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WWE NXT 03/13/13 Recap - William Regal
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WWE NXT 03/13/13 Recap

Tensions flare between Bo Dallas & Bray Wyatt, Paige returns for the Summer, and Alberto Del Rio is on this episode for no reason.

WWE NXT 03/13/13 features Alberto del Rio being the next main roster star to appear down at NXT. Not entirely sure what he’s going to do, but I’m guessing it’ll be a backstage encounter with someone like when CM Punk slummed it on the yellow brand. Also tonight? Kassius Ohno vs. Derrick Bateman and Emma vs. Summer Rae. Odd contrast there since it’s two guys who left NXT and are now back there in 2018 – and two women who were recently let go by the WWE. But, enough modern-day comparisons – time to recap like it’s 2013.

WWE NXT 03/13/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on a hype video for Alberto Del Rio’s appearance tonight at Full Sail. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Tony welcomes us to the show and Kassius Ohno is out to his music. During the entrance, we see William Regal who looks reserved and speaks in hushed tones. Derrick Bateman’s music hits and he’s out next. We learn that Bateman has been out with a knee injury and is back at “87%”. I suppose a few years, a name change, and some time at TNA has made him return as “the top 1%” in 2018. I know, I’m here all week.

Match #1: Kassius Ohno vs. Derrick Bateman

Match of the week. Bateman looks solid here but is clearly missing something with the Derrick Bateman character. That missing element is obviously later found when he leaves and becomes EC3. Ohno works a cravate in several spots in the match – which we’ve learned up to this point is a William Regal specialty. Since the burning issue here is between Ohno and Regal the match takes a back seat, but is still well worked. Bateman mounts a comeback with a series of dropkicks and clotheslines, but Ohno is able to counter with a big boot off the ropes for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – When you add in the post-match segment, this really works well.

Post-match, Ohno slaps on a cravate again and refuses to break. He finally does break the hold, but immediately slaps it back on. This brings Regal down from commentary, who pulls Ohno off of Bateman. Ohno spins Regal around and Regal drops Ohno with a punch. Full Sail loves this and chants “Regal” while Ohno looks shocked and slides out of the ring.

Meanwhile, Renee is backstage with Bo Dallas. Bo is tired of Bray Wyatt and his Family costing Bo championships. What Bo does to Bray tonight? Well, that’ll be something that Bray never forgets.

Later tonight? Bo Dallas vs. Bray Wyatt.

Also, later tonight? Alberto Del Rio is in the house.

Back from break, we see Tony with a sullen William Regal at the commentary table. Regal apologies for what he did and says it was unprofessional. We get an awkward pause and Emma’s music hits. She’s out for a match with Summer Rae. Emma dances down the aisle and does the deal where she can barely pull herself into the ring. Summer’s music hits and she’s out next.

Match #2: Emma vs. Summer Rae

Not bad. Emma can obviously work and Summer looks really good here too. Summer starts off working Emma’s knee and Emma does a good job of selling the damage throughout the match. We get a beat in the match where Summer screams ala Paige to further stoke the flames in that budding feud. I wasn’t a huge fan of the finish – Summer going over with a spinning kick – since the kick was a bit sloppy. Either way, this was a step in the right direction for the division.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Summer looked good here and her feud with Paige is something I’m looking forward to seeing.

Post-match, Paige’s music hits and she’s immediately out. Paige runs at Summer, who barely escapes from the ring in time. Paige yells that she’s back while Summer flees through the crowd.

Last week? Neville had to face Lucha Underground’s Vibora and the Revival’s Scott Dawson alone because the Wyatt Family took out Oliver Grey.

Backstage? Adrian Neville is with Renee Young. Neville cuts a promo on the Wyatt Family and asks Dusty to pick anyone and put him in a match next week. What the Family did to Grey will pale in comparison to what Neville does to the Family. It’s on… next week.

Later tonight? Alberto speaks.

Up next? Bo Dallas vs. Bray Wyatt.

Meanwhile, Matt Striker is in the locker room with Big E Langston. Big E says his match with Conor O’Brian will be his first title defense and he’s going to make sure it’s dominant, destructive, and delicious. Striker is confused about “delicious”, but Big E confirms the match will be “delicious”.

Next, Bray Wyatt’s music (instrumental mix) hits and he rants about Bo Dallas on his way to the ring. Bo Dallas is out next.

Match #3: Bray Wyatt vs. Bo Dallas

Bo changes up his style a bit here and comes across as more of a brawler. I’m assuming that’s because he’s fired up at Bray. It works okay with Bray’s style too. Bray’s high spot in the match is a uranage that gets a two count. Bray sets up for the Sister Abigail by doing the “ballroom dance” thing with Bo, but Bo counters and hits a belly to belly suplex out of nowhere to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – I kept waiting all match for the Wyatt Family inference, so I was surprised when we got a clean finish out of nowhere. Not bad, but nothing too great either.

Post-match, Harper and Rowan head down the ramp and beat the crap out of Bo. They toss him in the ring, but Bo mounts a comeback and tosses Rowan into Harper – sending both men out of the ring. Bo then turns right into a Sister Abigail and Bray poses over him to end the segment.

Meanwhile, Renee is backstage with Justin Gabriel. Justin has heard about Leo Kruger and Leo’s time serving in the South African militia. Gabriel theorizes that may be why Leo is messed up. The point of this? Justin Gabriel wants a match with Kruger next week.

Up next? The champ is here!

Back from break, Saxton announces Del Rio’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo is out with a bucket and introduces Del Rio. Alberto is out to his music and shakes hands with the fans at ring side. Del Rio cuts a babyface promo putting over the fans, which brings out the current WWE U.S. Champ, Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro wants a “champ vs. champ” match with Del Rio tonight. Dusty’s music hits and he cuts a promo on the “Swedish” Cesaro and says that this is NXT and Cesaro doesn’t make the matches here. Del Rio is off the hook as Dusty is granting Cesaro a “champ vs. champ” match with Big E Langston. Big E heads out and Del Rio heads to the back. The much hyped Del Rio “message” was him thanking the fans. Well, then.

Match #4: Antonio Cesaro vs. Big E Langston

I wondered how they’d get out of this one to protect both champs. NXT chose the “outside interference” angle as Corey Graves attacks Big E and gets the match thrown out. Prior to that, both guys get a little shine showing off how strong they are – including Cesaro lifting Big E into a gut wrench suplex. But, yeah… run in – so “no contest”.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – Starting with Del Rio coming out, this whole thing felt rather pointless. If this was a dark segment or a house show match – then fine. But as the “main event” for the weekly TV show it just felt lacking.

Post-match, Graves continues his attack on Big E and Conor O’Brian is out to also give Langston the boots. No one comes out to rescue Big E and eventually Graves and O’Brian tire of beating down the champ.

We go off the air on Graves and O’Brian standing tall in the ring and apparently they are now on the same side? Interesting.

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