this is the match of the night

Take 3 shots:

If Kevin Owens retains, cleanly

If AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash on Owens

If Shane McMahon gets involved for any reason

If either guy goes through a table (announce table counts)

Take 4 shots:

If Owens retains by getting himself DQed

If Styles goes over clean with a Phenomenal Forearm

If Rusev crashes this match during or after

Prediction: Owens retains – either by cheating to win or getting an intentional DQ. This one is a hard one to call, but I just don’t see them switching the U.S. title this quickly. With Money in the Bank next, neither guy really needs to be in that match. I could easily see KO retain to force a rematch with AJ for Money in the Bank with some added stipulation.

WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game - Randy Orton, Jinder Mahal


Randy Orton (c) vs. Jinder Mahal (WWE Championship Match)

Take a shot:

If Orton’s sperm snake is on the ramp during his entrance

If Mahal comes out WITHOUT the Singh Brothers

Each time the crowd chants “… Dive” during the match

If any signs referencing “… Dive” are shown

Take 2 shots:

If somehow Orton makes Mahal look good (even though Styles was unable to)

If Orton appears to slap on a …headlock (with theatrics) to upset the IWC

If Mahal dives at any point during the match

If Orton delivers a “Double Vintage Orton” to the Singh Brothers at any point

If Orton goes over clean with a RKO

Take 3 shots:

If Orton teases a RKO (out of nowhere) within the first two minutes of the match

If the Singh Brothers don’t get involved in the match

If any reference to the House of Horrors fridge is made

Take 4 shots:

If either Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon have to restart the match

If Mahal wins with help from the Singhs

Take 5 shots:

If we get Jinder Mahal, WWE Champion

If Bray Wyatt, brands be damned, makes an appearance

Take 6 shots:

If Mahal wins, and Rusev comes out to immediately challenge him

If Orton puts Mahal over clean

Take 10 shots:

If Mahal’s veins become self-aware and defeat him for the WWE Championship moments after his greatest triumph

Prediction: Orton wins, RKO. As much as Jinder Mahal, WWE Champion would be a thing to experience – I just do not see that going down. The one wild card, of course, is the potential of some form of Rusev intervention since he wants the title AND he has history with Mahal.

Well, that’s our WWE Backlash 2017 Drinking Game. Hopefully, you can pace yourselves. I’ll be live tweeting @TurnHeel during the show on Sunday so feel free to join in the fun.

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