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WWE NXT 06/05/13 Recap - Bo Dallas, Jim Ross, Big E Langston
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WWE NXT 06/05/13 Recap

We open with a contract signing for the NXT Championship and we close with a NXT Tag Team Championship match.

WWE NXT 06/05/13 features the beginning of the tournament to crown the first NXT Women’s Championship. Also on tap for this week? Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno will take on their mutual enemies and current NXT Tag Team Champions – the Wyatt Family. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 06/05/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Cold open on Jim Ross heading to the ring. We learn via Tom Phillips that JR is in the house to preside over the contract signing for the NXT Championship match between Big E Langston and Bo Dallas. Ross announces that the title match will happen on next week’s show and introduces the competitors. Bo Dallas is out first and during a highlight of the Battle Royal that Bo won, Brad Maddox chimes in so he’s Tom’s second this week. JR announces Big E and he’s out next. Big E sets the title on the table, shakes JR’s hand, and sits down across from Bo.

It’s your standard WWE contract signing. Champ signs immediately, challenger cuts a promo on the champ, and champ issues a rebuttal. Bo’s contention is that Big E is getting main roster opportunities and it’s only because he’s the NXT champ. Big E says that he earned respect for Bo when Bo challenged the Big Show. Big E is the baddest man NXT has ever seen while Bo is just a “geek”. Big E derides Bo for smiling too much and says he’ll crush Bo’s dreams in just five seconds. This gets a “five” chant from Full Sail. Bo signs the contract, shoves the contract at Big E, and leaves to boos. No physicality after the signing which is the one box this particular contract signing left unchecked.

Meanwhile, Renee Young is backstage with Corey Graves. Corey says tonight isn’t about the tag titles – it’s about Graves ending the Wyatt Family. Graves talks big and says he’ll make the Wyatt Family “stay down”. When asked about Ohno, Graves isn’t impressed and says he doesn’t like Ohno – but the tag titles are bigger than his dislike for Ohno. So, Ohno can have a front row seat on the apron to watch Graves single-handedly win the tag team titles.

Later tonight? NXT Tag Team Champions Luke Harper & Erick Rowan defend against Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves.

Next, a Paige hype video airs.

Back from break, Tamina Snuka is out for a NXT Women’s Championship tournament match. Paige’s music hits and she’s out next.

Match #1: Tamina Snuka vs. Paige (NXT Women’s Championship Tournament – First Round Match)

Tamina manhandles Paige for most of the match, but Paige keeps kicking out at one. Eventually, Tamina hits Paige with a superkick and goes up for the Snuka Splash. Paige gets her knees up and converts that into a roll up to get three.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – It’s a first round tournament match, so I wasn’t expecting a ton. Paige is insanely over at NXT and it was great to pit her against someone who, at least at the time, could realistically be a road block on her path to the title.

Post-match, we see the tournament brackets. Paige will face the winner of a match between Alicia Fox and Bayley. Other first round matches include Summer Rae vs. Sasha Banks and Emma vs. Aksana.

Meanwhile, Renee is backstage with Kassius Ohno. Kassius cuts a similar promo to Graves saying he’s out to end the Wyatt Family tonight. He refers to Graves as “the tattooed lone wolf of NXT” and hey, wasn’t that Baron Corbin’s NXT gimmick? Anyway, Ohno isn’t impressed by Graves as partner tonight which furthers the “will they be able to coexist?” narrative. Ohno says that tonight won’t be a match, it’ll be a war.

Later tonight? Tag Team Titles are on the line!

Next, a Leo Kruger hype video airs.

Meanwhile, Big Cass doesn’t get an entrance and is already in the ring. Mason Ryan is out next. Good luck, Cass.

Match #2: Colin Cassady vs. Mason Ryan

Big Cass gets in some strikes and yells “sawft” at Mason Ryan a few times. But, yeah. It’s 2013 and he’s facing Mason so Ryan quickly goes over with his Argentine Neckbreaker finisher.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – I usually don’t mind a few “monster guy squash” victories on NXT, but a match like this between two guys who are no longer with WWE doesn’t do much for me.

A match has ended so we’re sent backstage to Renee Young – as is the tradition. This time she’s with Sami Zayn. He’s doing great and is pleased with how his first night at NXT went. Sami starts cutting a promo on Cesaro when – in walks a sarcastically clapping Cesaro. They begin speaking in French which the WWE Network captions as “speaking in a foreign language” again. The gist here is that Cesaro thinks Zayn got a “cheap win” and wants a rematch. Zayn accepts and then insults Cesaro by saying he has a “man purse”. Cesaro slaps Sami, a pull apart brawl happens, and some refs and agents restore order.

After no break, Alex Riley’s music hits and he’s out. Conor O’Brian is out next.

Match #3: Alex Riley vs. Conor O’Brian

Essentially a squash victory for Conor to get to a post-match spot. Riley sells great for Conor since he’s a bigger guy and it makes Conor look that much more impressive. After a flapjack, Conor slaps on a new submission finisher called “The Stockade”, and Riley taps immediately.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I don’t care about the squash match, but the post-match reveal is very exciting.

Post-match, Conor backs up the ramp where Rick Victor is hanging out. Conor seems to know he’s there, they turn, lock eyes, face the camera, and scream in unison! The Ascension at NXT is finally here!

Next week? Big E Langston defends the NXT Championship against Bo Dallas.

Back from break, Ohno’s music hits and he’s out first for the challengers. Graves is out next. Bray’s music hits and he’s out to rant over the instrumental version of his theme song. The tag champs enter behind Bray.

Match #4: Wyatt Family (c) (w/ Bray Wyatt) vs. Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

They played this up like either Ohno or Graves would turn on their partner or possibly get the team disqualified in their effort to “destroy” the Wyatt Family. Instead, we get a standard tag match that ends with Bray Wyatt running interference on the outside to help his “brothers”. Graves and Ohno actually work okay as a team, attempt to isolate a man in their corner, and don’t duck out on their partner during tags. The finish comes when Bray distracts Ohno long enough to allow Rowan to break up a pin attempt on Harper. “Things break down” and Graves ends up taking out Bray on the outside with a dive. This leaves Ohno open to eat a lariat from Harper so the champs can retain – somewhat cleanly at that.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – They didn’t do the obvious “two random guys who don’t like each other can’t work together” angle that they were playing up so points for that. Everyone looked good in this match too. Rowan has taken a lot of flack over the years, but he looked like a beast during this match.

We go off the air on the Wyatt Family celebrating on the stage.

Next week? A NXT Championship match and the NXT Women’s Championship tournament rolls on!

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