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WWE NXT 06/26/13 Recap - Renee Young, Emma
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WWE NXT 06/26/13 Recap

The first round of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament ends, Bo Dallas returns, & the Wyatts attack everyone.

WWE NXT 06/26/13 features the final first round match in the NXT Women’s Championship tournament. Also, both Big E Langston and new champ Bo Dallas make their returns to Full Sail. Lastly, Dawson & Dylan face off against Ohno & Graves for a shot at the Wyatt Family’s tag team gold. Should be a packed episode. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 06/26/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Tony welcomes us to the show and Big E is out. Already in the ring? Aiden English. Also, Regal is back on commentary with Tony but is relatively quiet up until the first match begins.

Match #1: Big E Langston vs. Aiden English

Another Big E squash. I’m not entirely sure if this is Big E’s last appearance at Full Sail because it really didn’t feel like it. In fact, this felt identical to nearly every Big E match at NXT leading up to his title win.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – I like Big E and all, but they made a big deal out of Bo Dallas beating him and now Big E is just back to randomly squashing dudes. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If this is his final appearance at NXT, they’ve gotten a lot better at doing “main roster send offs”.

Post-match, English gets two more Big Endings and Big E counts to five himself. Just like old times.

Later tonight? Corey Graves & Kassius Ohno take on Garrett Dylan & Scott Dawson with the winner becoming the number one contenders to the Wyatt Family’s NXT Tag Team Championships.

Meanwhile, Emma is backstage shooting a bubble gun into the air. Renee Young appears, tries to interview Emma, and isn’t very successful. Emma shoots Renee with bubbles and says her “strategy” tonight is to win the match. That’s a pretty simple strategy! Emma plans to take the “Emmalution” around the world and tells Renee that she can’t have Emma’s bubbles. But, Emma does have a match coming up so she hands over the bubble gun to Renee. As Emma leaves, Renee attempts to shoot the gun. This causes Emma to come back and remind her the bubbles are for Emma only. Babyface Emma is really weird.

Next, Aksana’s music hits and she’s out for the final First Round match in the championship tournament. Emma is out next, enters through some bubbles, and dances to the ring.

Match #2: Aksana vs. Emma (NXT Women’s Championship Tournament – First Round Match)

Another average first round match. Aksana wears Emma down, but showboating allows Emma to counter into the Emma Lock. Aksana fights on for a bit but eventually taps.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – It was a first round match with a main roster talent so I wasn’t expecting much and got just about what I expected.

Post-match, we see the updated brackets. Random children flood the ring and start doing the Emma dance with Emma.

Later tonight? A tag team match with title implications.

Next, that Leo Kruger hype video airs yet again. This time we learn he is “next”.

Back in the arena, Dante Dash is already in the ring. Kruger’s music hits and he’s back (so we can stop seeing that same hype video – I hope).

Match #3: Dante Dash vs. Leo Kruger

Like I said in the last recap, I’m not sure why we’re “reintroducing” Kruger because he’s the same character. He works the same and even uses the GC3 (not EC3, that’s five years later) to put Dash away. The GC3 being the submission hold Kruger regularly used in the past. This was fine and Kruger is good in the ring but it feels like we’re back to square one with him.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Decent enough for a squash match but it really feels like NXT creative has no idea what to do with Kruger.

Up next? The (new) champ is here!

Next, Conor O’Brian is in some black light lit room and cuts a promo. Notable is that he uses “we” when he speaks of the Ascension rising again.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Mickey “Don’t Call Me Axl” Keegan is in the ring. Bo Dallas’ music hits next and he gets a mixed reaction. As he heads to the ring we see that Leo Kruger is still squatting at ring side and letting random kids in the front row pet him.

Match #4: Mickey Keegan vs. Bo Dallas

Bo squash. This is notable due to the fact that Full Sail loudly chants for Keegan and boos everything Bo Dallas does. Bo has some heat and I imagine it’s just going to keep getting hotter the longer his reign goes on for.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – This feels like it’s the beginning of something awesome with the Bo Dallas character.

Post-match, Bo poses in the ring with the title. Kruger gets in the ring and hits some moves on Keegan and eventually kicks him to the floor. Leo faces off with Bo and the crowd sounds like they’re 100% behind Kruger with a loud “Kruger” chant. Leo tries to touch the title, slowly backs off, and leaves to the back.

Up next? Main event time.

After no break, Saxton is in the ring to announce the main event. Ohno and Graves are out first and enter individually. Lefort comes out next and cuts off Saxton speaking in French (or “a foreign language” if you’re the WWE Network’s captions). Eventually Lefort switches to English and introduces his charges. Dawson and Dylan are out (w/ out BBQ sauce and w/ Dawson holding a big flashlight).

Match #5: Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves vs. Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan (w/ Sylvester Lefort) (NXT Tag Team Championship Number One Contender’s Match)

Not a bad little tag team match. Considering the post-match chaos, I appreciated that they managed to give us a clean finish with a definitive number one contender. Graves and Ohno both go in peril which continues the slide of both guys now leaning more towards the babyface side of things. Ohno and Graves work decent enough as a team, with Ohno providing some interference towards the end to allow Graves to get the Lucky 13 on Dylan for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I do enjoy the randomness of the Dawson & Dylan team, but they really came out of nowhere and haven’t done much yet. Graves and Ohno have been established so they’re probably the right choice here. Either way, Dawson continues to be awesome and I’m glad he eventually gets his break at NXT with the Revival.

Post-match, the Wyatt Family rush the ring and start attacking Graves and Ohno. Neville’s music hits and he’s out to even up the sides, but now Dylan and Dawson are in on the attack¬†too. Regal has enough of this, bails from commentary, and attacks Luke Harper. Regal eventually gets overwhelmed by the Wyatts and is left in the corner by Bray. Dylan and Dawson leave with Lefort – which implies they’re not really “with” the Wyatts. And eventually the Wyatts head up the ramp to close out the show.

We go off the air on the Wyatt Family posing on the stage.

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