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WWE NXT 03/06/13 Recap - Corey Graves
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NXT Catch Up

WWE NXT 03/06/13 Recap

A new number one contender to the NXT Championship is determined, Ohno is obsessed with Regal, and Neville can’t find his tag partner.

So, I’ve decided to do some extra NXT recaps each week, starting with this episode – WWE NXT 03/06/13. My goal is to get “caught up” on the “catch up” to the point where the Tuesday morning retro NXT recap is five years in the past. Considering it’s now mid-May and the “catch up” recaps are up to early March of five years ago – I should get there soon enough. That said, we got no previews on last week’s show – so I have to imagine Dusty Rhodes will address The Shield crashing the main event on the previous episode. Let’s get to the (bonus) recap!

WWE NXT 03/06/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on Dusty Rhodes’ theme hitting at Full Sail. Tony welcomes us to the show and Dusty dances on stage. The crowd chants for Dusty and he cuts a promo welcoming everyone to show and announcing tonight’s main event – the same as last week’s main event! That’s right, we’re getting Bo Dallas vs. Conor O’Brian vs. Corey Graves with the winner getting a shot at Big E Langston. However, Dusty dug deep into his pockets to fund some extra security since NXT does not belong to the Shield. Don’t come into Dusty’s house, because he’ll be waiting for you!

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Adrian Neville is out alone for a tag match? Huh? Neville gets a mic and we see his opponents – Judas Devlin (aka – Vibora on Lucha Underground) and Scott Dawson (wearing a singlet). Neville says this is a bit weird, but he doesn’t know where his partner Oliver Grey is. Neville saw him earlier in the day but now he has no idea where he is. This is uncharacteristic of Grey, so Neville will face Devlin and Dawson in a handicap match.

Match #1: Adrian Neville vs. Judas Devlin & Scott Dawson

Because Devlin isn’t a snake man yet and Dawson isn’t one half of the Revival yet – Neville handles both guys. Although, not before The Wyatt Family drags a beaten and bruised Oliver Grey out to the stage. Bray deposits Grey’s NXT tag belt onto his body and they leave. The distraction is only good for a two count on Neville and he mounts the predicted comeback that finishes with a Red Arrow to Dawson.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Kind of a weird way to show your first tag champs in their first match after winning – but I imagine this is to set up a match with Harper and Rowan.

Post-match, Neville checks on Grey with a couple of refs.

Meanwhile, Kassius Ohno is backstage looking at William Regal’s profile on his iPhone. Renee Young appears and mispronounces Ohno’s first name so he corrects her. Ohno says his subconscious has been infected by thoughts of Regal. Ohno puts over Regal as a great villain who shouldn’t try to be a hero. Next week, Ohno will be taking on Derrick Bateman, will crush Bateman, tear him apart, and it will be Regal’s fault.

Later tonight? Last week’s main event! Will it actually happen this time??!?!

Next, Conor cuts a promo in a room illuminated by black light saying that last week Graves and Dallas got lucky – but there will be no Shield to save them this week. Graves and Dallas will fall while Conor will rise.

Back from break, Graves cuts a promo explaining why it will be him that leaves tonight the number one contender. When Graves puts you down, you’re going to stay down.

Next, we see the announcers. Tony is acting fine, but Regal looks sullen and we “don’t want to know what is on his mind”. Hmm. Yoshi Tatsu’s music hits and he’s out. Leo Kruger’s music hits next and he heads to the ring.

Match #2: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Leo Kruger

Kruger works the arm and puts Tatsu away quickly with an arm bar submission. Not much to see here.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Essentially a squash match to further the Kruger vs. Gabriel program.

Post-match, Kruger slaps the hold back on and Justin Gabriel is out to make the save. Kruger eats a dropkick and bails to the back.

Later tonight? Triple Threat main event!

Back from break, Sasha Banks’ music hits and she’s out for a “Six Diva Tag Team Match”. Sasha’s partners are Naomi and Cameron and they do the Funkadactyls dance routine. Their opponents? Alicia Fox’s music hits and she’s out with Aksana and Audrey Marie.

Match #3: Sasha Banks, Cameron, & Naomi vs. Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Audrey Marie

So. Sasha does almost nothing in this match. Naomi hits the Rear View early in the match but wins the match with a random heel kick. Nothing is making sense here. I assumed this was an excuse to do Sasha vs. Audrey Marie with the window dressing of some main roster “divas” but we never really get there.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – Way too “divas era” for my tastes and a complete waste of Sasha Banks.

Meanwhile, Tom Phillips is backstage with Bo Dallas. Bo is excited about winning the Royal Rumble tournament, eliminating Barrett during the Rumble match, and then pinning him the next night on Raw. Bray Wyatt enters and tells Bo if he would have joined the family they would have protected him from The Shield last week. Bo says he wants nothing to do with the Family and tells Bray to stay away from him. Bo leaves and Bray laughs at him.

Next week? Alberto del Rio slums it at Full Sail!

Meanwhile, Renee Young is backstage with Summer Rae. The promo is mostly about how Renee didn’t refer to Summer as the First Lady of NXT. Oh, and Summer says she’s going to take out Emma next week. The feed gets glitchy and we switch to a handheld POV shot of The Shield backstage somewhere. Ambrose talks about “justice” and Rollins says NXT is full of injustice – such as him never getting a NXT Championship title rematch. Ambrose continues to put NXT on notice saying the Shield can show up anywhere at any time. Roman caps off the promo by screaming their catch phrase at full volume.

We “glitch fade” back to Full Sail and Corey Graves’ entrance. Conor O’Brian is out next and Bo Dallas is out last.

Match #4: Corey Graves vs. Conor O’Brian vs. Bo Dallas (Triple Threat Match to Determine the Number One Contender to the NXT Championship)

Your standard triple threat fare. Each guy gets a run where they look like they’re going to win and unlikely team ups happen. About halfway through, Bray Wyatt wanders out to the stage and promptly ends Bo’s run with the distraction. Bo goes on another run late in the match, hits the Belly to Belly on Graves, but Wyatt pulls Graves out of the ring to break up the pin. Bo, distracted again, yells at Bray and walks into a Full Nelson Slam by Conor to take the loss.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – We just did Conor vs. Big E, so I was hoping for something different here. Of course, this time it’ll be for the title and likely not end in a double DQ, but still. It’s not all bad though, as I fully suspect Bo will team up with Neville and Grey to take on the Wyatt Family in the near future.

Post-match, Bray leaves up the ramp with his work here now done. We go off the air on Conor heading to the back.

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