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WWE NXT 06/06/18 Recap - Tommaso Ciampa
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WWE NXT 06/06/18 Recap

The Women’s Championship match for TakeOver is booked, Lacey and Kairi have their rubber match, and Gargano gets revenge on Ciampa.

WWE NXT 06/06/18 features the Roderick Strong vs. Danny Burch match we were supposed to get last week. Also on deck this week? The rubber match between Kairi Sane and Lacey Evans. With the TakeOver card already taking shape, perhaps we’ll find out what the remaining matches will be. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 06/06/18 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped 05/09/18 and/or 05/10/18) from Full Sail.

Mauro welcomes us to the show and Shayna Baszler’s music hits. She’s out and she has the NXT Women’s Championship back on her waist. Shayna cuts a promo saying that what she did to Dakota Kai last week is a message to the entire locker room. Shayna is the hard dose of reality that will smack them in the face. Shayna is tougher, stronger, and better than anyone else at NXT – and the strong will always defeat the weak. But, there’s always got to be “the one” – in this case, that “one” is Nikki Cross. Shayna threatens Nikki and Nikki’s music hits. Nikki heads to the ring and stares at Shayna. Eventually, Baszler tells Cross that if she better never pull a stunt like that again. In fact, the only place where Nikki is better than Shayna is inside Nikki’s “whacked out” brain. Shayna says she could put Nikki “to sleep in a heartbeat” and tosses the mic so it bounces off of Nikki. Cross picks up the might and says “Do it, Shayna” over and over. Nikki eventually lunges at Shayna, Shayna recoils, and this leads to Nikki taking Shayna down into a couple of ground and pounds. Nikki gets distracted by the title belt, and this allows Shayna to drop Nikki with a punch. Shayna tosses Nikki to the outside, but Nikki gets back up on the apron, counters Shayna with a forearm, and hits her with a cross body off the top rope. Baszler falls out of the ring to escape and we go to break.

Back from break, it’s official! Shayna Baszler defends the NXT Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross at TakeOver Chicago. I know she probably won’t win, but as a big Nikki Cross fan I’m glad she’s getting this spotlight.

Next, TM61 are out. Already in the ring? Two guys.

Match #1: TM61 vs. Mike Hughley (?) & Robbie Grand (?)

Squash match. We’re continuing the trend of the “developmental talent” not getting chyrons and it’s nearly impossible to make out the names during commentary. TM61 start doing heelish things like breaking on four and using “behind the back” tactics on the apron. They go over with a big clothesline to the back of the head by Thorne.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – It’s not super exciting but it’s what needs to happen to try to flip these guys heel. I’m surprised they had them beat two name teams first before the usual “have them squash random people” way talent debuts / re-debuts at NXT.

Post-match, TM61 cut a promo putting themselves over by saying who’ve they have beat. Sadly, Hughley (?) & Grand (?) aren’t mentioned. The main point appears to be that they are now called “The Mighty” and everyone should kneel before them. So, are they still TM61 or is their team really “The Mighty”? I get that they used to be “The Mighty Don’t Kneel” but just “The Mighty” sounds weird to me.

Later tonight? Lacey Evans vs. Kairi Sane.

Up next? Danny Burch vs. Roderick Strong.

Last week, Lars Sullivan announced to Aleister Black that he’s facing him for the title at TakeOver.

Earlier this week, Lars Sullivan trashes a bunch of unnamed men in a Performance Center ring. In the background, TM61 (or The Mighty?) are seen walking in the room, they notice what Lars is doing to anyone near the ring, and they leave quickly.

Later tonight, Aleister Black will respond to Lars giving him a Freak Accident last week.

Next, Strong is out (w/o the Undisputed Era). Danny Burch is out (w/o Oney Lorcan).

Match #2: Danny Burch vs. Roderick Strong

Not bad. It still blows my mind that Burch was in NXT all the way back in 2013 and it’s taken them this long to figure out how to use him. The team with Lorcan is perfect, but he’s also a solid singles wrestler as we see in this match. Strong and Burch look great here – Strong going after the back with Backbreakers and Burch mounting a big babyface comeback. Of course, that gets interrupted by Cole and O’Reilly out to make the distraction save. Dunne and Lorcan head out to even the score. In the chaos, Burch gets Strong in a Crossface, but Cole heads up to the apron and distracts Burch. While Burch does drop Cole, he turns into a backbreaker and Strong gets the three count.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I knew the minute that Strong and Burch both came out alone we’d have some interference. Still a good match to whet the appetite for the tag title match at TakeOver which should be really good.

Post-match, Strong celebrates, but turns around to see Pete Dunne standing right there. Dunne unloads on Strong, but O’Reilly is able to chop block Dunne to prevent him from hitting the Bitter End. From there, Strong hits Dunne with the End of Heartache.

Meanwhile, Kassius Ohno is backstage doing a photo shoot. EC3 wanders in and cuts a promo on Ohno saying he’s not in the top 1%. After some confusing math, we arrive at Ohno taking on EC3 next week.

Later tonight? Ciampa is here!

Up next? Evans vs. Sane.

Back from break, Aleister Black has responded to Lars Sullivan by way of a slickly produced TakeOver hype video.

After that hype video, a hype video for the Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream TakeOver match airs.

Finally, Lacey Evans’ music hits and she’s out for the next match. Lacey has written “Kairi” on her right hand. Nice. Kairi is out next in some new gear.

Match #3: Lacey Evans vs. Kairi Sane

Probably my favorite match on this week’s show (though Burch / Strong was really good too). I’m glad NXT is back to doing these “mini-programs” with the women’s division as it’s doing wonders to building up these women we hadn’t seen much of prior – like Lacey Evans. Lacey continues to look good and while it seemed obvious that Kairi would win this “rubber match” the short series succeeded in boosting both women. Evans plays the cocky heel – even doing push-ups over the fallen Sane during a near fall. But, it’s all Kairi towards the end as she hits three Interceptor Spears to set up the rest of her signature moves. And, of course, we see Kairi hit the Insane Elbow to win the rubber match.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Good stuff. I’m glad NXT is back to branching out the women’s division like this since it got way too title-centric there for a while.

Up next? Ciampa is in the building.

Back from break, next week? Aleister Black will be here live!

Also, next week? Kassius Ohno vs. EC3.

Next, Ciampa is out to boos and no music as is the new standard. Ciampa soaks up the hate – even starting and stopping his promo several times – before settling in to tell us that Gargano has brought this all on himself. Ciampa didn’t want to fight any longer, but Gargano started it up again, and Ciampa was merely defending himself. Ciampa tells Gargano not to show up at TakeOver as Candice is broken, Gargano will be broken, Ciampa wins. This causes Gargano to come out while being held back by security. Gargano breaks free and rushes the ring. Refs are out and we get a brief brawl that ends up in the crowd, complete with Gargano diving off the bleachers, before we’re back in the ring. While Gargano is fighting off security, Ciampa takes advantage and drops Johnny. From there, Gargano is put in the Gargano Escape while refs surround him and Ciampa. Tommaso finally leaves and heads up the ramp.

We go off the air on Ciampa waving “goodbye” on the ramp… wait! With the copyright logo on the screen, Gargano is up, and attacks Ciampa on the ramp. Wow, this has come full circle. Ciampa is bounced off of the LED boards, is busted open, and Garagano slaps the Gargano Escape on Ciampa. Ciampa taps. Blood is everywhere. Gargano slaps the hold back on as we finally go off the air.

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