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WWE NXT 04/05/17 Recap - El Vagabundo
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WWE NXT 04/05/17 Recap

The typical post-TakeOver NXT episode featuring some heavy machinery and a luchador drifts into NXT for one night only.

WWE NXT 04/05/17 wraps up what has been a crazy WrestleMania week for 2017. Tonight’s show is comprised of the matches taped before TakeOver Orlando, some video packages, and highlights from Saturday’s event. The next set of tapings at Full Sail are happening right now, so we’re back to new NXT episodes next Wednesday. Let’s get to the recap.

WWE NXT 04/05/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a video package on NXT TakeOver Orlando. Standard NXT credits and we’re taped (04/01/17) from Orlando. The standard announce team welcomes us and we learn that tonight we’re getting Heavy Machinery vs. The Bollywood Boyz and Oney Lorcan vs. “???” (aka – a mystery opponent). Once again WWE uses Tyson Kidd’s silhouette as the “mystery opponent placeholder”.

Peyton Royce’s music hits and the “Walter and Perry of NXT” head to the ring together. Aliyah (w/ new entrance theme) is out next.

Match #1: Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs. Aliyah

Squash match. Despite getting a new entrance theme, Aliyah gets in only the barest minimum of offense here. Billie Kay factors in briefly enough to cause a distraction and it’s all Royce from there. Royce makes quick work of Aliyah and goes over with a bridged Fisherman’s suplex.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – This felt like your typical live event match. The matches taped before TakeOver haven’t been “barn burners” for a while now, so this isn’t super surprising.

Later tonight? We take a look at the Roode / Nakamura match from Saturday.

Back from break, we see highlights from the eight person mixed tag and Women’s Championship matches. Kayla interviews Asuka after her match and it ends with Asuka flat-out implying there is no one left to challenge her at NXT.

Later tonight? Oney Lorcan vs. Tyson Kidd’s shadow.

Up next? Tractors vs. Bollywood.

Back from break, we get highlights of Aleister Black’s debut versus Andrade Almas. We’re then shown an Instagram photo of Almas out partying just hours after losing. The announcers imply that partying and night life are the only things that matter to Almas.

Heavy Machinery are out next, wearing singlets that are a blatant copyright violation of the Caterpillar logo. The Bollywood Boyz enter next.

Match #2: Heavy Machinery (w/ copyright infringement) vs. The Bollywood Boyz (w/ heelish vibes)

Just about the only thing interesting here is some mentions on commentary that the Bollywood Boyz have a new edge to them. They come off as vaguely heelish here too at times – in between getting completely obliterated by Heavy Machinery. HM still do absolutely zero for me at all, so this match is not something I was even remotely into. Heavy Machinery go over strong with a finisher that involves Otis holding a guy, Tucker running into Otis, which knocks Otis onto the opponent into a lateral press. I hope it gets a name because it takes way too long to explain it.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – The only redeeming thing here is the tease of a “heel” Bollywood Boyz, which I think could be interesting.

Meanwhile, Kayla is backstage with Lorcan. Oney says he has no idea who his opponent is tonight, but it doesn’t matter. He’s here to compete, do his job, and win.

Back from break, we get highlights from the Tag Team Triple Threat match at TakeOver.

Meanwhile, Kayla interviews AoP after their match. Ellering says that the victory was confirmation and vindication for the Authors. Allegedly WWE brass is trying to roadblock them. But, WWE can’t stop destiny. The AoP’s destiny is to become a dynasty.

Next, we get a video package on the Roode / Nakamura match.

After that, Kayla interviews Roode after his win on Saturday. Roode puts himself over, mentions he beat Nakamura twice in a row, and over the last year has done things with the NXT brand that have never been done before. Roode claims this is only the beginning and “Bobby Roode’s NXT” will continue.

Up next? Lorcan vs. ???.

Back from break, we’re shown Drew McIntyre sitting in the crowd during TakeOver. We’re then shown exclusive video where McIntyre reveals that he’s signed with NXT and he has his sights set on the NXT Championship.

Next week? The in ring debut of Drew McIntyre.

Back in the arena, Oney Lorcan is out for his match. His opponent is revealed to be “El Vagabundo”, who looks a whole lot like Elias Samson wearing a lucha mask. Samson gets in the ring and introduces himself as “El Vagabundo” and plays a song that buries the crowd. Lorcan cuts in and says that everyone knows that he’s the Drifter. After Lorcan asks Samson to “drift away”, he jumps Oney before the bell.

Match #3: Oney Lorcan vs. El Vagabundo

I’m mixed here. On one hand, Samson has a goofy enough gimmick that it sort of works to do this El Vagabundo thing. On the other hand, NXT already did this (and better in my opinion) with Bo Dallas / Mr. NXT. So, the fact NXT is already repeating angles five years into their run is a little disheartening. The match itself is okay. Not one of Lorcan’s best lately, but passable. Samson gets in a bunch of minor offense until Lorcan scores a running hip attack into the corner. Oney then repeats this seven more times to the point he starts getting boos from the crowd. Samson attempts to counter the onslaught with a slam, but when he has Oney up, Lorcan pulls off the lucha mask. Of course, it’s revealed that El Vagabundo is Samson. Lorcan quickly puts Samson away with a running Blockbuster.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – A reused angle, but Samson pulls it off well enough – even though no one will do Mr. NXT better than Bo Dallas. Lorcan has had better matches in the last week than this one though.

Post-match, Lorcan poses with the mask while Samson fumes on the outside. Eventually a security woman appears and tells Samson to leave. The Drifter refuses, so she grabs him and drags him to the back. Lorcan celebrates in the ring as we go off the air.

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