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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game - John Cena

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 predictions by way of a drinking game.

It’s February, you know what that means. SmackDown Live’s final stop before WrestleMania is the Elimination Chamber, so here is your WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game.

As usual, this game is presented as a fun way to try to predict the results of an upcoming WWE PPV. We obviously do not advocate actually playing this game due to the extreme nature of the challenge presented here. In other words, don’t try this at home.

Standard Turn Heel WWE PPV drinking game rules apply for the WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game: If you’re playing on “Easy Mode” take a sip of beer or of a mixed drink when the game calls for it. If you’re playing on “Hardcore Mode” take a full shot of hard liquor or entire can/bottle of beer each time the game calls for it.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game – Kickoff Show

As of right now (Thursday, February 9th) there are no matches on the Kickoff Show. I find this very hard to believe, especially considering that the majority of the SmackDown Live roster is already booked in a match. Odds seem good that one of the women’s matches (but which one?) gets dropped to the Kickoff Show and/or the Ziggler Handicap match… but maybe not. Just in case here are some general Kickoff Show Drinking Game Rules:

Take a shot:

If Mojo Rawley has a match on the Kickoff Show against Curt Hawkins based on this unaired backstage encounter.

If Kane returns from “nagging injuries” to have a match on the Kickoff Show

If Jack Swagger has a match on the Kickoff Show

If Eva Marie appears in any fashion on the Kickoff Show

Take 2 shots:

If Ziggler vs. Crews & Kalisto gets bumped to the Kickoff Show

If Nikki Bella vs. Natalya gets bumped to the Kickoff Show

Take 3 shots:

If either the women’s or tag titles get defended on the Kickoff Show

If Becky vs. Mickie happens on the Kickoff Show

Take 4 shots:

If WWE expects us to watch a sixty minute Kickoff Show that has no matches

On to the main card!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game - Apollo Crews, Kalisto, & Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler vs. Apollo Crews & Kalisto (2 on 1 Handicap Match)

This exists because we’ve randomly decided to turn Ziggler heel for reasons and “random babyfaces with no program at the moment” get to answer the call to challenge him. Had they known that Ryder was going to go down with an injury, this seems like a huge chance for them to have done something with Mojo Rawley. But, nah, Ziggler just keeps pummeling Crews and Kalisto with chairs and we’re supposed to care. I’m not saying Crews is a lost cause, because he’s awesome in the ring, but they’ve still done nothing to give him any sort of defined character. This is the same problem I had with him in NXT and his promotion to the main roster during the draft seemed really strange to me. Kalisto, on the other hand, needs to be sent to Raw like yesterday so he can work in the Cruiserweight division. I can’t believe they’re not aware of the huge missed opportunity with him there, especially with how well it’s worked out for Neville. But anyway, heel Dolph has fun hitting people with chairs so here we are.

Take a shot:

If this devolves into Ziggler “snapping” and just hitting both men with chairs a bunch of times

If Kalisto and Crews team up for some crazy tandem offense spot at any point during the match

For each Ziggler superkick that connects

If Ziggler pulls out a clean victory here

Take 2 shots:

If Mojo Rawley intervenes after the inevitable post-match beat down by Ziggler happens

If Kane intervenes after the inevitable post-match beat down by Ziggler happens

Take 3 shots:

If Team Crews / Kalisto manage to win this match by anything other than a no contest / DQ

If Crews turns heel on Kalisto and WWE finally gives him an interesting character trait in the process

Take 4 shots:

If Braun Strowman invades SmackDown Live for no reason and levels all three guys before leaving through the crowd

Finishing out: Crews randomly turning heel on Kalisto is perhaps the only interesting thing to come out of this so it probably won’t happen. The next most interesting outcome is Mojo Rawley somehow getting involved to set up something with Ziggler. That seems slightly more possible but still unlikely. I assume the outcome here ends up leading another Ziggler tantrum with a chair either after losing by way of roll up or just for no reason after earning himself a DQ.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game - Luke Harper & Randy Orton


Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton

You knew this one was coming even before the Royal Rumble Wyatt Family spot and Harper costing Orton a win against Cena on SmackDown this week. This seems to break down one of two ways. First, Harper goes rogue after kicking himself out of the Wyatt Family and WWE can use this to springboard him into a solo run. Or, this entire thing has been a ruse to further mindfreak Cena heading into WrestleMania and the Wyatts are still united. I don’t see the elaborate conspiracy thing making a ton of sense, but this is WWE, after all, where plot holes tend to be aplenty. This match is an odd choice though. If you put Harper over, you give Orton his second loss in a row heading into WrestleMania (remember this is the last SmackDown PPV before April). However, if you put Orton over here and the intent is to do a break away tweener / face angle with Harper this doesn’t really help him all that much.

Take a shot:

Each time Harper says “Yeah yeah yeah” during the match

During “Vintage Orton”

If Harper does that “I’m shooting an arrow out of my invisible bow at you” thing

When Harper inevitably gets hit with an RKO out of nowhere

If Harper comes out to Swamp Gas instead of the Wyatt Family theme

If Orton comes out to his normal music

If Bray Wyatt is too busy preparing for the Elimination Chamber match to be bothered to be at ring side

Take 2 shots:

If Harper manages to put Orton away with the Discus Clothesline

If Harper does damage to Wyatt in any capacity that factors into the EC match

Take 3 shots:

If no RKO happens in this match

If Erick Rowan returns to screw over Harper


For the duration of time that Orton sets up for any and all RKO spots

Take 4 shots:

If Harper doesn’t post “It’s Sunday. You know what means.” on Twitter before this match happens

If Orton wins and climbs the ropes to point at the WrestleMania sign after the match

Finishing out: Like I said above, this one is strange. I mean, I suppose Orton wins because having him lose going into WrestleMania makes no sense. I guess Harper takes the loss, but hopefully they find some way to mitigate the damage if they’re serious about breaking him away from the Wyatts any time soon.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game - Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James


Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James

Oh boy, where to begin with this one? While challenging Alexa Bliss for the women’s title, Becky dressed up as fictional luchadora “La Luchadora” and got a surprise win over the champ. Fast forward through there being at least two other “La Luchadora”s, we end up with the big reveal of the returning Mickie James being unmasked. Mickie has returned after living in a void for years (because TNA doesn’t exist in the WWE Universe) and has taken exception to the “Women’s Revolution” being considered a new thing. Apparently she’s doing this by going after Becky Lynch instead of, I dunno, going after Charlotte who actually holds a title right now. But I digress, WWE logic means this match happens! The “contract signing” included Mickie claiming to have “created” Becky so I imagine this “new era” chip on Mickie’s shoulder will be her gimmick for a while.

Take a shot:

If Alexa Bliss accompanies Mickie James to the ring

If someone dressed as La Luchadora appears during the match

Each time Becky yells “Straight Fire”

Take 2 shots:

If any of the babyface women on the roster come down and turn on Becky at any point during the match

If Becky makes Mickie tap out

Take 3 shots:

If we get a non-finish or some open-ended result so this feud can keep on ticking into April

Take 4 shots:

If Eva Marie returns during or after this match

If Mickie gets a clean win over Becky

Take 5 shots:

If Eva Marie returns during or after this match dressed as La Luchadora

Take 6 shots:

If Eva Marie returns during or after this match and levels both Becky AND Mickie

Finishing out: It seems like Mickie James is going to get the win here, likely by way of some nefarious means. This feud seems like it’s totally in its infancy and I would not be surprised seeing it continue up to Mania in some capacity. Becky’s already held the title and it seems like some of the newer talent could benefit from a title reign before they put the strap on Mickie.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game - Nikki Bella & Natalya


Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

This feud has been going for a while now and reached a fever pitch on “go home” week. On SmackDown Live, Nattie told Nikki she’d “never have a baby” and alleged that if she (Nattie) wasn’t already married, that Cena would be shacking up with her and not Nikki. This culminated in a patented “Nattie beat down” during Nikki’s appearance on the Talking Smack post-SmackDown Live show. The feud has featured Nattie saying increasingly messed up stuff to Nikki and Nikki responding by calling Nattie a “cat lady” and dressing up like her and mocking her on YouTube. I’ve never watched Total Divas, but this feud makes me just assume this is what Total Divas is like and hence why I don’t watch Total Divas. I could be wrong. Just in case, here’s the Nattie cosplay video:

Take a shot:

If Nikki comes to the ring dressed up like Nattie and holding stuffed cats

If Nattie comes to the ring dressed up like Nikki

Take 2 shots:

Each time Nattie yells something messed up at Nikki during the match

If someone is jumped backstage before the entrances

If Nattie makes Nikki tap to the Sharpshooter while mocking her

Take 3 shots:

If Nikki gets a clean pin on Nattie

If Nikki enters first and gets jumped by Nattie during her entrance

Take 4 shots:

If John Cena gets involved at any time

If James Ellsworth and Carmella intervene during or after the match

Take 5 shots:

If this match actually happens

Finishing out: They’ve been dragging this feud out for a while now, so I’m assuming Nikki goes over here. Considering she’ll be going part-time after Mania, it seems like a given she gets a win here, puts this feud to bed, and moves on to whatever they’re planning for WrestleMania.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game - The Ascension, Rhyno & Heath Slater, The Usos, American Alpha, Breezango, & The Vaudevillains


American Alpha  (c) vs. The Usos vs. Breezango vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Ascension vs. The Vaudevillains (Tag Team Turmoil Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

The story here? Well, American Alpha beat the Wyatts and then creative had nothing for the entire SmackDown Live tag division apparently. This was even brought up by Alpha who literally said they’ve been doing nothing for a month since winning the belts. Their “open challenge” seemed like the opportune time to debut some “top guys” from NXT (but, I guess they’re still busy doing hit and runs on the NXT Tag Champs). Instead, literally every other healthy tag team on the SmackDown roster answered the challenge and a brawl broke out. So, here we are. WWE raised the “anything can happen!” stakes by having The Ascension get their first win on TV in months during a 12-man tag on SmackDown this past week. Yeah, I was surprised as you probably were by that.

Take a shot:

If we join this match with at least two teams having already done their entrances

If the Usos are dressed like they’re heading to the club right after the match

If Breezango DON’T give out fashion citations during the Tag Team Turmoil segment

If a Slater / Rhyno break up is teased

If American Alpha make it to the final two

If The Usos make it to the final two

Take 2 shots:

If American Alpha are the first team eliminated

If The Vaudevillains make it to the final two

If Rhyno & Slater make it to the final two

If The Usos become the new SmackDown Live Tag Champs

Take 3 shots:

If The Ascension make it to the final two

If American Alpha retain despite the odds

If Breezango make it to the final two

Take 4 shots:

If any new tag teams debut during or after this match in any capacity

Finish the bottle if:

“… and NEW SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions… The Ascension!”

Finishing out: This is a hard one to call. I imagine Alpha retain since beyond that short Wyatt program, SmackDown has done nothing with them during this reign. It almost feels like Becky’s reign with the SmackDown women’s title, where she held the title, but didn’t really do anything substantial before losing it. At least in her case, she was injured, there is no real excuse why Alpha have been languishing with the belts. The only team that it makes sense to switch it to out of this field are the Usos, but even then, they’ve barely been on TV lately due to injury. I guess “American Alpha retains” is the prediction I’m going with.


Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Naomi (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match)

Naomi managed to pin Alexa clean twice so by rights she’s next in line for a title shot. The way they’ve been playing this up, it seems like they may be positioning this feud to last until WrestleMania, wherein Naomi loses since she’ll be in her hometown and that never goes well for WWE Superstars. That said, I’m excited WWE is finally doing something with Naomi. Sure, she had some minor injuries right after she debuted this new “glow” gimmick, but she seems healthy now and I’m looking forward to seeing what she and Alexa can put together at Elimination Chamber.

Take a shot:

If the champ enters first so Naomi’s entrance can headline

If Mickie James accompanies Alexa to the ring

If Becky Lynch accompanies Naomi to the ring

If Naomi wears the LED boots

… and another shot if they malfunction

Take 2 shots:

If Alexa Bliss retains by cheating in some fashion

If Naomi wins either by DQ or count out

If Alexa cosplays as any fictional character

Take 3 shots:

If Mickie James or Becky Lynch get involved at any point to set up a Fatal Four Way match down the road

If Eva Marie and/or Carmella show up during or after this match

Take 4 shots:

If Naomi cleanly pins Alexa Bliss to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion

Finishing out: It seems likely that Alexa Bliss retains at Elimination Chamber. Between the subtle nod to WrestleMania being in Naomi’s hometown of Orlando and the likelihood of a multi-woman match there, I don’t expect the title to change hands here at all. If anything, Naomi gets the DQ and/or count out win but not the title.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game - Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose, John Cena, AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, The Miz


John Cena (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz (Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship)

Cena beat AJ at the Royal Rumble to tie Ric Flair’s record. Ever rumor out there seems to believe that Cena drops the belt here, but who to? The odds on favorite appears to be Bray Wyatt to set up Orton vs. Wyatt at WrestleMania. I mean, that makes sense considering the story line up to this point between the two. However, why give Cena essentially a two-week title reign? Just seems weird to use Cena as a transitional champ to get the title off of a heel AJ to put on a heel Bray. Especially considering that you have the Elimination Chamber concept to “protect” the heel vs. heel match which WWE hates to do for whatever reason. Regardless, I don’t think Dean, Corbin or Styles have much of a chance here. Miz seems like a random dark horse, but again, unless they turn Orton face between now and April, my money is on Cena retaining or Wyatt winning and going on to face Orton at Mania.

Take a shot:

If anyone gets stuck in their Elimination Chamber pod

If Maryse somehow plays a role despite the match being inside the Chamber

If anyone says “tickle butt” or a “tickle butt” chant breaks out during the match

If Bray Wyatt uses his hillbilly magic to make Erick Rowan / Orton / or anyone else appear during the match

If Corbin banters with anyone while still locked in a pod

Take 2 shots:

If AJ Styles becomes a two-time WWE Champion

If Bray Wyatt becomes the new WWE Champion with any sort of help

For each AA delivered by Cena

For each Dirty Deeds delivered by Ambrose

For each End of Days delivered by Corbin

For each Sister Abigail delivered by Wyatt

For each Styles Clash delivered by Styles

For each Skull Crushing Finale delivered by Miz

Take 3 shots:

If Miz shocks the world and becomes WWE Champion

If Cena is the first man eliminated

If Ambrose is eliminated by Corbin, which sets up a IC title program between the two

Take 4 shots:

If Dean Ambrose becomes a double title holder

If John Cena retains and we get Orton / Cena again at WrestleMania

Chug for the duration of:

Any “Let’s go Cena / Cena sucks” chants

Any “AJ Styles” chants

Finish all of the remaining liquor if:

“… and new WWE Champion… Baron Corbin”

Finishing out: My gut tells me WWE finally pulls the trigger and puts the title on Wyatt here, only for him to lose it to Orton at WrestleMania. The only other obvious scenario is WWE playing it really safe, keeping the belt on Cena, and then having Cena drop it to Orton at WrestleMania. I really see Orton leaving Mania with the title one way or the other, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, that’s the Turn Heel WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Drinking Game. Be safe, and also you can follow us on Twitter as we’ll be live tweeting during Sunday’s PPV. And, as always, we’ll have a recap with commentary later on Sunday evening after the event.

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