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WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Drinking Game

It was a passing of the torch here on TurnHeel. After the mockery that was MITB last month, the site has gone through some wholesale changes. So now, you get good ol’ me running the drinking game. PREPARE YOUR BODIES. The WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Drinking Game will be one for the books. Partly because I’ll be there trying to keep up. As always, there’s probably a match or two that will be late additions but we play with the cards that we’re dealt here. I have no idea if I will predict everything like Ben has but may God have mercy on your livers if so.

As usual, this game is presented as a fun way to try to predict the results of an upcoming WWE PPV. We obviously do not advocate actually playing this game due to the extreme nature of the challenge presented here. In other words, don’t try this at home.

Standard Turn Heel WWE PPV drinking game rules apply for the WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Drinking Game: If you’re playing on “Easy Mode” take a sip of beer or of a mixed drink when the game calls for it. If you’re playing on “Hardcore Mode” take a full shot of hard liquor or down an entire can/bottle of beer each time the game calls for it.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: Only partake in the consumption of adult beverages if you are of legal age in your locale! (Hi, Facebook!)

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Drinking Game – Kickoff Show

Well, it’s Thursday evening and I’m quite miffed that the Cruiserweight Title is set for the Kickoff Show… here are some general rules though first:

Take a shot:

If Sam Roberts is referred to as the “Last Professional Broadcaster.”

If Vic Joseph makes his PPV debut on the GBOF Kickoff *wink*

If Titus O’Neil drops a Don King-style promo at the desk

If The Drifter….. well drifts

Every time the word “Beast” is uttered

If Paul Heyman joins the Kickoff desk

Take 2 shots:

If Gallows and Anderson are M.I.A. during Kickoff and more likely, the entire damn show

If Curt Hawkins gets #REKT by another superstar

If Kurt Angle appears on the Kickoff Show

Take 3 shots:

If Triple H appears on the Kickoff Show

Take 4 shots:

If any of the announced matches covered in this drinking game are somehow moved to the Kickoff Show

Down an entire bottle:

If Finn Balor ends up working a Kickoff match




Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (WWE Cruiserweight Title Match)

Take a shot:

For each “HA” chant that breaks out

If Apollo Crews comes out in support of his Titus WORLDWIIIIDE cohort

If Titus O’Neil drops a promo before the match

… and Neville cuts him off

If Titus joins the commentary desk and gives Vic Joseph grief for not introducing himself the first time

If Tozawa comes out to a Titus Worldwide formatted entrance

Take 2 shots:

Each time Neville’s eyes bug out

Each time Tozawa ‘HA’s” in Neville’s face

If there are any start changes to Tozawa’s in-ring attire

If Neville retains the Cruiserweight title

Take 3 shots:

If Tozawa wins via “Super Senton”

If Tozawa goes over without any outside distraction or interference.

Take 4 shots:

If Titus O’Neil screws up Tozawa’s chance at gold

Prediction: The packaging of this match far exceeds a Kickoff Show match, but here we are. Neville may be the most dominant champion in WWE besides Brock Lesnar and him losing will be a huge setback for his legitimacy as a true Cruiserweight monster. On the other hand, you have Titus Worldwide creating this opportunity for Tozawa and that’s why Tozawa will win this time. Tozawa due to distraction, but this feud is far from over. This has SummerSlam written all over it.

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Drinking Game

Seven main show matches is more normal. I bet one get’s moved to Kickoff. Here’s some general rules:

Take a shot:

Each time the announcers mention “Great Balls of Fire”

If Gallows and Anderson work a match after all

Each time you see a flaming ball screen wipe

Take a celebratory shot:

If you here “SAY YEAH” and the Revival return in some capacity

If Wyatt/Rollins is announced as an inferno match

Drown your sorrows with 2 shots:

If Gallows and Anderson have a match but still lose

Take 3 shots:

If this show ends early

If someone debuts

If someone returns

Take 4 shots:

If this show somehow runs past 11pm Eastern

If Reigns/Strowman gets more time than Joe/Lesnar

If Bayley is truly getting moved away from the spotlight and doesn’t appear

Take 5 shots:

If the longest match is the 30-minute iron team match

Take 10 shots:

If Baron Corbin shows up with that briefcase because there’s no specificity to cashing in



Enzo Amoré vs. Big Cass

Take a shot:

Each time that Enzo gets offense in

If Cass debuts a new entrance and packaging

If the match only consists of Enzo being rag-dolled

If Cass wears his plain black tank to the ring

Take 2 shots:

If the match lasts more than 5 minutes

If they tease Enzo joining 205 Live

If Enzo drops a cheap-pop laden promo before the match

Take 3 shots:

If Enzo gets himself a new ringer (i.e. Big Show)

If this match somehow goes more than 10 minutes

If the match never starts

Prediction: This match has no chance of getting much ring time. Matter of fact, it’ll probably be relegated to the Kickoff Show. That being said, I doubt that the match even starts officially. Cass will beat the hell out of Enzo for a few minutes and nothing much else.



The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE Intercontinental Title Match)

Take a shot:

If Miz comes out with the “MizTourage” sans Maryse

If Bo Dallas looks like a badass again with the suit/bandana combo

For each Dirty Deeds that Miz avoids

For each Skullcrushing Finalé that Dean counters

If Dean comes out with the black tank top

Take 2 shots:

If Miz comes out with the “MizTourage” and Maryse

If MizTourage give the distraction victory to Miz…

…if that backfires

If anyone gets banned from ringside by the referee

Take 3 shots:

If Miz comes out by himself

If Dean goes over clean with a Dirty Deeds

Take 4 shots:

If Miz goes over clean with the Skullcrushing Finalé

If the match ends in a DQ

Take 5 shots:

If Dean comes out decked out in Big Baller Brand gear.

Prediction: Don’t hate the guy but Dean Ambrose doesn’t strike me as a superstar in a position to take over the Intercontinental belt after the way things have been fleshed out with Miz. There’s plenty of story left with MizTourage and Maryse so I could see WWE elongating this feud. Miz retains with or without shenanigans.



Sheasaro vs. The Hardys (Raw Tag Team Title Match)

Take a shot:

If the Hardys take the first fall

Each Delete chant that starts from the crowd

Each “Brother Nero” chant

Each mention of Jeff’s tooth

Take 2 shots:

If Sheasaro finally ditch the kilts

Each time Michael Cole says “Team Extreme”

If Sheasaro go over clean after the 30 minutes.

If it is a shut-out

Take 3 shots:

Each Swanton

If we get a Cesaro Swing for the first time in a while

Commentary says the word “Broken”

Take 4 shots:

Each time Matt strikes the Broken Pose

If Sheamus gets the majority of the pins for the team

If Matt does not score one pin

Take 10 shots:

Matt is Broken. For real. #FTO

Prediction: This should be a vehicle for unleashing the Broken Universe and if you believe the dirt sheets, it could be soon. First though, there has to be a breakup right? Sheasaro go over and remain champs but dissension will start due to this match for the Hardys.



Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

Take a shot:

If Bray “teleports”

If Bray preaches at Seth before the match

If Seth goes over clean with a KneeMaker

If Seth does anything that resembles his character during the 2K commercial

If this match kicks off the main show


Take 4 shots:


Bray wins the match

Take 5 shots:

Someone gets burned somehow

If all the fire talk is just throwaway like most things Bray says

Take 6 shots:



Prediction: Bray Wyatt has lost match after match on the big stage. Don’t expect anything different at GBOF. Rollins needs some added motivation for this match as well because the build for it has been lame and pretty bland. Rollins wins the match. We’ll see if there’s an actual stip.



Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks (Raw Women’s Championship)

Take a shot:

If we start the title change teeter-totter again

If Alexa comes out in the Iron Man inspired gear

If Sasha is joined by Baylee to the ring

If Nia Jax comes out after the match to “pick the bones”

If this is the shortest match of the night

Take 2 shots:

If Sasha wins the belt clean

If Nia intervenes and causes Alexa to lose the title

If Baylee and Nia fight ringside

If Alexa retains

Take 3 shots:

If this is the first match of the night

Double turn


Take 4 shots:

If Alexa taps out to the Banks Statement

If Alexa goes over with any kind of finisher

Prediction: This match is filler for the division. Hopefully Nia is going to get her opportunity sooner rather than later but could there be a double turn in this match up? Think about it. Alexa retains but for the life of me, I feel like it is going to be another summer filled with title changes for the Raw Women’s division.



Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Ambulance Match)

Take a shot:

Roman wins.

Braun wins and it is decisive.

Each Superman Punch

Each Spear

Take 2 shots:

If this is the longest match of the night

Each time the ambulance door opens

If they use Scott Steiner’s music again

If this is the match of the night

Take 3 shots:

If this match is longer than 30 minutes

If the Ambulance is tipped over

If there’s a spear spot off the stage

If either guy goes through a table (announce table counts)

Take 4 shots:

Roman no sells Braun

Each time Braun roars

Prediction: Romans winning. It’s going to happen so everyone should accept it.



Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Samoa Joe (WWE Universal Championship Match)

Take a shot:

Each time Brock turns purple

If Heyman gets assaulted

If Joe is booked strong

Each Suplex


Clear the liquor cabinet:

Samoa Joe. Universal Champ.

Prediction: Joe isn’t winning but hopefully he will be booked strong and will put on a great match. Lesnar should be game for this one since the buildup has been prime. Lesnar wins and continues to face Roman later on as most people think.

Well, that’s our WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Drinking Game. Hopefully, you can pace yourselves. I’ll be there in the AAC taking it in, check in to @GrahamCoffelt for reactions during the show on Sunday so feel free to join in the fun.

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